When am I getting voted off the island?

I’ve been a bad, bad knitter – I’ve been sewing, and thinking about sewing a whole lot recently. I assure you this blog will not turn into a sewing blog until some miraculous event occurs as a result of which I actually enjoy sewing. Until that moment, I sew as a necessity, nothing more.

I’m not quite ready to reveal to you the first sewing project. Suffice it to say that Ms. Bestitched and I went to Fabric Place and had a jolly ol’ time picking out fabrics for our projects (one phrase comes to mind: sensory overload). Our trip became that much more fun when we approached the cutting counter with our rolls of fabric (whatever those are called) and asked for, “you know, this much,” gesturing with our hands. The look on the cutter’s face was priceless.

The second project is a result of a trip downtown. I’ve mentioned it before – I should NOT be allowed to go downtown, since that store always has jeans that fit, for the most part.

What was it that I said last time? Oh yeah! Schei?e! No reason to bore you with details, since we’ve been down this road once before:

The third project was completely unexpected – I washed my curtains.

What THE HELL happened here?!? They used to reach all the way down to the window sill before, and now… now they provide a magnificent 7″ view to all my neighbors across the street and my thermometer feels so exposed.


I confess, working on these projects has been remarkably painless. So, when am I getting voted off Knitter Island? πŸ˜‰


17 thoughts on “When am I getting voted off the island?

  1. Purly Whites

    We won’t vote you off! The curtains and the jeans look fab. And I love that you have a thermometer on your windowsill.

    Bolts! I remember now. They are called bolts of fabric. At least I think that is right.

  2. margaret

    i read your blog and always like your knitting. funny, i only comment to ask where you found your shoes. where did you get those shoes?

  3. Kim

    To be totally honest.. even if you did convert your blog into a sewing blog.. I’d prolly still read it.. lol.

    But I know you can’t resist the knit ; )

  4. Diana

    I had a great time at the fabric place and not such an awful time sewing. Hmm, I find myself strangely drawn to Piecework magazine….

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