Solitude (or, I need to knit, dammit!)

I was such a grumpypants this morning. I stayed at work unreasonably late last night, and had to come in this morning unreasonably early. I set my alarm for 8:30 (shut up, I’m a grad student), but couldn’t force myself to actually get up until 9:20. I raced to work, and cursed all that’s considered holy by others when my left shoe graced a lovely pile of dog shit on the way there. Shit. My best attempts at dog shit removal consisted of soaking the sole of the shoe in a rain puddle, then wiping it on grass. It worked decently well, but I got to work 15 minutes later than I intended.

I was angry at everything, everyone, and their mother, particularly at the lab member who needed my help so early in the morning, and of course the senseless dog owner who failed to pick up his or her dog’s shit. Imagine my “delight” when my lab member and I discovered that even though we were both set to go at 10:15 a.m., we couldn’t actually do the experiment he planned due to circumstances beyond our control.

That’s it, I thought, I’m rebelling: I’m tired and dirty and cranky, my shoe smells like dog shit, and all of this for no freaking reason since we can’t even do the experiment – I’m leaving work right now, and I’m going to go knit (for once I actually had my knitting with me).

Easier said than done. First, I headed to a gourmet deli near work that plays nice music and has good sandwiches and pastries. I waited a few minutes to get a seat, but even when positioned at my own little table, I found the place uncomfortably crowded – there were too many people around me and it was too loud. My visions of curling up in the corner of the shop on one of their comfy couches with only a few patrons around, reading quietly, were completely shattered.

I finished my sandwich (roasted turkey and avocado on olive bread with raspberry vinaigrette, as good as it sounds), and left without even taking out my knitting. Off to Starbucks.

I stayed at Starbucks for an even shorter period of time because I decided my hands were too dirty from handling the sandwich, the money, and my Starbucks drink to now knit the snow white Curlicue. This particular Starbucks didn’t have a bathroom, and the employees wouldn’t let me wash my hands at their sink. Next!

Of all places, I ended up settling at the University Library – the big, ominous building that’s on all the postcards. And it was gooooood. I had my own well-lit carrel with a lovely view of campus, a nice desk to spread out my goods, and, at last, some peace and quiet. The Curlicue came out, and I could sense that we were going to have a good time, a few quality hours of knitting until I had to go back to lab and start on my own experiments at 1 o’clock.

Two rows later, a nice gentleman stopped by and asked me to, “stop the clicking.”

The thought of shoving my shit-stained shoe into his face crossed my mind. Karate style!

Some days just aren’t meant for knitting.


28 thoughts on “Solitude (or, I need to knit, dammit!)

  1. CatBookMom

    “Stop the clicking”???! I’d bet he complains about readers who disturb him by turning the pages too fast! GRRR! (Actually had that happen to me once.)

    Here’s hoping the rest of the afternoon went better and you can snuggle up at home with Curlicue!

  2. LisaB

    Oh my goodness, “stop the clicking”? I would have shoved my needle in his eye.

    What about all those people who snort/sniff in libraries? Now THAT is something that is really annoying. Oooh I’m grumpy for you!

  3. Colleen

    I slept in this morning, too: 7:56 :-).

    Stop the clicking? You should have said “I don’t hear any clicking. That must be in your head.”

  4. Isela

    Although I was laughing like crazy, I feel for you. I am sorry. However, I really wish you had shoved the shoe in the guys mouth, or at least poke him with the needle…tee hee

  5. Julia

    I’d suggest Lamont. Comfy chairs and fewer bitchy patrons. I’ve knitted there wrathfully many times.

  6. Laura Neal

    I feel for you, it is so hard to get that smell off of your shoes and it makes you not want to wear them again. Grass is great for ridding your shoes of poo.

    I too am feeling quite grumpy and the man who asked you to quit clicking would have gotten an earful. I would have pulled off the shoe and beaten him with it. Let him have that stinky shoe on his clothes. It would have made you feel so much better.

    Remember, it is better to share. 🙂

  7. Melissa

    That is so funny. I remember those “early” days from grad school. I gotta tell you, grad school was the best, having a chemistry job, not so much 🙂

  8. Lee Ann

    I think I would give up a set of addis to be getting up at 9h20 in the morning…

    You complied with the “stop the clicking” request? Man, that guy should be smacked upside the head. If he wants perfect, humanless silence, he shouldn’t be hanging out with the humans in the library.

  9. jacqueline

    oh my…i don’t know whether to laugh or cry at your story. i guess i will just compliment you on your absolutley kick arse story telling skills!

  10. Zarah

    So…. I definitely envy your schedule, but what a crappy day! (literally!) Hopefully you will find some time this weekend to relax and knit in peace.

  11. lanea

    STOP THE CLICKING! I’m so sorry you had such a tough morning, and I hope you found a good place to knit later on. The curlicue is gorgeous.

  12. Susan

    There’s a nice cafe in CGIS (the two new orange-ish buildings on Cambridge St; it houses the Gov dept and a lot of the international stuff like the Russian Studies Center). They only serve food until 2:00, I think, but the chairs are pretty comfy for knitting.

  13. Kim

    I don’t know about everyone else.. but I’d love to see/hear you clicking away on curlicue.. That guy doesn’t know he had it so good!!

    I hate it when life gets in the way of the knittin…. and the only thing I find more annoying than stepping in poo is stepping in fresh gum… Especially that stringy kind… *shudders* ewwwww.

  14. B.

    “Stop the clicking” is priceless. I’ve imagined a revenge scenario: you pull out something to read and commence tuneless humming. When he asks you to stop the humming you begin rythmic jiggling of keys/change in pocket. When he approaches for the third time you announce loudly that you came here for peace and quiet, and if he doesn’t stop harassing you, you will have to call security.

  15. Kim

    “Stop the clicking?” OMG, that is TOOOOO funny. I probably would have told him to stop shuffling his feet and quit with the keyboard taps already. Gimmme a break.

  16. Martha

    If you had stabbed him, you would not have been conviced if there had been even one knitter on the jury. I feel your pain….I travel for my living and I have your problem ALL the time.

  17. KarenB

    Oh, such restraint you showed! After all you’d been through, one would expect the universe to give you a break.

    What an obnoxious s.o.b!

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