Plans?!? No one told me about no stinkin’ plans!

How long have I been talking about starting a pair of socks for grandma? Forever (since June 27th). And how many times have I mentioned it since then? I don’t know… a dozen? Aren’t you sick of hearing about it? Shouldn’t there be a completed pair of socks by now?

This weekend I finally sat down, wound the intended Lorna’s Laces yarn into balls, got out my dpns and my sock pattern books, and got started.

And oh my God, it was such a headache.

Originally I wanted to double the yarn for a thicker sock, but that just didn’t look good with the patterns I tried. In addition to switching back and forth between using one versus two strands, I tried different needles, needle sizes, patterns, cast-ons, ribbing… you name it, I tried it! If I were to make a blog entry for every time I tried something new and ended up frogging, I would be “entertaining” you for weeks.


So I called my Grandma – who’s better to advise me about socks than the recipient herself? 😉 Did I mention my Grandma is the cutest? Here we are in April – she’s proudly wearing the first pair of socks I ever knit for her (also happens to be the first pair of socks I ever knit):

Unlike Paula’s Granny, my Grandma is a total enabler. Paula’s Granny always puts up a small protest when Paula offers to knit her socks, because she thinks it too much trouble and too much money. In contrast, my Grandma gives me yarn money and suggests different colors and patterns :).

I called Grandma to ask her to measure the last pair of socks I knit for her, which she says are the best-fitting ones to date. One thing led to another, and I hung up the phone convinced that Lorna’s Laces aren’t the best option right now. (You know what she told me about the Lorna’s Laces socks I knit for her? Although she prefaced with, “they are perfect,” she said that they stretch out too much with wear. I’m thinking the next Lorna’s pair I knit will be on US 0 needles (as opposed to US 1), to make the fabric tighter… what do you think?)

Anyway, she loves the last pair, which I knit out of dark blue KFI Cashmereno (now discontinued, sadly), and I have some oatmeal KFI Cashmereno left over from knitting my Mia Shrug, plus the Lorna’s Laces just weren’t working for me, so you know what comes next:

Oh, look at that 12% cashmere goodness! The pattern is from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks, and it’s called Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern.

Because Grandma loves the dark blue pair so much, I am trying to mimic its dimensions and feel. I am using needles of the same size as before (I must say it’s pretty interesting to be knitting this yarn on US 1.5 needles considering the shrug was worked on US 6s), casting on a similar number of stitches (64 now, 70 on the dark blue pair), and I absolutely made sure to keep my Grandma’s favorite element – the tubular cast-on. Oh, how she loves the “non-binding” cast-on.

I think (I think) this one is a keeper. Considering the crazy amount of frogging I did to get this this point, I’m not entirely positive, but the great thing about knitting is that I’m the boss, and I reserve the right to change my mind at any time :). And, oh, I’ve got 185 of Lolly’s friends to egg me on – I joined her Socktoberfest!

It’s on!


25 thoughts on “Plans?!? No one told me about no stinkin’ plans!

  1. Michele

    What a beautiful pattern! I am an beginner/intermediate knitter and hope to become this advanced someday! Thanks for the inspiration~

  2. Laurie

    Sure looks like cashmere goodness, to me!

    That’s a really nice pattern. (grumble, grumble, gonna have to find that book, mumble)

  3. Karen B

    Hmm. Another temptation to learn sock knitting.

    Kathy, that is one beautiful pattern. And such neat, uniform stitch work!

    You’re adorable Grandmother will love them. Funny, no one mentioned that you look just like her.

  4. Kim

    It’s nice to have someone who enjoys your knitting so much eh? And the enabling is just a bonus ; )

    I still have to make my Mammy a hat that she wanted *last* Christmas…. I guess I’m not as good a grandaughter as you are : P

  5. Debi

    As an avid sock knitter I bought Nancy’s book sight unseen. Seeing these lovely socks, I’m glad I did, especially since I have some KFI cashmerino in stash 🙂

    BTW, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino is very similar so all is not completely lost!

  6. Bunny

    Those socks are yummy – well worth the hassel of casting on numerous times to find the right pattern/yarn combination. (Easy for me to say, huh?)

  7. Lee Ann

    The great thing about this post is that it completely seals my desire for this book…I love watching other people try out the patterns first 😉

    Seriously, I’ve only knit a freaking toe before, and I’d like to extend that into a whole sock, or even two…the patterns from this book are so lovely, I can’t resist.

    Gooooorgeous cashmere 🙂

  8. jess

    That pattern looks fantastic! 🙂

    I use US0 for LL now… my first pair of LL have stretched just the slightest bit as well (they were on US1s).

    I love KFI Cashmerino for socks. One of my LYS seems to have a neverending stash of it… I mentioned that it was discontinued last time I was there and they were surprised. I keep preventing myself from buying all of it, and just pick up a few balls for socks every time I’m there. Some time I am going to go back and it will all be gone…

  9. kris

    grandma is going to love those socks! what a cute pattern – i ordered the book last week and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  10. Jennifer

    Your grandmother is sure to love those socks. I really like the pattern. All your sock talk was in part what inspired me to get some sock yarn this weekend 🙂

  11. jsc

    The socks are beautiful. I’m sure they will be keepers. I have that book and will have to put that pattern on the “have to knit” list.

  12. Purly Whites

    I’m a firm believer in Lorna’s sock yarn to be knit on size 0 needles.

    But this is an adorable sock for your equally adorable grandmother! I’m so glad you found something that works.

  13. Ruth

    Tubular cast on ROCKS. A friend of mine tried to teach it to me with no success, and I resisted trying again for a full year — but now I’m a convert. It’s the best.cast.on.EVER.

    Those socks are looking very nice, and will be wonderfully warm and comfy for your Grandmother. She’s going to love them.

  14. nona

    Does your grandmother know how lucky she is to have you as a granddaughter? I love the vintage sock pattern you finally decided on.

  15. MJ

    Your Grandma is awesome. And the fact that she looks at the little details? Just great. I see the family resemblance!

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