New levels of insanity

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? That’s me!

What’s a girl to do on a Friday afternoon when she’s able to escape work early? I know you’re going to say, “wash her much-neglected dishes,” to which I respond, “As if!”

I got many comments and e-mails about the entry where I introduce the sample felted dog bed I’m knitting for Annie’s new book. People were very curious about this double-knitting technique, and how it is that I’m able to knit holding two strands in my left hand.

Well, I made a little video to show you exactly how!

Click on the extended entry link to keep reading.

Before you click on the play button, I want to tell you a few things.

  • I am now knitting the second section of the bed (I may at some point backtrack and show you more of the completed first section), where both yarns (this is KnitPicks Sierra) are Leaf (forest green); previously one was Leaf, and one Bud (light green). The technique is the same, and the same kind of pocket is still being formed.
  • When I say “double-knitting,” I mean that two fabrics are knit at once, one with each yarn strand, but using the same needles.
  • In this video, I am deliberately knitting very slowly.
  • I’m knitting using the Combined method here, so to some of you it will appear that I’m knitting through the back loop (I am), and that I’m wrapping my purls in a different direction (I am). To read more about Combined/Combination knitting, you can visit Annie’s site or mine.
  • I only have access to a Mac right now, so I have no idea if PC users are able to play the video. If you can’t and are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox.
  • The video is short and small because I pay for my own bandwidth. I may even have to take it down towards the end of the day on Tuesday.

The video has been taken down. E-mail me if you’d like me to direct you to its location.

This movie was filmed using my Canon PowerShot S500, and edited in a Mac OSX environment using iMovie. This is a .mov file and can be opened with QuickTime or RealPlayer.

Isn’t this the coolest and most clever technique ever?!? Annie is brilliant, and thanks to her hint, I’m cruising right along with this project.

You see my knitting all the time, and pictures of me often enough… is video knitting the next step? Are you getting a warm and fuzzy feeling having seen my hands move in real time? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


0 thoughts on “New levels of insanity

  1. Mintyfresh

    After you finished section 1, it didn’t have the shape of the finished blanket, but now it pretty much does! So I think you’re definitely mastering this blanket. Looks great!

  2. Cara

    Still loving it! And loving the colored finished sections as well. Way to show your progress.

    I figured out the side bar. Click on the arrows and the “section” opens up. Inventive, but probably not necessary.

  3. beth

    Nice progress and it really does look like the picture on the pattern. Wondering about the size. Next time could you show it in perspective with something – just curious!

    You A.M. project looks/sounds very exciting. Will you see her when she is in bostn in a few weeks? She is coming to the Boston Knitting Guild. Would love to meet you.

    Have a great day!

  4. Laura

    Congrats on being a sample knitter! Annie says that I’ll be doing something too and I’m impatiently waiting for my yarn.

    I think wedge one now looks like wedge one in the schematic. Attaching wedge two did make it more curvy as I thought it would.

  5. Teresa C

    Ooooh, I am so tempted to join you in the blanket knitting. I’ll be watching with great interest. I doubt this will beat you. You don’t seem the type to be beaten by a knitting pattern.

  6. Emily

    The blanket looks great. And now that you have section 2 done, section 1 looks like it is the right shape. This project might just require a bit of faith.

  7. Tam

    New but very avid fan of yours, here! I am feeling the love for that blanket. I may have to put that on my (already too long) to do list. I’m always looking for something DIFFERENT. That qualifies. As a previous poster said, if section 1 is an indication, the pieces mold into their proper shape after new sections are added to them. It looks PERFECT to me. I think the pucker will either block out or will just emphasize the pattern nicely. Either way, no problem. Keep up the good work!

  8. Laura

    Wow! For such a tough project, you’re making fabulous progress! The coloring in of the schematic is a wonderful way of checking up on the pattern.

  9. KarenB

    What can I say, Kathy? You continue to amaze and inspire!

    BTW, thanks for the hint of things to come with the sneak peek at knitting for Annie. Such a glorious green combo – and extremely even-tensioned stitches.

  10. Stephanie

    I’m giddy for you! Test knitter for a book – and Annie Modesitt!! That is absolutely awesome. And it’s green – what’s not to like about that? The blanket looks fabulous and I absolutely believe you can beat this pattern into submission. No doubt in my mind.

  11. paula

    Men who knit? AND dogs??????

    That book has my name ALL OVER IT!


    Men + Dogs= VERY good. πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah, the blanket looks great as I knew it would. I really don’t see how puckering can be avoided. Also it seems like the pieces really only take shape after each section surrounding them is knit.

    Of course, now I must knit that blanket at some point. πŸ˜‰

  12. Colleen

    Yes, that is very exciting. You can always point to that picture and say “I knit that!”

    So, you’ve got two areas of that blanket complete. Is it as difficult as everyone says?

  13. Purly Whites

    Oh, the dry hand syndrome! Sucks. But you are right about the alpaca, it totally brings the moisture back.

    The blanket looks awesome so far, as does the glimpse of Annie’s project. Would blocking the blanket when it’s finished alleviate the puckering?

  14. cec

    how exciting to watch your progress! the absorbency of cotton takes the oil out of your skin and the lanolin in wool yarn puts it back only better!

  15. Christy

    I am fascinated by this blanket. I know of about a zillion babies (okay, four) being born in the next six months and I am very tempted to order this pattern.

    Keep sharing your progress. I can’t wait to see more!