It’s pretty you want?

Thank you all for your wonderful compliments on Grandma’s sock Número Uno! For those of you who missed it, the pattern is NOT my own; it is Child’s First Sock (how ironic) in Shell Pattern from Nancy Bush’s new book, Knitting Vintage Socks.

I fully intend to disclose to you how to pick up the stitches the pretty way, but don’t you think that instead of making a mock heel and showing you right now, I should just knit Calcentín Número Dos and take pictures when I’m at that point? Now THAT’s the motivation I need to immediately cast on for the second one!

I have!

I hope the pretty instructions will be here by Monday morning, but no promises – I’ve had a busy week and may use this weekend to take a nap or, you know, wash my hair for a change ;).

OH! And look at what I saw today in the Anthropologie catalog!

Wow! If that store (the one where all the jeans fit) is starting to sell a “learn to knit” kit, it MUST be cool! Since I actually hand over my money to them willingly on a very regular basis, I think I’m not allowed to comment on the kit price. But you go ahead and feel free to do so. Ahem.

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32 thoughts on “It’s pretty you want?

  1. karon

    i checked out the link to the book and sock pattern. yours looks better. send them a picture so if they do a reprint, they can use your version — smile. it shows the detail of the pattern so well.

  2. Cyndi

    Yay! I was going to ask to see the “pretty” method for picking up stitches… so glad to read that you will be posting it soon. 🙂 Can’t wait to see it – you always post such useful tutorials!

  3. Laura Neal

    Ask me how I pick up stitches and I will tell you, I use a crochet hook. It works out so much better for me. Picking up those stitches with a knitting needle bites the big one.

  4. Angela

    HOLY GEEEZ! Did they spin some gold in to that yarn they’re giving with that kit?! Ai ya! Glad we could be prevent SSS for you. =)

  5. Christie

    You are brilliant. You wanna know why? No, not the fabby socks for G-ma. Because you stole my post! I love it! I saw that ‘Store Where The Clothes Are Too Expensive For Me To Even Try On’ catalog today and caught that same picture. Thanks for posting it for me! 😉

  6. Wanda

    Umm, I feel free to comment on the price, what the ?$*#@ is the deal with that price? I’m curious as to what kind of yarn comes with a kit for $98? That’s insanity.

  7. spaazlicious

    Ha! This from a co. that doesn’t seem to know the difference between knit and crochet in its item descriptions half the time?! Uh-huh. That’s niiiiiiiiiiiiice.

    Hey kids, support your LYS, $98 buys a lot of learnin’. ;P

  8. Amy

    Yes, but the “charming illustrations” must be worth the price! We already know how to knit. Now, the woodworkers boots and the tree trimming sweater they suggested adding to the outfit? That’s where the knitting starts getting expensive!

  9. Annie

    I am a new sock knitter. I have just completed my first sock. (Not pair, mind you, but one sock.) I keep hearing about Nancy Bush’s sock book, and seeing some of the gorgeous sock patterns, and am itching to try some. Are the patterns very advanced, or are there some that a beginner could attempt? I would love your expert opinion on this before I buy the book and set myself up for sock-failure that could scar me for life! (I reeeally love those socks!) Thanks.

  10. Christine

    HOLY COW, there better be cashmere in the bag, the yarn and gold in the book!!! I’ll have to take a run over to my local Anthropologie store and see if they have one!

  11. Judy

    Whew! Hyperventilating here at the price. But you know, if it’s _good_ yarn it could easily go for $10 a skein at yarn shop prices, plus $40 for the bag, it’s not SO far out of the ballpark. On the other hand, if it’s acrylic yarn…

  12. Diana

    That’s a pretty rockin learn-to-knit kit. The price is not so far out of range for what they give you. Nice job on the socks so far! I’ll be checking back to see about this pretty way to pick up heel stitches..

  13. The Feminist Mafia

    Holy f-ing hell. $98??!! For those of you (Christine) who are planning to snoop at the store to assess the fiber content of those 4 balls (and the bag), please post the results. I’m dying to know if this is legit. Holy hell.

  14. (sadly blogless) Catherine

    I’ve been lurking around for a while now, and I gotta say your knitting skills are faboo! But the k1p1 rib on these socks is what really brought me out of lurk-dom…So even! I think my tension must be off or something, because the ks in my k1p1 ribs are always a little too wide for my liking. I’m okay on k2p2, but something about k1p1 stumps me. What’s your secret?

    Anyway — thanks for your blog, it’s one of my favorites. 🙂

  15. Colleen

    Oh, and I’ll bet that the fiber content of those four balls is not 100-percent natural fiber.

    If you bought four skeins of Cascade 220 that will be about $30-$32. Download some learn-to-knit instructions from the internet (and print them on pretty paper). Let’s say $15 for the needles. We’re up to $45-$47. That leaves you with $51-$53 just for the bag!

  16. Stephanie

    I saw that kit and thought the very thing – holy cow! But it must be cool if Anthropology is selling kits! Wow, so this is what it feels like to be “in fasion”

  17. blossom

    as an anthropologie junkie, i think their clothes are really way overpriced… considering most of the time the materials are mostly dominated by acrylics and such. but it is nonetheless a great store for inspiration. the knit kit, i think they tailored it more for paris hilton wannabes when lionbrand’s “learn to knit kit” is just not cool enough.

    love your socks!

  18. Lisa D.

    Those socks are drop-dead gorgeous! I’ll have you know I went out and bought that book yesterday just because of seeing them in progress on your blog. FABULOUS!

  19. gleek

    i love that vintage sock knits book. it was worth it to buy it. almost every pattern is worth trying! (except for those weird sleeping socks with no heel.. strange.) i’m also up for learning the pretty way to pick up stitches 🙂 i’ll be checking this blog incessantly till you post about it.

  20. Kim

    I think the cutest part about that kit is the bag it comes in…

    But there’s no way in hell I’m paying 98 dollars for it. LOL.

  21. Julia

    Do you know how much Rowan you can buy at that price!?!!! That’s at least a sweaters worth of good yarn, and a couple of socks….

  22. anne

    Well, the details on the kit specify that it’s made of cotton and wood. I assume the cotton is the yarn.

    Just think how classy a kit we could do on our own. I think a felted bag would be cool. What knitting book would you put inside? And what kind of needles?

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