Close-ups of the growing girl

Work is not my favorite place to knit. There are chemicals around, and while most of them are not particularly dangerous, many will irreversibly stain and discolor clothing. However, after realizing that I had to stay at work until almost midnight again, and have a Cheerios dinner again, even though I had already had my fill of shit for the day, I couldn’t help but sneak in a little knitting between experiments.

What’s a scientist to do when she needs a stitch marker, but there are none to be had in the lab? Use a paper clip!

It strikes me that this is the first close-up photo of the Curlicue that you’ve seen! Am I right? Well, here’s another:

Don’t you just love clever patterns? In this one, the purl rows match up across curlicue sections! It looks so neat and perfect.

The reason you haven’t seen more close-ups of the Curlicue is because she’s growing so fast and is now too big to capture the details and the entirety of the progress in a single photograph. It warms my heart to compare the growing Curlicue to the growing baby girl inside of S’s belly (group “awww!” because that’s all the sentimentality the Grumperina can muster).

In fact, the Curlicue is so big, that she’s outgrown all my standing knitting bags, such as the two cosmetics cases pictured below. Instead, I proudly drag the Curlicue around in a tattered CVS bag.

All of this just reminds me that I really need to start some socks – this is definitely NOT a portable project anymore.

15 thoughts on “Close-ups of the growing girl

  1. Kim

    Oh dear!! Knitting in a shopping bag!! You should get the magical free tote that I got… It holds amazing amounts of knitting.. and it’s cute (and did I mention free? well.. really 3.99 shipping.. but you know.)

    Ofcourse all of this is totally irrelevent and ignoreable if you don’t use Dove products (or know someone who does)..

    I guess my point is.. you need a bigger knitting bag!!

    I *love* the closeups!! It’s very nifty.. The texture is great.. and it does come out well with the light colored yarn..

  2. Katie

    Check out my latest post…I have a very similar knitting bag for my blanket in progress too. Curlique is looking amazing, and you have developed the mad skillz, no?

  3. Vicki

    Curlicue is looking fantastic! You are flying right along on it. Sorry you had such a “shitty” day earlier in the week. 🙁

  4. Dianna

    And what would Curlique do with a different Koigu in each section? Shared colors in adjacent sections…. I can see a Curlique of colors mushing into one another! You are definitely giving me fiber for thought… thank you for sharing!

  5. nikki

    Loverly! Something that beautiful and sparkling white needs a mamma jamma knitting bag. I want one of the Offhand Designs new Zelda Weekenders in a serious way. Hey, its considerably cheaper than a Marc Jacobs satchel, so it can be considered a necessity, right? I’m saving up my yarn money and I keep thinking about skimming off the grocery money (LOL) to buy one. Food? Who needs food?

  6. Isela

    She is looking amazing. Your stitches are so nice and even…I love it (Note: I am a new knitter, so even stitches are amazing to me :)).

  7. jacqueline

    it may not be a portable project – but it sure as hell it absolutley gorgeous! this would have to be one of the my most favourite things that you have knitted.

  8. sara

    You’re bookin’ right along on that blanket. The finished product is sure to be magnificent. It’s beautiful! Thanks for the close up – helps to see the pattern.

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