Better than before

You knew I was going to do it – I frogged the heel and half a repeat right after I posted last night. And now I’m past where I was before!

Uhm, yeah. Did I mention sportweight yarn?

Since I was already re-knitting the heel, I shortened it by a few rows because I thought it was a little too long in its former life.

Also, as though these socks needed any more prettiness, I used the pretty way to pick up stitches along the heel flap:


Oooo, these are SO Grandma socks!

Look, ma, no ladder! (Yes, there was a dpn join right down the middle of the sole)

I feel much better having rescued that bit of yarn, all while making the sock better than before – now I will definitely have enough. I think ;).

Now, I hear I have to knit another, but wow, I have zero motivation to cast on. I think this Saturday ruined me – all that casting on, ripping out, trial and error – it’s as though I’ve already knit another sock!

Oh, and the new Vogue? Man, what a disappointment, hence its proper use as a sock rest – don’t want to get these oatmeal puppies too dirty! I’m so ready to knit a sweater, and although a pattern would have been nice, I would have settled for at least some inspiration. But, alas, zip, zilch, nada, and my favorite, BLEH.

59 thoughts on “Better than before

  1. Kimberly

    I love that pattern, you did a great job. Now to motivate for the second one. Could you fill me in on how to pick up stitches the pretty way? I’m a bit confused, what is a ladder? The loose stitch between two needles? Thanks!

  2. Christie

    Those are beautiful! I feel the same way about the Vogue knitting…there’s an airy mohairy sweater that’s lovely tho…one out of how many patterns?

  3. Kim

    Ooooo yes.. so pretty.. even the gusset is pretty.. I like it!

    ..I too am envious and want to know how to pick up pretty stitches..

    And to motivate for the second sock:

    Think of your wonderful yarn-enabling grandma having COLD toes! Don’t you hate having cold toes? I bet she does too.. and she’d love to wear those socks!

    Did that help? I’m not sure… (is anything certain at 2:06AM?)

  4. Urraca

    Gorgeous sock. I too would like to know about the pretty way to pick up stitches.

    Check this blog:

    There’s another Curlicue around (in Mexico no less). I think she tried to figure out the pattern by herself, so she’s kind of stuck (the two ends won’t join), but she did use different colours and the result is pretty.

  5. kris

    super duper cute sock! yeah, we definitely need to know the pretty way to pick up stitches.

    second socks suck. i’m not even going to try to encourage you to cast on. you’ll get there eventually, but in the mean time, don’t let it bug you!

  6. Zarah

    I want to know the pretty way to pick up stitches, too! I just had but first foray into short-rows, and (after much frogging) am retreating into safe heel-flap territory.

  7. Cara

    Ditto on the gorgeousness. Ditto on the pretty way. Ditto on Vogue – I flipped through it on the weekend and won’t even buy it. What a disappointment!

    I just started your Jaywalk socks, by the way. I’m not far enough along to see the pattern, but I’m liking it so far. Thank you!

  8. Laura

    I love these socks! I suppose we’ll be seeing the pattern in Magknits eventually? (Who am I kidding, I have yet to knit a real pair of socks…)

    I’m afraid that I don’t know a pretty way to pick up heel-flap stitches from a nonpretty way. But the sts along the edge look twisted to me–is that part of the prettiness?

  9. yahaira

    I adore the sock, Ive been thinking about it since the last post. What’s the pretty way to pick up stitches?

    Vogue knitting? bleh! I looked at it yesterday at B&N, what a disappointment. Two patterns look exactly like something from knitty or Handknit Holidays and the rest are real bummers. There was one I sorta, kinda liked, but I knew not to waste my money. Dont even get me started on knitscence (not the place I want to be).

  10. Kim

    Man, that is beautiful! I wouldn’t even want to wear it. If you never get to the second sock, you could frame it in a shadow box and hang it on the wall.

  11. Beak Knits

    Great socks…I like the light color.

    I agree on Vogue this time around…maybe two things that wern’t terrible. Lets be real though, am I going to knit pillows? Do I need a cape? Probably not.

  12. Laura

    No ladder! I’m impressed. Not even the hint of one, very cool. The socks are beautiful, your Gran is going to be so happy.

    I’m going to have to be the voice of dissention on the current Vogue issue. While capes, shrugs, and half-sweaters (no tummy allowed over here!) aren’t my thing, I did like their use of color. The styles also required some skill without going overboard on the new techniques. I can understand why the general consensus is negative. The only way I’d knit and wear any of them is if I had an unlimited yarn budget, were 6 foot tall, and weighed 12 pounds. But then, it IS Vogue. I rather expect them to have a fun-house view of the world.

  13. Jen

    May we please please please have some sort of halfway pattern for this gorgeous sock???? (I don’t mean line-by-lines, just what’s the lace repeat, what does “pretty way” mean for turning heel, etc.)

    I mean that sock is AMAZING!

  14. Jen

    Oh, I forgot – I went back and re-read your post…Vintage socks…child’s first…got it…

    You can bet I’ll be getting THAT book…

  15. allison

    LOVE that sock pattern. And do share the pretty way! The heel looks GREAT!

    As for the Vogue, got mine in the mail yesterday and was disappointed as well. There was really nothing in it that I wanted to knit. I think the’re getting a little freaky-deaky in their designs. They look like things you’d see on a runway model and not your average woman (aka THEIR AUDIENCE!). Sheesh…

  16. Jeanie

    So, what'”the pretty way” of picking up stitches for the sock? It’s amazing!!! Also, how did you get rid of the ladder down the sole? I ordered the Vintage Sock book after seeing your sock the other day. I can’t wait ’till it gets here! I also agree about the Vogue being a let down this time 🙁

  17. Tam

    Gor-gee-oh-so sock! Can’t wait to see Gram’s face when you give them to her. Please take a picture.

    I’m guessing that your “pretty way” is just picking the stitches up twisted. I’ve done that before (not on a sock gusset, though)and thought it was called “a mistake” but now that I see it on your sock I am totally sold that it is a “design element”. If that’s what it really is, I’m definitely going to do it on purpose next time!

  18. Tam

    Oh yeah, and ditto most everyone on the Vogue issue, especially Laura. You nailed it. That thing on the cover, just seeing the collar, looked so interesting. All that color! But 6 ft. tall and 12 pounds pretty much describes the ONLY person who could wear that crazy thing or most of that issue. bleh is so right.

  19. nona

    Your grandmother’s sock is all-in-all beautiful, but please — oh pretty please — can you tell me what you did for the decorative stitch pickup? I’ve never seen anything like it! I hope you motivate yourself to start — and finish — the 2nd sock. I’ll tell you what, if you finish by Sunday night, I’ll send you some candy!

  20. Angela

    Your grandma is SO going to love them! They are GORGEOUS! (I’m sure you haven’t heard that before) And the masses speak, please share the pretty way to pick up stitches.

  21. Sara

    The sock is lovely!

    The Vogue issue was disappointing, but there were a few decent things. I really liked the Michael Kors cable sweater, for instance, although I’m going to put longer sleeves, probably 3/4, on it, because I don’t personally like short-sleeved sweaters. And Nicky Epstein’s felted coat is *gorgeous*. So it’s not a total loss, even if the shriek-o-riffically ugly things tend to overshadow the others.

  22. Laurie

    Make a different sock, then go back and do the 2nd curlique. Maybe it will feel like a first sock, then.

    I agree, about Vogue Knitting. SO disappointing! I couldn’t find anything good about it.

  23. Sharah

    Wow… you are totally right. I was all excited about the new vogue, it comes in my mail… I was so dissapointed. I liked one item in the entire magazine. How sad..

    Your socks are AMAZING, btw 🙂 I hope i can get up the courage to try that type of pattern soon!

  24. karon

    I love these socks. When I saw your previous post, I ordered the book from Now, I can’t wait to start mine. And, I’m with everyone else — how do you pick-up stitches the pretty way? A slight tutorial please!

  25. jess

    oooh, i am a wee bit late commenting, but those have a neat-o fish scale look to them!

    and you are right, that is the only proper use for the new vogue. ugh.

  26. Holly

    Wow… that sock rocks! I’m buyin the book! And speaking of buying books, this latest issue of Vogue is the first issue of Vogue Knitting that I haven’t purchased in a LONG time. You’re right. What a disappointment.

  27. Joyce

    Your knitting is so incredibly n e a t !! (not [only] neat as in cool, but neat as in perfectly executed). I’m supposing you combination-knit it, does that contribute to this neatness?

    The book doesn’t seem to be available in Europe yet, hope it will be soon, so I can gaze at the pattern and wonder if I dare attempt it 🙂

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