Other than picking raspberries and absolutely ruining my hands with thorn pricks, this is what I did on my summer vacation:

This is a good chunk (70%, to be exact) of Meg’s Stitch Ya Neck Out scarf.

It is Forbes Forest from Scarf Style, and the texture is definitely something to write home about.

I’ve memorized the pattern by now, and I just cannot get enough of the textury goodness! There isn’t much more to go – Meg, I should be done soon enough.

A few have hinted at the inevitable finishing of the orange Filati tunic. Hold your horses! 🙂 I blog in real time, and the sleeves have not even been started, for real. I need to take a serious break from knitting for a few days and hem those jeans. The school year is about to start, and unless I get moving, I’ll be teaching class in my underpants! Wish me luck!

With the hemming, that is, not with teaching in my underpants ;).


21 thoughts on “Underpants

  1. jillian

    Beautiful textury goodness – so right. And the green shade matches the pattern. This is yet another example of a pattern from Scarf Style that I had little interest in until seeing one on a blog. The pictures are so blurry in that book! BTW-did you see the link to the article about jean hemming on Fig and Plum (http://www.figandplum.com/)?

  2. Jenn

    Wow, that looks so much nicer than the picture in Scarf Style. I’ve been passing that scarf all along, and now seeing it knit up, it’s a real eye catcher. Very nice!

  3. Laurie

    The scarf looks so wonderful. I want to wrap it around my neck.

    Teaching in your underpants? Would that make the class learn MORE or LESS?

    Hmmmm. Would make for quite an experiment!

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