Is it time to knit yet? Is it, is it?!? I want to knit! All these gifts, all these photos, all this swapping, all this blogging, but no knitting.

Until tonight :).

In case you want to read it again, this is the blog entry where I mention how I got some cursed Artful Yarns Candy, which I intend to make into footlets, toe-up style ;).

Pass me some needles, because I’m about to get knitting!

I started with a yarn-over short-row toe-up toe tutorial from Purly Whites. Her photo-based tutorial is extremely clear! There were some instances where our numbers didn’t match, though; for example, sometimes I had to end on a knit row to have a symmetric stitch distribution, but Purly ended on a purl row. Okay, out came Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ Priscilla’s Dream Socks article from Interweave. Between those two, I was able to come up with a toe prototype:


Good for my first try, but I can see some areas to be improved right away (other than my criminal flip-flop tan). The most obvious correction is that the toe is too shallow and needs a few more rows. Also, I remember why I don’t like yarn-over short-rows: it looks wonky along the sides (at least for me).

Alright, back to the wrapped short-row method which I’ve used on sock heels in the past (Paula’s and mine), but never on toes. I pulled up Wendy Johnson’s Knitty tutorial, started knitting, and, man, her wrapping instructions are different than what I’m used to. Okay, back to the library – Short Rows: a few stitches short of a row by Véronik Avery, also an IK article. Combining Wendy’s instructions and Véronik’s way of wrapping, finally, I got this:


Much better. It still seems a little shallow, but it’s not bad, and those sides are more attractive. I must say that picking up two wraps and knitting them together with their parent stitch is hell. I haven’t done that before… I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve been using a particular set of short-row heel instructions, or short-row heels typically don’t use the double-wrap. But yeah, I can see why people would go for the yarn-over alternative – it’s definitely easier on the hands.

Before I forgot what the hell I did, I knit the other toe and joined the round for both:

Ah, yes, my aging pedicure is covered :-D.

And now we zoom out (and Photoshop):


And I’m off! Go, Grumperina, go!