One of the reasons I love being a blogger is the constant encouragement! Oh my goodness, all of you are really maintaining the excitement, and continuing to urge me on! Well, I won’t disappoint! At least for now ;).

Who needs a mop when I have a snow-white Curlicue splayed out on the floor every evening?

What you see is section 1 (with the scalloped edging), section 2 (looks sort of like a rhombus), and just the first few rows of section 3. Once again, my rhombus doesn’t look very much like the little wedge in the schematic:

I like coloring in my progress – it makes the whole thing feel much more real ;).

So far things are going okay. My only point of concern is the puckering where section 1 meets section 2. I’m opting not to worry about it for now for several reasons. First, my photo is a bit “posed” – if I want, I can make it lay entirely flat, which actually causes a very delicate spreading of the scallops, like a fan. I’m thinking that’s the actual intent of the pattern, and that once section 15 (ha!) is completed, everything will fall into place. Also, I see a bit of puckering in the pattern photo (how about you?). Last, this situation is entirely out of my control – the number of short-rows directly dictates the number of stitches at the joint.

To those of you who think that one section/day progress means a blanket in 2 weeks, I must say, eh, it’s not gonna happen. The most important reason – I would go totally insane. Second reason – this cotton really dries out my hands and I can’t handle it for long periods of time. Which brings us to reason number three…

Remember in my last entry I mentioned another project falling into my lap? Well, I’m sample-knitting for Annie Modesitt’s new book, Men Who Knit (and the dogs who love them). Now, imagine this – a book will be published, and something inside that book will have been knit by ME! That is the coolest feeling in the world! Anyway, the project I’m knitting uses a lovely wool/alpaca blend, which, in the most amazing way, restores all the moisture the cotton Curlicue sucks out of my hands. Annie and I have agreed on some rules with respect to blogging about this project, and, yes, I’ll be able to tell you more, although not everything (but for starters, here’s a sneak peek). For now, I’m putting off writing the actual post because I’m just floored by how clever and creative this project is, and I’m afraid that unless I seriously sedate myself before blogging, the post will be a puddle of verbal diarrhea filled with praises and raves of every imaginable variety.

So, yeah, need to sedate myself first ;).

P.S. I did a small re-design of my sidebar. If you have any feedback, let me know!

0 thoughts on “Sedation

  1. Kim

    It *is* really cute on you.. and it does look like cheez whiz. lol..

    I guess I’m crazy cause I frogged an entire cami that I made outa shine.. That same yarn became my Voli and it looks fine to me.. (still haven’t worked out that whole stripey bleed thing.. but I may have to give up on it.)

    Did you have lots of fluffy fuzz flying around while you were knitting? That stuff goes up my nose and it’s really annoying. I think I ate some at a few points too..

    Can’t beat the price though and the end product is quite nice.. I even put a swatch in the washer and dryer and it came out even better than I thought.. (and SOFTER! if you can believe that!) but I didn’t measure gauge on it so I don’t know about that.

    I should stop rambling at you now.. but to sum up:

    It looks great, and like you said.. worth the headaches! (And tiny heart attack.) I wish you had taken the angry picture too.. but I know you well enough to have a pretty good imagination image of it.. heheh.

  2. yuvee

    Looks great, girl!!

    Shine is really delicious, but the pilling drives me crazy!! And sneezy too!

    But really, those stitches are soooo neat, love ‘em!!

  3. Agnes

    Good to know so much more about Shine. The fit is perfect and the colour is delightful. If I were to knit this, I would choose a looser fit … the fit you chose is just too revealing for my love handles! LOL!

  4. Betsy

    mmmmm, cheeeese.

    It looks great, as expected! I try to tell Omar I don’t really love everything that’s orange, but I think I am lying to myself–lest someone present me with spray-painted dog shit, or something.

    Dude, I want to do a knit along for people who are knitting orange things. And then…lather, rinse, repeat.

    I finally got my 32″ addi 9s, so my own orange creation is off and running!

    Note to self: perhaps “exotic and erotic” does not lead to well-written patterns.

  5. jody

    It’s beautiful. Really beautiful. Enjoy it — the extra work you put in really shows. The fit is spot-on and there’s not a bit of flashdance shoulder to be seen ;)

  6. Karin

    Boy, am I glad this has not only happened to me. My neckline is BIG too, but in my case I have not adjusted my body image to loosing 15 kg over the last 2 years and the whole thing is too big. So I will have to rip it completely. Toccata should rip nicely though, so that’s not too bad. I love that yarn. But for now it’s joining the pile of too large garments waiting to be ripped.


  7. Laura

    Looks amazing! I love the lace along the tops of the sleeves. And the waist shaping is a great improvement — that sweater really should be fitted. I’m almost tempted to knit it myself — but I think the pattern might make me insane if it’s really that bad!

  8. Carolyn

    Fabulous! I think it looks the best on you…another one of your well fitted knits. Sorry to hear shine didn’t frog well, I am sure I frogged it fine at some point. So glad it all worked out, you looks beautiful:)

  9. yahaira

    It looks so great on you, I love it. You always amaze me with what you come up with when knitting, I would have frogged all of it and then hide in a corner to cry

  10. June

    Kathy, the sweater looks great – wonderful job with all of the mods. Your comments on yarn quality echo what I’ve heard elsewhere. It’s too bad. KnitPicks seems to have great ideas, variety, and prices, but they have fallen short on quality. (I could tell, even from the closeups in their catalog pics, that the yarn would not wear well – too softly spun, unbalanced plying, etc.)

  11. claudia

    Indeed there is nothing more disappointing than, having made up your mind to do a mindless knit and let the designer do the work, realizing its back to the designing/problem solving game.

    It does look cute on you and the fit is perfect.

  12. Laura

    I happen to like mac and cheese…

    The sweater is very cute and not as long as I expected it to be. When you said “tunic” I imagined something that reached below your hips.

  13. Karen B

    Hmmm. Cheetos.

    Lovely sweater, Kathy. Artificial cheese product never looked so good :-)

    It’s a good thing you have the know-how and determination to fix what I suspect is bad translation from the source language.

    Kinda like pulling up a page in another language and having Google translate it to English. Just doesn’t read right.

  14. Lisa

    WOW. It fits you so well – you look extremely pleased with the finished prodcut – and who can blame you? It was certainly well worth the extra effort. It is BEAUTIFUL.

  15. marichan

    Your sweater is great! It fits you very well and your knitting looks so neat. It’s always slightly painful to read about your trials and tribulations (we’ve all been there!) but, of course, you made it work in the end. Hip Hip Hooray!

  16. Stephanie

    In my best knitting dream I make a sweater that fits that well. Wow. It’s perfect (despite that little neckline mishap) and I don’t think it looks anything like cheese wiz!

  17. Kenny

    Wow, your sweater is amazing!! It fits you perfectly and the color is so pretty. It almost looks like the original color too.

    There is nothing worse than a bad pattern. I hate picking up a pattern and then having to second guess it.

    But you’re good enough that you can totally fix the bad pattern. Good job!

    Also, thanks so much for the description of the yarn and your process of knitting with it. I will keep it in mind if I decide to knit with Shine.

  18. Kathy

    It’s not easy bein’ cheesy!

    LOVE the tunic/sweater/cheez whiz/mac n’chees/cheetos top!!!! It looks amazing and it really does fit you perfectly!!


  19. Illanna

    Wow… how exotic AND erotic. What a crazy name for a knitting magazine! The sweater is beautiful, and you did a fantastic job on the lace. It was worth any headache it caused.

  20. Wannietta

    Totally worth the effort that you put into it!! And while it has been noted that “exotic & erotic” may not make for a good pattern, it certainly makes for a hell of a sweater!

  21. Becky

    What a CUTE sweater! It fits you amazingly well. Definitely worth the trouble!! I’m sad about all of the pattern problems, though, b/c I would love to make it, but don’t think I could deal with that poorly written of a pattern. :-(

  22. Diana

    Ahh, that sweater is orange cheezy goodness! I turned out wonderfully and I love the modifications you made to the neckline. There’s a fine line between elegant boatneck and Jennifer Beal wanna-be. Best of all, it looks fabulous on you!

    Oh, and I also want an orange knit-along.

  23. Laura Neal

    Wow, it turned out quite well. The color kinda does remind me of velveeta too. Too bad it didn’t have any red or green flecks in it then you could have said you were wearing queso. Ha! Sorry for the pun. I love the shine yarn but, it can be a bear to work with at times. The slinkiness of it is wonderful, isn’t it?

  24. Purly Whites

    This is awesome on you! Sorry that it got so painful for such a simple knit. And, just in case you were wondering, I’ve washed my shrug knit in Shine in my washing machine on delicate twice, and so far, so good. It actually looks better after washing. Go figure.

    And, can I please request a picture tutorial sometime of how you press your seams? I have fear of irons. If it is too much of a hassle, feel free to ignore me.

  25. Risa

    Well worth the time and effort. It’s beautiful and looks FABULOUS on you. I couldn’t pull off that color without looking like a giant banana (or tube of velveeta)!

    This is my first comment, but I’ve been reading for a while and think you’re great. Keep up the good work.

  26. freecia

    So very cute! And if it wouldn’t be offensive, the ladies look good in this sweater. The alterations all turned out sooooo wonderful.


    Question: if you had $40-60/60-80/80-100 what yarns would you have used? Or in general, lemme guess, it would have been DB Cathay instead of Shine? I heard Cathay knits up like a dream- but nothing about the frogging.

  27. Jess

    Fabulous! It fits perfectly, and is just precious! (In a “look at that lovely detail” kind of a way, not a “coochy-coochy-coo” kind of a way.

  28. Angela

    Beautiful sweater. The first thing I thought when I saw it was “I WANT IT!” It fits you perfectly and shows off your figure well. Great work.

  29. Jenn

    I love the lace. And shine feels so nice to work with (except I hated the way it shed on me). I’m glad now I didn’t need to frog with it.

  30. joanna

    WOW, that looks amazing!! I wasn’t particularly taken by the pattern photo, but your version of it is so much better. And you finished it so quickly for something knit on size 4s, I’m jealous!!

  31. Maureen

    The Filati tunic is beautiful – you did an incredible job in adjusting/fixing the pattern. Your time and efforts were well worth it – one picture says it all! Congratulations – you must be very pleased with the final results! You look asbolutely stunning!

  32. Judy

    You look wonderful in the ‘tunic’. That ain’t no tunic. It was worth all the worry. It sort of makes me sorry I read about the problems, it should have gone on the list.