Riding the good vibes…

You guys are great – thanks for egging me on! Woohoo! I’m totally psyched about the Curlicue Coverlet, and I really need to maintain that enthusiasm, because the schematic for blanket construction looks like this:

I may be pushing copyright boundaries by showing that to you, but I think as long as I don’t specify how to actually make the blanket, I’m in the clear. Anyway, I’ve got one thing to say, “eh, shit!”

But until one casts on, one doesn’t know how complicated the knitting will actually be, right? And so, I got started.

(We can discuss my choice of snow-white yarn at another point – there will be plenty of “other points,” since this will be a very long-term project. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing I’m paranoid about washing my hands). The scalloped edging is worked as you go, just as the description claims. Very cute!

The pattern is not easy. There’s constant counting, referring to the directions, second-guessing, shushing everyone – that kind of thing. The idea of frogging petrifies me because of all the short rows… and just the field of whiteness, all of it looking very much the same – how do you even start finding a mistake? So, I plan to avoid frogging as much as possible (famous last words) (don’t we all say that at the start of every project?).

High pressure and fear of losing my place energized me to finish the first section in almost one sitting:

Well, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to see that it looks nothing like the little wedge in the schematic, but I think I’ve been able to locate that section in the picture of the actual blanket:


What do you think?

On to section 2? Yes and no. Of course, yes, but there’s no way I’ll be able to stay entirely loyal to this blanket which will take me until January to complete without going bonkers. Good thing another project sort of fell into my lap and it’s out of this world! I’ll tell you more about it very soon. For now, I’m starting section 2 of the Curlicue.


0 thoughts on “Riding the good vibes…

  1. terry

    Wow, the sock pattern is a great match for the Regia cotton – it shows the stitch pattern really well! Lucky you! Hmm, I’m going to pull out my IK and take a look at the pattern…

  2. Wannietta

    Great socks!! And the ArtYarn ones that you knit were rockin’ too – makes me want to join a sock exchange. And like Terry I will have to pull out that IK for my next pair.

  3. jody

    you know i’m doubly jealous of you right now — i LOVE that pattern and i still don’t have my sockapal2za socks.

    yours look great and it’s good to know that the regia 4 ply works up so well in a stitch pattern like that.

  4. Kim

    Lol.. you know the moment you thought the package was from Meg, even though it was from Seatle..

    When you said “My sock pal is Kim!” I thought, “Wow.. I did a good job.. wait I didn’t knit those.. I’m not her sock pal!” (Ofcourse, this thought was like a milisecond long.. but still there.

    How weird the mind works when you’re half asleep.

    The socks look great.. and they fit! Woo! I’ll have to try that yarn eventually.. yes indeed.

    …Did I mention that I’m half asleep?

  5. Teresa C

    They are perfect!!! You got a great sock pal. I hope my pal loves her socks as much. All the lovely socks on this blog lately…….. I must get moving.

  6. Meg

    If I ever go to Seattle, I’ll be sure to mail you something. However, I can guarantee it would not be something as nice as those socks!

  7. nona

    Love your socks! I think sometimes we have so much fun knitting the pair of socks for our pal, we forget someones knitting a pair for us. Hey — I forgot to check my mail today….