My socks have landed!

There I am, at my mailbox, la-da-di-da-da, when I see a padded envelope from Seattle. I’m totally oblivious, of course, because the first thing that pops into my mind is that it’s from Meg (insert blank expression here; I, too, do not understand why I thought that Meg, who lives in Australia, and from whom I’m not expecting anything, would be mailing me stuff from Seattle!). Then I think, it must be from Polly (ditto with the blank expression, Polly lives in Great Britain). I rip open the package, and some yarn, some sock yarn, to be exact, flies out. AH! It is from my secret Sock Pal! I guess I just couldn’t imagine it would get here so quickly!

If you only knew how much restraint I needed to take this picture, since it was taken before I opened it and revealed the goodies inside:

I love this tissue paper, “Smart Women are Gifted,” and the pattern matches across the package’s seam! But, you know, wrapping, shmapping, it was time to look inside:

(color more accurate in the other photos) I love them, as well as the cute sock sleeve! First, I love the color – it is extremely practical since I wear jeans 360 days out of the year (the other five days I don’t leave the house, obviously). Second, I love the yarn, Regia Cotton 4-ply, since my hot footsies need a cotton yarn to stay cool. Third, I love this pattern, Waving Lace from the spring 2004 IK, so much so that I’m planning to knit a pair of socks for grandma using it! It is so cool:

And the fit is fabulous, as is the quality of the knitting. Whoever knit these did a wonderful job with the heels and toes as well as the overall knitting:

Only after all the ooing and aahing, trying on, inspecting, and taking pictures, I finally took out the two Seattle postcards my pal included and found out that my secret pal is Kim! Thank you, Kim, you did a great job with this pair, matching my crazy list of preferences perfectly, and made my Sockapal-2-za experience truly great!