It’s raining socks!

Sockapal-2-za is coming to a close, so it’s time for me to wrap things up, too. First, a brief reminder of what I knit, since I finished these more than 2 months ago! Plus I took this photo after the FO report.

I still really like them, and I hope my pal does, too!

Similar to the sock sleeve I made for Paula (and once again copying Carolyn), my pal got one, too:

If you’ve been around these parts long enough, you know my intolerance of crap, so I just enclosed a little bit of spare yarn, wrapped the socks in some tissue paper, wrote out a nice card, and that’s that.

They will be on their way tomorrow!

But this is just the beginning of some sock adventures. In fact, I have at least two pairs of socks planned in the immediate future. As soon as I finish up Meg’s SYNO scarf, and make a bit more progress on my Filati tunic, I’ll get started.

First, the cold season is once again upon us, and Grandma needs some new socks. I will combine the periwinkle Lorna’s Laces I bought a few months ago and the Waving Lace pattern from the Spring ’04 IK, which Laura and Jody have recently knit.


Second, remember that truly cursed yarn I acquired via Diana?

This is Artful Yarns Candy in the Sour Apple colorway. I first laid my eyes on this goodness when Paula and I visited And the Beadz Go On… in Wickford, RI. It just seemed perfect to me for a pair of socks because it’s so cute, stretchy, and doesn’t have any wool! I didn’t buy any at the time because it seemed that Paula was considering it for our sock exchange.

Then a bit of time went by, and some of this yarn practically fell into my lap! Diana purchased two balls for a pair of footlets, and purely by accident decided to use a sock pattern that’s known far and wide for its inaccuracy (care to take a guess?). She struggled and struggled, declared the yarn “cursed,” and was ready to get rid of it. She mentioned it to me, and of course I wanted it! And now I have it – truly cursed yarn.

The plan is to knit a pair of footlets for myself from the toe up. I plan on making short-row toes (haven’t decided yet whether I will use yarn overs or wraps), and short-row heels (ditto). Hopefully the cursed status of the yarn will not transfer from Diana’s needles to mine ;).


11 thoughts on “It’s raining socks!

  1. Lelah

    All I have to say is HOLY CRAP, the socks you made with the handpainted Opal yarn are absolutely stunning. What a lovely patten! You should sell it– I would buy it.

  2. Stephanie

    Your sock pal socks are still as pretty as I remember them. And I just love the sleeve – it just finishes the socks off so nicely. I love the purple LL for Grandma – she’ll love such pretty socks. And the Artful Yarns cannot be cursed – it’s too pretty.

  3. diana

    I love your sock pal socks and that lovely sleeve! As for that beautiful yarn, I’m sure that the curse will not pass from my needles to yours. And maybe you are right, it was the pattern that was cursed and not the yarn. Guess we’ll have to see 😉

  4. Carolyn

    Love the package, simple, beautiful. Ditto on the sock pattern…are you going to make it available? I’ll be watching, as a green eyed monster, your upcoming socks….I need to finish up some projects before I knit more socks…maybe!

  5. Lauren

    What is the evil sock pattern? I am out of the loop. Your socks look fab. And your jeans too. I wonder if that alone would make it worth it for a tiny girl to buy a sewing machine?

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