Woohoo! I’m still pretty excited about the release of the Picovoli pattern! Based on some feedback I read on various message boards, I feel it is necessary to spell out how the Pico differs from its predecessor, the Tivoli*.

  • Unlike the Tivoli, all the sizes are written using the same yarn and gauge. I think this is quite important because I would receive at least a handful of e-mails every week asking me to clarify the gauge differences. Well, here’s my response ;).
  • The gauge is 22 sts and 30 rows per 4″ square in stockinette, which suits a variety of yarns, including Debbie Bliss Cathay and KnitPicks Shine.
  • Unlike the Tivoli, the t-shirt shape is maintained from size to size. The 3 Tivoli patterns were all different – some had wider hips, some had more square necklines, etc. Again, I would frequently receive e-mails about this, so here’s my answer.
  • The Picovoli provides instructions for optional picots, which address flare and possible rolling issues, something you would ask me about at least once a day with the Tivoli.
  • The Picovoli is written for a wider range of sizes – to fit 30-50″ busts. You know you’ve e-mailed me about this ;).

If you’re considering knitting the Picovoli, you MUST visit my Picovoli website. MUST! It has charts and schematics and close-ups that didn’t make it into the MagKnits pattern. I feel these extras are integral to a stress-free Picovoli experience, which is why I’m making them available through my own website.

*The basic Tivoli pattern is still there – just omit the optional picots ;). The picot-less Picovolis will differ slightly from the original Tivolis, but clearly in the direction of improvement.

Sidenote (in response to two e-mails I received last night): I estimate that it took me approximately 150-200 hours to work out the complete pattern for this t-shirt. This includes writing all the patterns – my own, more than a dozen test-knitters’ (I mentioned only three on my blog, but there were many more in real life), and the standard one, plus knitting two t-shirts, making schematics and diagrams, website coding, taking pictures, writing tutorials, etc., etc., etc. Did I mention I don’t sleep?

I need a vacation! Oh wait, I’m going on vacation! See you all on Tuesday when I come back ;).

In more upsetting news, Bloglines is ignoring my blog, again. I don’t have much to say to those of you who still use that service disservice, other than to repeat that alternate, more reliable RSS aggregators exist.


26 thoughts on “Clarifications

  1. alice

    I hate that you feel you have to justify yourself. It’s a great pattern, and clearly represents a huge amount of work. You done good!

  2. Jennifer

    Congratulations again on a job well done! I still plan to do the Tivoli, or rather the Picovoli someday, once I’m back to my normal size. 🙂 Unless you want to whip up a Maternovoli pattern? (just kidding)

  3. Emily

    Congratulations on the pattern!

    It’s not just your blog that Bloglines is ignoring. It seems to be ignoring about half of the blogs I read.

  4. Laura

    Hi Kathy,

    One thing you might consider putting on your Picovoli website is a photo tutorial of your loose stitches fix for the under-arm cast on stitches. I got to that part and could figure out what to do. So, I just yanked the stitches tight and went on my merry way.

    And congratulations again!

  5. Heather

    Hmm. After my tiny fiasco with the shine Tivoli..I might have to visit the Picovoli…cathay would look so yummy!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication to perfecting this nearly perfect pattern! You are really the BOMB!!!

  6. yahaira

    Im so happy for the standardized pattern, Ive been wanting to knit it for a while now. Congrats and enjoy that vacation.

    And thanks for the tips on the others aggregators, bloglines sucks donkey nuts.

  7. kitty kitty

    Thanks so much for all your hard work. I was really hopeful that you would include a larger size for us larger gals who loved your original pattern. I may be overwieght but I hate wearing tunics and sacks. It just really made me feel good to see the largest size. 🙂 Thank you for all your hard efforts.

  8. sheree

    Great pattern, thanks for all the hard work! I have some KP Shine laying around and I think I’ll have to make a Picioli myself! 🙂

    BTW Bloglines is working for me?

  9. Susanne

    Hey thanks so much for such a wonderful pattern and update.

    It could be me (and I mean that in the truest sense :)) but when I printed the pattern at work (Of course it was in between important work), the pages were way off centre with the writing on the left hand side throwing the pattern print area off and causing the right side to drop off.

    I tried again at home, just a minute ago and same thing…any special tricks???

    anyone else experiencing this ludite prone moment?

  10. Kim

    I’m totally apreciating all the hard work and detail that you put into this.. I’m starting on mine tomarrow.. (Well.. the swatch part atleast.) and just for you I’ll wash and dry my swatch.. sacraficing that bit of yarn.. For you! (Ok.. really because you said so..)

    Heh.. anyway.. you deserve your vacation… Look forward to hearing about it : )

  11. nona

    Congratulations on getting your wonderful pattern published in MagKnits! Thank you for all the time and effort that went into the pattern — you’ve made many a happy knitter. Hope you have a relaxing and fun vacation!

  12. Janina in Red Deer

    Add my thanks to the list for this beautiful and wearable design. As someone who has to negotiate patterns to fit a sadly modest bosom paired with hips of some substance, I do appreciate the additional info in the charts.

    By the way, any of the Magknits patterns I have printed off will NOT center properly. Even fooling with the margins does not help, I lose six to eight spaces off the right side.

    As well, a chunk of info from the pattern did not print out at all! The section near the end of “Yoke”, beginning with 36″/91cm….and continuing on until “on needle 78 (84”

    –that part is inexplicably missing. The pattern picks up again at “90, 98) sts for front and back…etc.

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