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Those socks…

Socks – I’m sorry. There is a delay, and I’m filled with the worst dread imaginable – I have no control over the situation, and I have not been able to find out any details. All I can say is, stay tuned, I’ll let you know what I know, when I know it. Okay? 😉

Knitting – not much has happened recently – I’ve been very sick, and very busy. Somehow I feel the two are tied together, that not getting enough rest is preventing me from getting better.

Saturday – mushroom picking. I get so involved, it’s quite priceless ;). I’ll see if I can get someone to snap a picture of me, wearing my Martha Stewart gardening gloves, no doubt :).

SundayBoston Knit-Out & Crochet 2005 – I hope to see you there!

Picture – no blog entry is complete without a picture. Here’s one of me, knitting, from maybe about a year ago:

Inside and out

Not to interrupt the Curlicue high or anything, but I’ve got something else to talk about – my sample knit for Annie Modesitt’s new book, Men Who Knit (and the dogs who love them).

The description of the sample knit makes it seem almost trivial – it’s just a felted dog bed knit out of KnitPicks Sierra. However, Annie’s signature cleverness is present through and through!

First, the sides of the dog bed are striped and the reverse stockinette side is the public side. You know that’s going to look super cool all felted up!

Second, the sides are double-knit. I’ve never used that technique before, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe traditionally only one strand is used at a time. However, the particular way in which Annie designed the double-knitting requires knitting with two yarns at once! At first, I was using both of my hands, the way people often do when knitting Fair Isle designs:

My left hand is purling, and my right, knitting.

You know on my Gilligan’s Island left hand is Captain and the right hand is just an awkward Skipper, so to make sure I was on the right track, I e-mailed Annie and asked her how she intended the pattern to be knit. Annie wrote back that (no surprise) she has no intentions of telling anyone how to knit! But she mentioned that she held both strands in her left hand. I gave it a try, and the technique is simply brilliant:

Believe it or not, in this picture I’m alternating purling and knitting with each of the yarns! Incredible!

So, you know that double-knitting produces a double-thickness fabric with a “pocket” in the middle. Annie took advantage of this and wrote her pattern in such a way that one side of the pocket is closed, and the other open – that way fiberfill can be stuffed into each pocket before it’s seamed up!

You wanna take a look inside this magical pocket? Remember, this is the wrong side of the work:

So cool! (Also, easy to adjust directions in case the dog owner wants the stripes on the right side).

I’m so excited about this project because double-knitting in this way is awesome (and looks mighty impressive), the way the pocket is formed without any extra work is genius (you’ll just have to knit it yourself to find out how!), and I just love glancing inside it to see all the cool stripes!

Oh yeah, ten exclamation points in that entry! Well, now eleven ;).

Oh, that thing about my sidebar – I forgot to check browser compatibility. So although my girl Betsy, a fellow Mac user, was able to figure things out, those of you using PC IE… not so much :). Classic mistake on my part. I think it’s better now.


One of the reasons I love being a blogger is the constant encouragement! Oh my goodness, all of you are really maintaining the excitement, and continuing to urge me on! Well, I won’t disappoint! At least for now ;).

Who needs a mop when I have a snow-white Curlicue splayed out on the floor every evening?

What you see is section 1 (with the scalloped edging), section 2 (looks sort of like a rhombus), and just the first few rows of section 3. Once again, my rhombus doesn’t look very much like the little wedge in the schematic:

I like coloring in my progress – it makes the whole thing feel much more real ;).

So far things are going okay. My only point of concern is the puckering where section 1 meets section 2. I’m opting not to worry about it for now for several reasons. First, my photo is a bit “posed” – if I want, I can make it lay entirely flat, which actually causes a very delicate spreading of the scallops, like a fan. I’m thinking that’s the actual intent of the pattern, and that once section 15 (ha!) is completed, everything will fall into place. Also, I see a bit of puckering in the pattern photo (how about you?). Last, this situation is entirely out of my control – the number of short-rows directly dictates the number of stitches at the joint.

To those of you who think that one section/day progress means a blanket in 2 weeks, I must say, eh, it’s not gonna happen. The most important reason – I would go totally insane. Second reason – this cotton really dries out my hands and I can’t handle it for long periods of time. Which brings us to reason number three…

Remember in my last entry I mentioned another project falling into my lap? Well, I’m sample-knitting for Annie Modesitt’s new book, Men Who Knit (and the dogs who love them). Now, imagine this – a book will be published, and something inside that book will have been knit by ME! That is the coolest feeling in the world! Anyway, the project I’m knitting uses a lovely wool/alpaca blend, which, in the most amazing way, restores all the moisture the cotton Curlicue sucks out of my hands. Annie and I have agreed on some rules with respect to blogging about this project, and, yes, I’ll be able to tell you more, although not everything (but for starters, here’s a sneak peek). For now, I’m putting off writing the actual post because I’m just floored by how clever and creative this project is, and I’m afraid that unless I seriously sedate myself before blogging, the post will be a puddle of verbal diarrhea filled with praises and raves of every imaginable variety.

So, yeah, need to sedate myself first ;).

P.S. I did a small re-design of my sidebar. If you have any feedback, let me know!