The Dough Company

Grad student t-shirts, they just keep on showin’ up!

At least I’ve got pants on, which, let me tell ya, is an accomplishment in this heat considering I’m wearing half of a wool sweater.

New angle of left front: check; sleeve length: check; armhole depth (vertical and horizontal): check; weaving in ends: not so much a check.

It always seems to be such a mess at the armpit where four corners come together into one big… PITA (pain in the ass).

I know I’m going to have to iron the seams, which isn’t making me happy. This is a decently close-fitting sweater and I feel the seams need to be as flat as possible. The yarn is one ply wool, and one ply funky nylon. Pressing the nylon is what’s making me nervous. I’ll have to test it on a swatch first.

So, now I just need to, uhm, knit the other sleeve, seam the other side of the sweater, and finish the back of the neck (stitches currently on a holder).

Last, I’ll need to find some kind of pin to hold the whole thing closed. I think I was inspired by Diana’s Rosie to leave the wrap button- and tie-less. My current pin collection won’t do, I don’t think (what do you think?):

Okay, I have to go and reattach the pins to their respective jackets, and think about the pin style that would complement this wrap.

P.S. All you shrug-lovers out there, check this out from Karen at Yarn is My Metier. Really, makes me want to knit one. Karen assured me that this shrug wouldn’t frame the bust for that “here I am!” look, but I’m still having some doubts (the framing and never being cold are the two reasons I have yet to knit one of these puppies).


16 thoughts on “The Dough Company

  1. Kim

    I don’t know about the shrug.. it looks “framing” to me.. but what can you really tell on a mannequin? None of the pictures show the entire thing.. so it’s hard to tell.

    I like how your wrap is coming… and I think for a new wrap you deserve a new pin.. a special wrap pin.. (What that should look like, I have no idea.. but the ones you have pictured don’t speak to me.. lol.)

  2. Judy

    A yarn shop owner I know calls shrugs “Hellooooo boobies!”

    I agree, you need a different pin. I don’t know why, but something mother of pearl-colored keeps popping into my mind…

  3. Kathy

    That would be subtle on someone who has a smaller bust, but the “here I am” phenomenon would be going strong on someone more amply endowed. With your build, I think it would emphasize in a less than flattering way. Which bites, because I love the concept of shrugs and have a larger chest myself.

  4. Laura

    I think the sparkly pin on the left will work well. But I want to reserve final judgement after seeing it on the completed wrap.

  5. sara

    This is looking great – can’t wait to see it with the other side done. It deserves its own little fastener shopping trip, dontcha think?

  6. Karen B


    Aha! I wondered how folks were finding my blog. Re: the shrug, there is a certain amount of framing, but because of the sleeve length and the rosettes to draw the eye upward, you don’t get the full-on “hello boobies” effect.

    As for the fastener, I see something classic vintage with semi-precious deep red stones. You don’t want to take the attention away from the lovely wrap sweater.

  7. STephanie

    Alright guys, I have to disagree with the “framing” discussion. I am plenty well endowed for my size and my wedding dress had a shrug and I didn’t feel at all “hello boobies”. Admittedly, it would depend on the style, but I think there’s one out there that would look fabulous on our beloved Grumperina (and this one is quite lovely – it may have to go on my list). As for the pin, check out these: (scroll down) – they may not be quite right, but I like the long, skinny style of them rather than a round. Just my personal preference.

  8. Joelene

    Love the sweater, it look like it will be perfect. You crack me up with all the framing talk, becasue this girl know exactily what your talking about. Speaking of the girls, any plans for a bigger tivoil?

  9. Rosa

    You are officially my guru. I LOVE that wrap sweater (even in the semi-finished stage). Keep up the good knitting. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  10. Dani

    Man, major kudos for bringing a sweater within 10 feet of you in this heat! I have been living in the AC bedroom tonight!

  11. Martha

    I love the idea of pinning your wrap sweater closed. The best thing about it is that the pin can vary, depending on your mood, so you might need several pins. It could be an on-going shopping thing.

    I myself have never knit a shrug (and only wore one once as a bridesmaid) because I believe they say, “Hi, I’m Martha, and these are my breasts.” Which, in case there was any question, is not how I usually greet people.

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