Priorities. Sacrifices. Reincarnation.

I’ve been meaning to frog that Jaeger wool rose scarf I was knitting for my friend. I planned to give it to her for her birthday, but that didn’t happen, and I could give it to someone else, but I’m not sure how much more time it will take me to finish it, and I’m not sure if I even want to finish it, plus I know I’d need to buy more yarn, and… well, it was time to take it apart :). I do love the stitch pattern and would love to use it with a heavier weight yarn some day. Just not this very moment.


It’s done.

Why now, all of a sudden?

Well, I needed some yarn to start seaming up my wrap sweater. I can’t really use the sweater yarn because it’s thick ‘n thin – it will get stuck in the stitches and add too much bulk. This Jaeger rose wool is just the right color and weight, I figure. So, snip, snip, rip, rip, washy wash, wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.

If only all unloved projects were so easy to dismiss!

Although I still have one more sleeve to knit for my wrap, I wanted to seam the completed one to make sure I didn’t mess up on the armhole and sleeve shaping and that the sleeve length is good.

The scarf, reincarnated as mattress stitch (sounds like a painting you’d see at the Met). Slides through the stitches very smoothly, this is definitely a good choice for seaming.

The length seems good, maybe just a little too long (?). I reserve final judgment until the sleeve is attached to the armhole, which will probably pull it up a little bit (I didn’t get to that part yet).

Did that last photo make you a lil’ dizzy? Maybe it’s just me ;).


15 thoughts on “Priorities. Sacrifices. Reincarnation.

  1. jacqueline

    i’m with kris, i think your sleeves are a perfect length…or maybe that is just a kick back from being a child who’s arms seemed to grow faster than the rest of her body and therefore was forever wearing garments with 3/4 sleeves.

    thankfully as an adult my body finally caught up with my arms.

  2. cheryl

    I’ll add my vote to the “perfect length” people. That’s exactly where I like my sleeves to fall. And what a great match for color that scarf yarn is!

  3. Stephanie

    I tend to like a longer sleeve (probably b/c they’re always just a bit too short) and I’m glad you took out the scarf if you weren’t in love with it! I can’t wait to see the finished wrap sweater – yummy stuff.

  4. Joelene

    it is amazing what we will do when we want to finish something. that pictue was a tease i wanna see more!

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