Portable? Not for me!

Whoever said that knitting is a portable activity obviously never knit with me. Between the project, the notions, and the camera to catch disasters, I need a whole lot of room to spread out all my goods. Especially when putting the finishing touches on Karen’s “Mia” Shrug.

I decided that the original beaded cuff I created for the shrug just wasn’t up to Grumperina standards:

It’s cute, but I felt it was kind of messy – adding the beads by carrying the yarn in front gave them too much room to slide around. So, when I finished the second sleeve, I knit the same exact cuff, but placed the beads in a different location, and directly knitted them into the fabric:

Much better! The scalloping of the edge is not as prominent, but I think it will get there with a little wear and/or blocking. But look how much more neat!

Of course my saving grace in this cuff adventure is the fact that I can knit the same edging in either direction (cast on and knit edging, or knit edging then bind off), and it will look almost identical.

Once I was sure that I liked the new cuff version better than the old, it was time to snip my knitting, remove the old cuff, and knit the new cuff in the opposite direction:


Then there was some stitch counting, recounting, and realizing that I had 3 too many. And then there was some focusing, intense focusing where I tuned out everything around me. I decided to tink a row in hopes of finding the errant stitches. Silly me – tinking in the opposite direction of knitting leads to a huge, ugly, impossible mess. Then I yanked the needles violently out of my knitting and perhaps scared the bejeezus out of Michelle.

Current status: mess. I would be more specific if I could.

You know there’s trouble if two needles are threaded at once, and I’m not even sewing.

It must be getting colder (although no one informed me). In response to numerous e-mails I’ve received about adding long sleeves to the Tivoli, and in anticipation of the standardized pattern release on August 31, 2005, I have created a tutorial detailing my thoughts on adding long sleeves to a garment that was designed to be sleeveless.


20 thoughts on “Portable? Not for me!

  1. Lynne S of Oz

    Yowza! A disaster! And here was me thinking how lovely the new cuff looks and how the beads stand out so well… If I find too many stitches, being the adventurous type, I just decrease and hope noone notices!

  2. Heather

    I too think the second cup looks better but what a mess trying to fix the first on! We know you’ll do great ’cause you’re the BOMB!

  3. diana

    I like the new cuff much better than the first version. The beads lay better and don’t slide around. You can also see them much better, which is good since if you go to the trouble of beading a garment, you want to actually see the beads.

  4. Laurie

    I really like the beads on the purl stitches. They really stand out. (I didn’t see them in the original picture – maybe my aging eyes?).

    Funny! 2 needles and no sewing. Nothing like being prepared.

    Thanks for the Tivoli tutorial. :-O

  5. Laura

    Yes, the second cuff looks much better than the first one did. As for the three extra stitches, couldn’t you just do a set up row in which you decrease 3 stitches evenly spaced, and then go on with the cuff from there? I won’t be exactly like the 2nd cuff but no one will ever notice.

  6. Jennifer

    The new cuff looks so much better. There isn’t much point in having beads if they aren’t displayed to fullest advantage after all! Good luck fixing the first one.

  7. Jennifer

    The new cuff looks better than the first one, but I keep blanking out when I see that you cut off the old cuff to attach the new one. Yikes!

  8. Emily

    Yikes! I hope you manage to find all of your stitches again. And, wben they are all back on the needle, if you find you have three too many, just decrease them away on the next round. It will be much easier, and I promise even you won’t be able to tell you did it. The new cuff does look better, though.

  9. Christie

    You never cease to amaze me! Love the second cuff and have faith that you’ll fix the mess that has befallen you! And I just looked at the long sleeve tutorial and got dizzy. That’s a lot of typing girl!

  10. Allison

    The new edging does look more streamlined than the first. I hope you can work through the tangles, because the end product will be lovely! Good luck 🙂

  11. Kim

    Holy menolium! I do like the new version better… much neater like you said… shame that you made such a mess though.. but I’m sure you and your grumpness’ll figure it out : )

    Woo! August 31st!!! Anticipation MUCH! You’re going to make me break my “one project at a time” rule I just know it!

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