Perhaps porcupine-esque?

I was just about done with the left front, when I realized I had 2 extra stitches! Now, if this wrap was knit out of sportweight yarn, I wouldn’t even care, but for this chunky yarn, 2 extra stitches is 3/4″!

My first thought was, of course, I forgot some decreases somewhere. The yarn is very tweedy and textured, so the decreases (or anything else, for that matter) are hard to see. I marked each decrease with a split-ring marker to count:

Can you spot my flip-flop tan?

I counted, and I hadn’t missed any decreases! Then I realized, oh, I probably didn’t bind off the right number of stitches at the armhole! Eureka! Good thing that for this chunky knit this is minimal amount of reknitting.

I’m off to another fun day of knitting with Paula and Colleen, and if past experiences are any indication, I should be done with the other front and some sleeve by the time I come back ;).


4 thoughts on “Perhaps porcupine-esque?

  1. Cheri

    Usually when I find a mistake it is a kabillion rows back on something I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a knitting needle rather than frog and restart. Since I still have both eyes, it is obvious that I frog and reknit (and reknit and reknit). Love the flip flop tan, I have so many tan marks across my feet they always look dirty, plus I have a spot on my big toe that doesn’t tan due to a motorbike accident almost 30 years ago (even after 30 years I keep hoping that it will tan like the rest of my feet….I’m sure you needed to know that)….back to the topic on hand I love that yarn and I think the sweater will be lovely.

  2. Folkcat

    Oh, can I ever sympathize about finding you’ve got the wrong number of stitches. I was making a sock (first of my second pair) and got to the end of the instep decreases, and realized I had one stitch more on one side than the other. I looked carefully, and all the way back near the start of the decreases I seemed to have missed one. Argh!

    I actually thought I could unknit all 20 rows or so just over those four stitches and re-knit them correctly. And I did a bang-up job of it. But it still came out one stitch too many.

    So I frogged all the way back to the end of the heel turning, and re-did it. *sigh*

    I blogged it, of course. The sock has successfully recovered from the experience, and is rapidly approaching the toe decreases. 🙂

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