It’s like Stitch was reading my mind


When was the last time I received anything from Australia? Uhm, never! A cool metered postmark and a customs form were enough to make me giddy! Inside this Australian package was some Australian Cleckheaton yarn and Australian loose tea from my Australian Stitch Ya Neck Out pal, Meg! Hi, Meg!

(Makes me feel only slightly lame to have sent Debbie Bliss Cashmerino to my British SYNO pal. Eh. I chose the yarn before my pal was revealed… is that a reasonable excuse?)

Meg has asked me to knit Forbes Forest for her from Scarf Style, and I’m more than happy to oblige!

I know most people refer to their knitting goddesses, but Stitch has always been my knitting god, and he looked out for me this time, too ;). You see, the two items most commonly requested in this exchange are Ruffles and Turtleneck Shrug. From the very beginning I knew I didn’t want to knit Ruffles, and I specified that to the exchange hosts. After doing some simple statistics in my head, I was ready for the Turtleneck Shrug to come my way.

And that would have been fine, except I kind of wanted to knit one of the other scarves – Forbes Forest or Misty Garden or Midwest Moonlight… and so it happened! Thank you, Stitch and Meg! I’m glad that, first, I’m not the only one who wants something other than Ruffles and Turtleneck Shrug, and I’m glad that one of these less popular requests came my way ;).

This is a great pattern for me to knit because while I love the challenge of this type of cable- and bobble-intensive pattern (no serious TV-watching while knitting this!), it’s not a scarf I would wear myself. If not for this exchange, I would have never knit this!

Needless to say, I immediately cast on:

The pattern is quite intuitive, so I’m just lovin’ it so far. I’m not far along, but I’m already familiar enough with the pattern to be able to anticipate the next twist and turn and cable and bobble. Of course I’m cabling without a cable needle, and I can’t imagine doing this scarf any other way, since every single right-side row has 8 cables. I decided the bobbles looked a little dull as written (and required turning of the work), so I’m using Annie Modesitt’s voluptuous and turning-less bobbles.

So far, this exchange is working out splendidly… at least for Meg, since I can’t seem to put this project down :). My own projects are paused for just a bit as a result :).


20 thoughts on “It’s like Stitch was reading my mind

  1. Meg

    G’day again. It looks like even more progress has occurred on the FF since I left a comment on the SYNO site. Goodness me, you’re quick with the sticks. I know I am a very lucky girl, not only because G is knitting me a FF, but because the Stitch God/ess has likewise spared me the Turtleneck Shrug and the Ruffles (I’m doing backyard leaves). At least maybe your distraction from your other projects will spare one poor item from being Burnt At A Stake. (But if you do choose to proceed with the ritual burning, please ensure you keep FF well away from the flames and have a fire extinguisher on hand, just in case…)

  2. kris

    glad to hear you’re happy with your assignment! ff is looking beautiful so far. now, is there any info on doing turnless bobbles on the net? or did you find it somewhere else?

  3. jacqueline

    i am so glad you are happy with the scarf you are knitting. the grumperina curse is not worth invoking! seriously…i am very happy that you are happy!

  4. Colleen

    That scarf is lovely! And the more that I hear about this scarf exchange, the more I know that I missed out on some big-time fun knitting. Enjoy!

  5. Kim

    Ahh yeah.. getting packages from Australia is exciting : ) I always try not to read whats in them before we open them though..

    The scarf is going along great… and it seems to be a good distraction for you from burning your sweater… I like it!

  6. P

    it’s not lame … Baby cash is one of my favourite yarns and I love the pattern that you chose. My worst fear was someone sending me Red Heart acrylic. Honestly, you have no idea how fearful I was. Anyway, I offered to knit anything … and was hoping that someone was going to plead for Ene… I am so dying to knit that one

  7. Martha

    Hey, this is totally unrelated to your post, but are you going to be submitting anything to the Boston Knit-Out Fashion show? Or bringing anything for the Show & Tell?

    They’re looking for original stuff for the fashion show — either original designs, or something that uses hand-spun or -dyed yarn, or is different from the run-of-the-mill in some other way. The original-design part made me think of you, of course!

    The bummer is that you have to send the actual item in if you want it to be considered for the fashion show, and you don’t get it back until after the Knit-Out. Whereas I think for the Show & Tell you just show up at the Knit-Out with your item.

  8. BGK

    Love how the FF scarf is turning out. Took a little diggeing to figure out ‘Annie Modesitt’s bobbles’ is a reference from her book. I don’t have the book. But if you happen to see similar ‘less truning’ bobbles directions on the web. Please point me to it.


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