First, thank you all so much for all your compliments on the “Mia” shrug. I was a little skeptical myself, but it seems the right combination of outfit, pattern, and details makes everything just right ;). Of course the compliments are shared with the designer. Karen has been modifying, clarifying, and improving the shrug pattern throughout the test-knit process, and the pattern is now available for all of you ;). Now, why don’t you sashay over to Karen’s site and check it out for yourself?

Let me come clean about what I have on the needles now that the shrug is done.


Ok, just kidding πŸ˜‰

1. Meg’s SYNO scarf (1/5 done). 2. Lavender lace scarf (long-term project, I work a few inches every month, about 1/4 done). 3. Secret project you won’t hear about for a while (about 1/2 done).

Don’t you think it’s time for something new? Sumptin’, sumptin’ special?



I think this Filati pattern is quite cute, but my initial excitement stemmed more from the realization that one of the sizes was dead on for me. That, and the fact that I bought the pattern book on clearance for $1. Woo!

I purchased KnitPicks Shine in Apricot, and I’m off!

Not so fast, Speedy Gonzalez!

First, I did some very basic math to include waist shaping, the only thing I felt was missing from this pattern. Cotton is very, very stretchy, and I know I won’t be happy with the sweater unless it’s snug, so it was a must.

Next I started reading through the pattern, which is written (translated?) in a very weird way, and after rereading it a good 3 or 4 times it became clear to me that, yes, they wanted me to make 12 repeats, 10 stitches each, in a space of 100 stitches. Oh boy.

I corrected that mistake, cast on, and not even two rows later, this:

I see. I see how it is. I know this game. This is that game that elann made me play with their Peruvian Collection Alpaca, where I had to carefully rewind each and every center-pull skein to check for knots and splices. Sigh.

After I dealt with the splice (I opted to cut it out and rejoin, rather than casting on again) and started knitting, I understood what you all have been talking about. That thing, where cotton hurts your hands, I never got it.

I get it.

Oh, shite! Right where my funny bone is, in the left elbow. Owie-wee! Ice! And it’s very immediate, just a few minutes, and I can’t knit with it anymore.

The funny thing is that I’ve knit with pure cotton, cotton/silk, cotton/acrylic, and cotton/wool blends before, but they didn’t hurt my hands. But this cotton/modal is torture!

Not a good start at all. Send me good karma before this becomes another Adrienne Vittadini disaster, okay? Because that one started the same way, and ended even worse.

At least there was a most pleasant surprise from Sara in the mailbox:


I cute Loose Knits card and handmade, sterling silver stitch markers in the most gorgeous raspberry red, my color. Jaw drop followed! Thank you so much, Sara, and I think I know just the thing to reciprocate this very special gift.


21 thoughts on “Inauspicious?

  1. kitty kitty

    Sorry to say I had the same problem with the Shine. I found tons of odd splices and weird knots. I will also warn you if you rip it out to much the yarn becomes pretty useless and forms these weird thread loops around the shaft. I tried to use if for Orangina and the pattern ended up 46 stitches to big front and back even with my gauge dead on at the begining. So good luck with the yarn. My cats love the huge 9 skein yarn ball I have. πŸ™‚

  2. Judy

    I like the Shine, but I haven’t made anything big out of it…a few washcloths is all. It doesn’t make my hands hurt though, and the washcloths seem to be holding up to wear quite well. Good luck with it — that apricot color is really pretty!

  3. sheree

    Weird you found the splice in the Shine. I did a tank top for my DS with Shine and used 6 or 7 different balls/colors and only found 1 splice and 1 strange spot in all that yarn. I also find that Shine doesn’t bother my hands nearly as much as mercenized cotton (my personal boobah). One good thing about the Shine is that it looks really nice even after washing and drying. DS’s tank has gone into the wash at least 5 or six times now and it still looks new.

    Love the apricot color you picked and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. Karen B

    Despite the issues with Shine, that sure is a purty color. Hope things work out, because that Filati sweater would look fab on you.

    I’m diggin’ those stitch markers, too. Gotta see if I can find ’em.

    Knit on, Kathy!

  5. Jenn

    I’m so sorry to hear that the Shine hurts your hands. Only mercerized cotton hurst mine. I really enjoyed the shine (and only found one weird spot in four balls) and made the Fiery Bolero from Summer IK with it – it is very soft and comfy. I am sending only good thoughts toward your hands/arms/etc! You will love the way it feels all knit up!

  6. Karma

    Good to hear your feelings about working with Shine. I haven’t tried any of the KnitPicks yarns yet, so my antennae are always up when I see folks’ impressions/reviews. I hope you get into a groove with this sweater and yarn, though, because it’s a sweet combo!

  7. Emily

    The sweater is cute and the yarn looks to be a great color, but if your hands/arms hurt when you knit with it, then it probably isn’t worth getting too far into the project. Make something that you enjoy knitting. I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone to take that yarn off your hands. And that sweater would look just as cute in different yarn.

  8. Debi

    I have tons of hand pain with pure cotton (no microfiber content) any larger than fingering weight but the Shine gave me no problems at all! I just finished a huge Kiri shawl with 8 skeins of the Shine and didnt have a single knot or wonky spot. I LOVE the stuff and just ordered more for a lace shell.

    I used Addi Natura Bamboo circs, maybe your experience would improve with bamboo needles and circs too?

  9. Jennifer

    Oh, what rotten luck! I love the yarn color. Maybe wait a couple days and try again in order to make sure the pain wasn’t an anomaly? Don’t push it though!

  10. Dani

    Ok, I love your shrug… You look gorgeous in it (sorry I missed its debute)! What a great color in that Shine Knit Picks yarn…

  11. paula

    Hmmm…see, this is why I resist when attempting to place a KnitPicks order! I’m still skeptical.

    Those stitch markers are so beautiful! Love them. πŸ™‚

  12. Kristina

    I really love the knitpicks shine. I’ve knit a few projects out of it (all small, a tank and some baby items) and only in one ball did I have a funky splice. I’m actually about to order more to make a baby blanket. It washes and dries very well.

  13. Phyllis

    Coming out of lurkerdom:

    I’m finishing up a shawl with shine and have not had any problems with knots/funky bits in 20 skeins (in the lovely red cherry color). It doesn’t seem to have a tight twist, so ripping out would probably be an issue.

    I’ve never had any trouble knitting with any yarn, but that’s more to do with the fact I don’t have trouble with joints/Repetitive Injury issues (other things, maybe, but not that).

    Good luck with your project. It’s a lovely color and a pretty sweather.


  14. Stephanie

    I’m using Shine for my shrug and am on the 5th of 6 balls and found one spot that looks just like yours – ball 3 I think. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s just the one spot in that pretty apricot. So, when you say it hurts your hands, what do you mean? I haven’t noticed any of the cotton I’ve used this summer making my hands hurt, but maybe I just don’t know what to “feel” for. I am of course sending good karma your way. Maybe it was just the day and today will be great.

  15. Denise

    I’ve never experienced any pain knitting with cottons. I have had my hands get red and splotchy with scratchy wools.

    The splices and knots found in skeins is just wrong with the high prices manufacturers are charging for yarn.

  16. Janine

    Love the colour but I have the same problem with cotton. I have just finished a Tivoli top in cotton and the whole of my right arm is sore. and my neck has such a crick in it! Back to wool asap

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