I hear you, loud and clear!

So, I watch Oprah (go ahead, gasp in horror*), and she always says that she has the best-dressed audience. And I say, I have the best-intentioned readers!

Look at that – all kinds of suggestions to my last entry! Thank you! Did I think about elbow-length sleeves framing the bust? Nope. How about warmth and season wearability? Not so much. I was pretty much focused on what looks best. Pshah! Your message is loud and clear, though, and I agree!

Who needs blogpoll when I’ve got Excel, Photoshop, and Illustrator?!?

And with that, my shrug with 3/4-length sleeves starts to take shape. Here are the beginnings of the lace:

You’ll notice that my lace doesn’t exactly look like Karen’s. That’s because Karen twisted her stitches, but has asked me to knit an untwisted version. Other than the twisted stitches (and different choice of yarn, obviously), the two patterns are the same. Isn’t the difference remarkable?

What you see is exactly one skein’s worth of yarn – enough for the edging, the sleeve, and the start of the lace. Not bad! Speaking of the edging, I have an idea in mind to make it even better. I don’t plan to frog all this knitting, but I may decide to snip and unravel what I’ve knit so far and work in the other direction to redo it.

*I also have a VCR. And I use it.


16 thoughts on “I hear you, loud and clear!

  1. Kim

    I think you made the right choice.. allthough I do like the long sleeve too.. I think it looks just right at 3/4..

    And I like Oprah too.. (allthough I don’t agree with everything she says.) I never really knew people were anti-Oprah till recently.. Allthough I guess some people are gonna be anti-anything at some point.. but anyway. lol.

  2. Kate

    Excellent choice! I’m dying to see it finished, because I want to make one, but I need to see it on somebody with, um, boobs.

  3. Janine

    Like you I am of the busty variety so I will watch this space with interest:-) I have just cast on a second Tivoli because I can’t get the other one in and out of the wash quick enough. At last a T shirt pattern that fits and looks good. I wonder what a lace version would look like…..

  4. Judy

    I have some guilty TV pleasures, too…and a VCR. Judge shows are mine, though. Beats what’s on evening TV sometimes, and you don’t have to look at the screen while you knit!

    The shrug is looking good! Maybe I’ll end up making one after all.

  5. Laura

    I understand the difference between the twisted stitches and the untwisted stitches, but why does the twisted stitch area look lacy? Just because it’s stretched out in the photo?

    if I had time, I’d knit up a swatch of that pattern using both twisted and unwisted stitches just to see how they compare.

  6. Colleen

    Yeah, 3/4ths sleeves are the way to go!

    Your version looks nice, but there is a subtle, (but very noticeable) difference between yours and Karen’s shrug. Frankly, I like the twisted-lace version better; the twisted stitches add a subtle all-over texture that (in my opinion) adds greatly to the elegant look of the garment. I would have never thought to twist my stitches when doing a lace pattern, but it looks very, very good. It’s the type of lovely, unusual detail which you could find only in a handknit. File that away under “inspiring thoughts”.

  7. Emily

    Good choice with the 3/4 length sleeves.

    There is a very noticable difference between your shrug and the original. I think they will both end up being beautiful, but I think I personally prefer the twisted stitch version. The extra texture makes it looks more unique.

  8. Stephanie

    Wow, I imagine a lot of work went into today’s post – excel, photoshop, and illustrator! Yikes. Good decision on the length, and I can’t wait to see what modifications you have up your sleeve (heehee).

  9. Zarah

    That shrug is going to be gorgeous. I am planning on making one with the ONline yarn I bought from you. It will be my own mish-mash of various designs, but I was wondering: How do you get the diagonal effect on the cuffs?

  10. Sarah

    I watch Oprah when I get the chance, too. I have wondered whether the audience gets a sprucing up before the show. How can they ALL be so trendy without a hair out of place?

    I enjoy your blog. I am working on Tivoli, will send a pic when it’s done.

  11. Gaile

    Hurray for 3/4 sleeves (my favourite kind)!

    Regarding Oprah’s audience – I am convinced they have their own stylist (probably several).

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