Got fish?

And there are plenty more outfits suitable only for graduate students where that came from!

The left front of my wrap sweater is done, and I pinned it to the back piece and “tried it on.” Most aspects look stellar – the overall length is right, the armholes are the right length and depth, the width of the back is perfect… there’s only one point of concern.

You see, my intent was to have the shoulder seams very narrow, so that the front would be very open. Think, mega V-neck, deep and wide. I think I’ve seen this look one too many times in Vogues and VKs lately, and I wanted a replica. I thought it would look good on me!

So, my design reflected that – the “straps”, if you will, of the sweater narrow to a measly 2″. Now that I’ve tried the sweater on, I think this look isn’t exactly for me. You can’t tell my shape from that photo, but imagine the line of the wrap running right across my… bazoomba (Sil would say), like a demi-bra. Did I design it this way? Yes. Did it knit up as designed? Yes. Would it look better on someone less endowed? Probably. Do I still want it this way after trying it on? Not so much.

The plan is set, the needles are ready. I’m aiming for something like this:

All I have to do is leave about 3-3.5″ worth of strap, and decrease at a slower rate (the two go hand in hand). That’s no problem at all.

Before I ripped, I took some photos of the edging:


This is a modified i-cord edging designed by Annie Modesitt. It’s used in her Backyard Leaves scarf (Scarf Style) and in Alison’s scarf (free link from her blog website). The edging looks identical from all angles – front, back, and side, which makes it oh-so-attractive and neat! It is simple and is worked at the same time as the rest of the sweater. You can see it clearly against the purl background of the wrong side of my wrap, but it blends it nicely with the right side. As usual, Annie comes up with the cool stuff ;).


17 thoughts on “Got fish?

  1. Kim

    Trial and error.. trial and error.. Along with a funny tshirt : P

    I think it’ll be really nice once you get it like you want it.

  2. naomi

    Is that related to the ‘got crabs?’ shirt that I saw on someone from a crustacean stomatogastric ganglion lab? Do you work on goldfish or zebrafish?

    That edging looks great–thanks for the pointers in its direction.

  3. Jenn

    Don’t you HATE it…sometimes it really sucks to be ummmm top heavy. This from the small woman who is very top heavy and breastfeeding to boot. I look like a freak show!

    But anyway, Beautiful so far. I love the way the yarn knits up.

  4. Christie

    That’s so cool! I’m amazed at anyone who just sets out to design their own patterns.

    Thanks for yor advice on the cable top. Something to consider. Be ready for an ‘I told you so’…I think I’m leaning toward that sweater, but I’m taking the note and will add extra length.

  5. Kathy

    I keep leaning towards those very open designs as well…forgetting the rather ample top half that would be jutting out. Re-knitting is just part of the fun of designing, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself 😉

  6. jody

    Good call on redoing the shaping. I think it will look nicer a bit wider on you — and still plenty open to wear a T or tank underneath.

    Also, thanks for the iCord edging link. I really love it! So simple and beautiful.

  7. Diana

    Yup, there’s a fine line between fabulous wrap sweater and hideous piece of crap when you have curves. But I love the edging and am looking forward to seeing it completed!

  8. Diana

    You are so good at designing – never giving up, always modifying.. That edging looks really nice; I will have to try it out!

  9. Jennifer

    Good thing you realized that it wasn’t right now and not after you finished it (not that I’m surprised that you are on top of things as usual). The yarn is beautiful and I’m sure it will be fabulous when you finish it.

  10. Purly Whites

    Ooo, I love that edging. Maybe I’ll get to knit a Backyard Leaves scarf for the SYNO and find out what it’s all about. Or I can finally get it together and knit myself one of those scarves.

    I think this will look much better with your modification, but it is looking great so far.

  11. Kristen

    several things – but first please know that I do love your knitted things. You have a great eye for what looks good on you, and the colors you use are wonderful!

    1. Finale = one of my favorite places in Boston. I wandered into their space several years ago (by accident) before a dessert place was “hip” and they’ve never disappointed me!

    2. I have a friend in grad school doing work on fishless ponds – she’d love that shirt. Where did it come from?

    3. Sorry to hear about your sweater/sewing debacle. I have a sewing machine, but haven’t attempted steeking yet – though I must say that I’ve learned a lot from others experiences.

  12. Michelle

    Ok, this is exactly how mine looks. I am going to start the decreases much higher and also decrease less frequently AND not have such a long skinny part in front of the armhole before the shoulder. How wide is your shoulder seam?

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