Enhancement?!? Bwah! This is full-stash makeover!

Progress continues on my new wrap sweater. I just finished the left (yes, the left) front, but I am not sure about the angle across my body and my decision to have a very short (2″) shoulder seam for a more “here I am!” look. Not to worry! This stuff knits up so quickly, it will take me like a few hours at the coffee shop to reknit it (and fix the last few rows of the back to match). I’m going to think about it for a day or two, see if I still want to change it. Then I’ll update you with some pics and a close-up of the edging (since a few people asked).

Ever have one of those days that just flies by, and when it’s over, you realize you haven’t eaten a bite all day long? All of a sudden, the “lunch” consisting of two cans of diet Pepsi starts rumbling in your stomach, you realize you’re starved, and you rush to the kitchen. Tuna, peas, pancakes, chicken, sticks of butter, they all fly into your mouth! Twenty minutes later, you’re sprawled on the couch with the left leg propped up on the coffee table, feeling like all the food is pressing against your lungs (and your brain) and you can’t breathe (or think).

I didn’t spend a penny on yarn in July. I was starving.

So I binged. Now I can’t breathe and my wallet is hiding in shame.

First, I finally received my KnitPicks Shine order. The yarn is for the Filati tunic sweater. Although I don’t think I’ll get started until I’m done with my wrap, this sweater is high on my projects list. The color of the skeins matches the color card precisely, but somehow it’s different than what I expected. I thought it would be more of a yellow orange, but it’s actually more like a tangerine orange, or orange with a hint of rust. Eh, good enough, I figure.

Second, I spotted the most interesting yarn when I was at Circles a few days ago. It is South West Trading Company ‘Illusion,’ a soy silk yarn with a shiny rayon thread running through it for some sparkle. I wasn’t ready to buy it then and there, but couldn’t resist when I found it on a serious sale at Flying Fingers. My yarn was delivered less than 48 hours after placing my order, and now I’m 6 skeins of tofu richer. I’ve never knit with soy silk before, I’ve never knit with ribbon yarn before, and black isn’t the easiest animal to handle, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll brainstorm ideas for this yarn when the time comes, probably not until the wrap and the Filati sweaters are done. Highlight: there was a cute postcard enclosed with the order that said, “Enjoy your sparkly tofu.” Hehe :). Downer: Sparkles look like dirt in photographs and this stuff smells funny. Hmmm…

Last, I bought some Hand Work Cora from elann. This is a cotton/acrylic blend that feels very similar to Lion Brand Cotton-Ease or Reynolds Olé-Olé. The photo is really deceptive because I just show you one of each of the colors I bought. How many skeins did I buy in total? Well… you see… cough… mumble… clear throat… 43. Not 43 yards, 43 skeins. There, I said it! 43 skeins! Obviously, I’ve got a project planned (details later). I already started playing with this stuff by knitting up a swatch and putting it through the washer and dryer. Highlights: pretty nice to work with, and looks and feels very fluffy and soft after washing. Oh, and the price is great. Downer: smells funny. What is it with this funny-smelling yarn?

And this, my friends, is not just some silly stash enhancement; this is a full-blown, full-stash makeover.


20 thoughts on “Enhancement?!? Bwah! This is full-stash makeover!

  1. Carolyn

    Ok, I was looking at that cora yarn. I need to know…does the smell go away? How did it wash? I am thinking of getting some…well not as much as you….if there is any left!

  2. Laura

    Wow. That’s a lot of yarn. I’m a freak in the knitting world because I can’t stand having much of a stash. It makes me feel guilty. But now I have to look into that Cora yarn because cotton ease is discontinued…hummm…

  3. Karen B

    Nice haul, G! And I actually like TLC Cotton Plus as a suitable Cotton Ease replacement. Very similar to Shine in some respects and it knits and crochets up great. And I just bought 42 skeins of it.

    You are not alone in gorging at the yarn buffet – especially when the price is right!

  4. Agnes

    Hey big spender! Can’t wait to see your plan for the funny smelling yarn. So many colours … knitting a rainbow, maybe? LOL! There must be some problem with my nose … I never smell anything from my yarns – be they wool, cotton or acrylic.

  5. Emily

    Wow. That is a lot of yarn. You are making me feel better about my recent purchases! But at least most of it was on sale. You just can’t pass up good, nice yarn that you really want- especially if it is on sale.

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