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Who’s not grumpy in her Tivoli?

It’s me! It’s me!


I like to think of these as “night before” and “morning after” :).

But wait! The one on the left is not a Tivoli at all! It has picots all around the edges! Why, it’s a Picovoli! (picot + Tivoli = Picovoli. Am I a dork or what?)

And so, standardization is complete, sizes are added, gauge is constant throughout (old confusing Tivoli patterns are gone), picots are optional, and you can find the pattern HERE.

Edited to add: more Picovoli info is available here – schematics, tables, close-ups, etc.

Quick fix

This took no more than 5 minutes.

I just got some thin elastic (that part took days), threaded it through the bottom edge of the shrug, secured at the armpits, and voilà!

That’s another sundress, by the way – sleeveless and with a deep-V in the front – so the shrug could be conceivably paired with it.

Closing thought – there’s no doubt that you have a more intimate knowledge of my wardrobe than my own mother.

I little foresight on my part would’ve helped

How do you feel about progress pics? Love ‘em, hate ‘em? I must admit that I like to see other people’s progress, especially if between one blog entry and another, there’s a remarkable amount of it. This doesn’t apply as much to lace knitting, where everything is one jumbled mess, a mess which gets bigger and bigger every time, and only upon blocking there’s a huge “ah!” moment.

In any case, the front (or the back, since they’re identical) of the Filati tunic is done:

Finished that up in about 48 hours and now it’s blocked.

So far the KnitPicks Shine is behaving very predictably. There was a slight stretch upon blocking, about 1″ horizontally and 1″ vertically, which I fully expected from my washed swatch. Excellent ;). To add to predictability, the finished measurements of my sweater (even after blocking) are significantly smaller than my actual body measurements because I know the cotton is going to stretch.

The lace at the bottom is the only thing that’s bugging me right now. I should have thought about the construction of this sweater a little more carefully before casting on, and then I would have foreseen that the lace was going to get wider and longer with blocking, compared to an equivalent number of stitches knit in plain stockinette. Duh! And so, I should have cast on one fewer lace repeats.

The bottom edge of my tunic is 19 3/4″ wide, while I aimed for it to be 18″. But I’ve got a plan that doesn’t involve reknitting the whole thing. I want to reknit the lace and the decreases leading up to the waist, then graft that new piece of knitting to the remainder of the old front (or back). If the grafting doesn’t look perfect, I’ll make this piece the back. If the grafting looks awful, I’ll just continue knitting, redoing the whole piece. What do you think?

In other news, I acquired some truly cursed yarn via Diana.

How can something so cute be so cursed?!? More details later.