The heat didn’t matter

ArtBeat. WOW.


Martha, Kristina, Ariel, Alasdair, Rose, Erin, Linda, Beth, Maria, we MUST do this next year. It is so rewarding to teach people to knit and to let them know about our group. Martha, how many flyers with our group’s info did we hand out? 200-300? I think we will have many newcomers in the weeks to come.

It is simply impossible to summarize what happened, but it was entirely wonderful. Hot and crowded conditions typically make me Queen CrankyPants, but people showed such interest and enthusiasm, that I took the wool, the sticky bamboo chopsticks, and went to town. Highlights include setting up a group of six 7-year old girls to knit. OH YEAH. Fun? I mean… Fun! Also, every person I taught walked away knitting in the English style (i.e., yarn in right hand, throw around needle). I don’t want to get into a huge Continental/English debate over here, but I will simply say that I demonstrated both methods to a few newbies, and they all said English was easier for them. However… me, teaching English style? One phrase comes to mind – BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. Miss Paula saw me knit this way a few days ago, and I believe her exact reaction was, “what are you doing?” Entirely accurate – the first person I taught, we started with wrapping the yarn in the opposite (counter clockwise) direction. OOPS! Good thing being an Annie follower allowed me to realize my mistake as soon as I saw the stitches mounted in the opposite orientation (from what I desired) when we got to the second row.

Bottom line: fantastic day.


10 thoughts on “The heat didn’t matter

  1. Kathy

    Heh, heh – when I teach, I don’t show them the English style at all, just go right to Continental. I’m evil that way 😉

  2. Stephanie

    Looks and sounds like a great day. What a fun thing to do, but how could you go over to the dark side like that? 😉 I think it’s a great thing to teach people to knit – the more followers the better!

  3. joelene

    What fun. I still get confused with the wrapping when I teach other people to knit. And don’t get me started on left handers, I have confused quite a few left hand knitter.

  4. natasha fialkov

    you know, i recently posted a rant when i realized having been knitting the annie way, that i was doing all sorts of stuff wrong because i don’t know how to change everything to combo method. like that you can’t do it in the round, etc. maybe i am just a dummy, but i switched to continental, and was steamed about having to learn to wrap another way. hmmf.

  5. Martha

    Probably counting the little half-page flyers and the big multipage handouts we gave out close to 200 flyers with our True Grounds web site address and meeting info. Yesterday we had two people who came to the group after coming to ArtBeat, I think. (Not sure about one because I got there late and didn’t get the whole story.)

    It was a lot of fun. I, too, was relatively uncranky despite the heat. And I’d like to do it again next year, too. A big thanks to all who volunteered their time!

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