Sometimes you get force-fed a lil’ crazy

Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes! Do not adjust your monitors. That’s a photo of Falcon brand tissue culture dishes on my knitting blog.

See, it’s all about Paula and the socks I’m knitting for her. Even though I can’t show you the socks, there is enough insanity in my knitting to blog about them.

Paula’s feet measure 7.5″ around, and mine measure 8.75″ around, which is a big difference! I mean, I have tried on the socks I’m knitting for her without any permanent damage to the knit fabric, but my feet are so different, I don’t have a good sense of how long the leg is, when it’s time to start the heel, etc.

I went scrounging around for something, anything that measures 7.5″ around. My drinking glasses, diet Pepsi cans, even a scrap piece of Plexiglas I had lying around – all the wrong circumference.

But lookie what we’ve got here!

EUREKA!!! There was some frantic taping following the discovery, which led to this thing:


It’s a mock-up of Paula’s foot! I dressed it up in a regular sock so that the handknit fabric doesn’t get caught on any edges. Then I made it try on my Pretty Comfy Socks. Now I know that on Paula’s feet, the leg of these socks would be 6″ long, and that they would be… a little loose. I can take the same measurement on the socks I’m currently knitting for her.

And if the socks don’t fit after coming up with this contraption, I’m just going to sigh and hide in a corner ;).


17 thoughts on “Sometimes you get force-fed a lil’ crazy

  1. Kate

    Ok, that has to win a “darwin award” for most creative use of a Falcon plate! LOL.. I have all my beads and my tapestry needles in 50ml and 15ml conical tubes! (i thought i was the only one!)… hope the sock is going well! Sorry I have been missing SnB… “life” is intruding on my knitting!But, next weekend- some fibery goodness to be purchased at the NH Craftsman Fair. 🙂 hope to see you all soon, but it might have to wait until the end of the summer. 🙁

  2. Brooke

    Wow you guys are giving me ideas. I might have to start stealing tubs and plates from my own lab. Have you come up with any uses for tips yet?

  3. Stephanie

    Genius. You once again amaze me. And I’m quite sure the socks will fit perfectly because they wouldn’t dare be too big after such lenths.

  4. paula

    Ok, Miss…there is NO NEED for this kind of craziness! Hehehe. Seriously. Basically, just follow the gauge chart from that book and you’ll be able to get a good row count based on gauge which will tell you how many rows you need for a good length. Either way, it doesn’t matter. As long as I’m not swimming in them, they’ll be fine. 🙂

    I always err on the tighter side of Sears myself, because I like a snug sock…but rest assured, there won’t be any of this action with your socks!

    Oh, and yes…sterilzation of lab stuff before making contact with anything that might make contact with Paula is always good. Hehehe

    You know how I get. You’re not the only one who’s crazy, you know! I’ve got it all over you on THAT!

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