Resurrected (I have a function to attend)

Foreword: I have such hiccups right now. I apologize for any blurry pictures :).

Well, here we are. Me: having just posted more than a few lame posts. I mean, hello, when was the last time you saw some serious knitting over here? You: searching for the unsubscribe button in Bloglines.

The explanation is simple – I’ve had more than a few things occupying my time: life, ArtBeat, ouchie, a pair of socks for Paula which are a secret project for now, a few new designs which you’ll see at one point or another, writing up the Sockapal-2-za Sock Pal socks pattern, and the grand Tivoli standardization (have you seen the gallery? Holy moley, more than 20 Tivolis have been knit to date!)

Friends, it’s all about to change! August is a around the corner, things are becoming stable, and I’m putting a MAJOR pause on designing and pattern-writing because it is a HUMONGOUS time sink. I mean, it’s to the point where I’m able to recite a Tivoli pattern by heart, but don’t remember how to use dpns anymore, or the last time I had a proper dinner.

Side note: For the lovely folks who send me Tivoli-related questions, hello! Thanks for checking out the pattern! I respond to everyone, even if it’s a simple “I don’t know” or “it’s not important” or “check this website for the answer.” If you wrote to me and a week has gone by without a response, drop me another line. I get an average of 2 Tivoli questions a day, so sometimes e-mails get lost in the shuffle – mea culpa :).

Are you ready for some sweater action? Mwahahaha!

Nothing is a bigger impetus to get moving than a gathering where I’ll need to knit for a long period of time. So, faced with such a gathering at Claudia’s this weekend, I went scrambling to the yarn bin for some knittery goodies.

First, a little while ago I snatched up this Filati pattern book from the $1 sale bin at my LYS. My favorite part: the subtitle, The new trends: EXOTIC & EROTIC. Hello, is this a pattern book, or a dirty video? Inside are many yarn-specific designs, that is, designs which would look totally different if the gaudy (more often than not) yarn is substituted.

But there’s one gem. Check out the cuteness of this sweater tunic:

Hello. You must be mine.

The best part: they have my size. The smallest size is just right for me in every aspect, including petite 7.5″ armholes! You know me and armholes – against bat wings! The only change I plan to make is adding some waist shaping. That’s it!

The pattern is written for Lana Grossa Toccata, a yarn which knits up at 22 sp4i. Which is like my entire yarn stash!

Or so I thought.

Off to the stash I went. My beeeluuuuved Louet Opal, when washed, is about 23 sp4i, and the row gauge is significantly off (matters here for the raglan armhole shaping).

The Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino 2000, which I bought a little while ago knits up at 26 sp4i, but when washed, blooms to 22 sp4i. The washed fabric, however, is a little loose for my taste. Also, I only have 8 skeins with no easy way to get more of the same dye lot. I have to think about it, whether this is the right drape for the sweater and whether I’d be okay making the sleeves a little shorter.

Of course I can just buy new yarn! I do like the orange color presented in the pattern, and the Apricot KnitPicks Shine is exactly the kind of orange I like – has a lil’ yellow in it ;). Will Shine be the right yarn for this project? Its natural fuzziness and matte quality are a turn-off for me, especially considering the crispness and shine of the sweater in the pattern book. Although we’re talking $25 worth of yarn, I’ve learned that the price tag is senseless (I would never use Merino Style for a sweater again, even though the price tag is unbeatable).

Speaking of Merino Style

So, the new and cool sweater project isn’t going to happen for today. I’m just not sure I have the right yarn to start right now. Instead, remember this crap?

Oh yes, it’s the Adrienne Vittadini nightmare sweater. At this point, I’ve changed so many aspects of the written pattern, I don’t even remember what I kept as written. I want to beat this thing to death. I want to finish it. If it sucks, I want to throw it out. And if it doesn’t suck, I want to throw it out wear it. In either case, I want it out of my knitting stash.




(1) This is the sweater as it appears in the Adrienne Vittadini Fall 2004 pattern book. (2) The body of the sweater has been knit in one piece and has been blocked. I am happy with the way it fits. (3) I have 1 1/2 sleeves completed. (4) I’ve been able to obtain more yarn of the same dye lot to (hopefully) be able to finish the sweater without any problems. (5) The sleeves have been a major source of agony. While the sleeve cap fits perfectly, the arm portion is too loose for my liking. This is where I will steek.

Say what? Yes, my friends, the only solution is to steek this sucker into submission. I cannot wait to cut into it. First, I need to finish and block the sleeves. And that is what I will work on at Claudia’s.


11 thoughts on “Resurrected (I have a function to attend)

  1. Agnes

    Are you going to rip the sleeves and knit them again? Wow … that’s huge tasks for me. But if that’s the only way to rescue the sweater, I wish you good luck …

    Have a good time at chez Claudia! 😉 Be sure to take a look at her famous fiber room!

  2. Carolyn

    Oh man…steeking is way beyond me…although cutting some loser projects up…that I could do! I really hope the AV sweater turns out…I really like the look of it. Too bad about merino style…I think I did a scarf in that yarn…no problems. Love the tivoli gallery! The tunic you are thinking of making is absolutely gorgeous! Remind me of soleil in a way…the eyelet pattern…but with sleeves and a great neck line! Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Laura

    Good luck with the steeking! It frightens me to no end. Perhaps one day I will knit a swatch just to steek it so that I can overcome my fears.

    I can’t wait to see the Adrienne Vittadini sweater finished. It’s already beautiful!

  4. jody

    Good luck with that steeking. I can’t wait to see the results. Are you planning to sew it first with a sewing machine? I can’t think of another way to approach it but I’ve only steeked one thing ever so I’m hardly an expert.

    With all that hard work I really do hope it works out. It’s a gorgeous color, and all the extra time you’ve put into it to ensure a good fit and the right look — my fingers are crossed that it all works out in the end!

  5. Judy

    Glad to see you back! I was afraid Mr. Ouchie had put you out of commission for good. Steeking requires more nerve than I have, but if it results in something you can wear, then it’s worth it.

  6. Stephanie

    What’s up with Bloglines? Posts are not showing up! Grrr. I like the orange sweater – very summer into fallish. I just bought some KnitPicks shine for the shrug – we’ll see how it goes. I also have some Merino Style to use on something – another shrug perhaps? Did you finish the sleeve at Claudia’s? I can’t wait for a detailed description of the steeking because I haven’t a clue! Sounds majorly scary to me, but…

  7. Purly Whites

    I love that orange shine! I can’t wait to see this sweater and I hope it turns out to be relaxing and fun.

    Good luck on the steeking. That scares me, but does seem like a good solution.

  8. Wanda

    Yes, the steeking thing is pretty scary to me too, but if that’s what must be done, good luck with it. The AV sweater is gorgeous and I think the color you’ve chosen will be beautiful once it’s all finished. Hope it all works out for you.

    And definitely take a break from all the other stuff. You need to have a life and not worry about all the pattern stuff. Relax and enjoy!

  9. Tara

    I want full photo or video proof of the steaking! Man, you have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to chop some knitting into little bits…

  10. christine

    i *love* the filati headlines and captions. the european aesthetic would not permeate without.

    if you’re thinking of the same LYS as i am, they’re having a birthday sale next tuesday all day, right? free patterns! whee…

    sorry about bloglines — i just use my thunderbird rss aggregator to view my subscribed feeds.

    i would recommend the knitpicks shine, i’m doing a sweater in it now and it’s so soft. there is a slightly imperceptible but present sheen, it’s not completely matte, so i think it might be the right choice for you. good luck embarking on the cute EXOTIC+EROTIC sweater! 🙂

  11. Brooke

    Wow I was really wanting to knit that AV sweater but now I am relieved I didn’t go for it.

    I also picked up that LG book at my LYS sale (though still considerably more than $1) I was eyeballing the same tunic but don’t have enough yarn in my stash to make it up. I am working on one of the tanks from it.

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