Only when pushed!

I’ve got nothing to knit. La da di da da! Nothing to knit, only stuff to steek. Steeking requires a bit of thinking and concentration, and a full-day commitment. Looking at my calendar, steeking might happen the weekend of August 13/14, and probably not earlier. Just lettin’ you know that there will be no sewing and cutting excitement before then ;).

Well, there are Paula’s socks to knit, but I can’t post about them :\.

When I went to Claudia’s last weekend, it was a great push to get finished on the Adrienne Vittadini sweater – I had nothing to knit, and I had to bring something with me. The AV sweater had to come out of its jail.

Friday night I was faced with a similar dilemma knowing that on Saturday I would meet up with Colleen and Paula, and I had nothing to knit! The apricot Shine won’t be here for some time (to knit this), and Paula’s socks are out of the question.

I’ve seen some cutie-pie wrap sweaters out there. Ms. Bestitched made one, and is currently working on another. Colleen made a sleeveless one – hello, pretty! Rachael made Michelle has been scheming matching mother-and-daughter wraps out of Noro.

Inspiration. It’s a great thing.

I never thought myself a wrap kind of girl. It’s the girls up top, they can’t seem to fit in or they are cut halfway by the wrap, and it’s just generally unsightly. But I never thought myself a cardigan girl, until I sat down and figured out a way to make one that fits. That’s the beauty of knitting for oneself! So, I put on an old, ill-fitting cardigan, started folding down this end and that one, putting pins here and there, measuring this thing and that, and I have an idea about how to make a wrap that actually fits me. Martha would say, “It’s a good thing.”

I’ll call this pattern “my own”, just because I’m writing it from scratch and not using anything as even a template, but, you know, there are a ton of wraps out there, so it’s just a pattern that’s already out there, highly modified and not really followed ;). Not much different from the way I typically knit, where eventually the pattern I’m “following” just gets in the way and I don’t leave a single thing the same.

By the way, I’ve decided that this type of sweater (at least the way I plan to wear it – tight) doesn’t need any waist shaping. Perhaps I’ll regret this decision later.

Why thoughts of a wrap, all of a sudden? Well, I have a ton of this stuff:


The color is not true in either picture – it’s not quite that magenta, nor that brown. It is ONline Linie 76 Cup, 52% schurwolle, 48% polyacryl which I got from elann a long while ago. I bought it for a hooded pullover, but sort of, eh, don’t love that idea any more. It’s chunky, and I can’t imagine wearing a full hooded pullover made out of this stuff, I would just combust. But a wrap… that’s an idea! I literally have a ton as far as yarn is concerned, 14 balls. And this stuff takes up space! Destash time!

Interestingly, Alison is behind all of this. The yarn went on sale at elann and I just loved it at first sight! The color, the texture, everything! I was so hesitant to buy it sight unseen, but then, just in the nick of time, I read some lovely comments Alison made about this very yarn!

The label is really amusing. I highlight the amusing parts: 7,0 – 8,0 mm (equivalent to something like US 10 3/4 – 11). 13 M (stitches). Bwahahaha! Not in this household! So I knit up a swatch on US 9. I did try US 11 at first, but couldn’t figure out how to hold that broomstick, let alone two of them, and still maintain balance!

I had just a few hours to come up with a pattern, so, uhm, I sped up the swatch-drying artificially. My gauge is about 15 sts and 21 rows per 4″ square. Which is BIG! I typically knit somewhere in the 24-26 sts range!

I wonder what’s going to happen to the apricot Shine when it arrives? Will I put this sweater in hold in favor of a cool cotton, or will I keep knitting it? I don’t know, considering that after a Saturday with my knitting pals, I’m almost done with the back ;).


11 thoughts on “Only when pushed!

  1. Kim

    Ooo.. looks like this could be the beginning of another pattern craze : )

    Can’t wait to see what it’s like finished..

  2. Colleen

    Geez Louise! That stuff does knit up fast. Two words for you on the front: short rows. Get the top to lie well with the girls.

  3. kellyt

    Love the color, deep and rich; a good fall color! Can’t wait to see more. I personally love cardigans. I’m usually cold so layering is always good, hence, the beauty of the cardi.

  4. Michelle

    I’m so glad you’re thinking wrap :^) I am almost done with the second front of mine, but it’s the third try. I made the under-front narrower than the overfront, but that makes for a pain getting both sides to cross at the same point and have the same angle. Sleeves next.

  5. Tara

    Lovely color, my dear! I remember seeing that yarn on elann and being tempted by it. I can wait to see what you come up with!

  6. Stephanie

    Yummy. I can’t wait to see how it turns out because you write the best patterns. I think the yarn is great and all the better that it came out of stash!

  7. Jenifer

    Hi there Kathy … I made the “Karlsro” wrap from the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book 1 in Noro last year … I like it a lot, and despite it being a wrap, it gets a lot of wear. (No pockets are usually a no no for me.)

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