I’ve been walking after midnight

I’m in the middle of a set of crazy experiments at work. They aren’t any more time consuming than my typical stuff, but they require multiple trips to the lab each day for about a week. My walk to lab is 20 minutes, and a grand idea occurred to me – what if I knit while walking?!? That would be 40 minutes of knitting time, at least twice every day, so I should have a sweater finished by the end of the month! Hehehe…

I gave this idea a try… tonight. See, the one additional piece of information that you need to have is that some of these trips to and from lab occur between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., in nearly perfect darkness.

Results: (I’m all about results) I can do it! I did it! The worst part about knitting while walking in the dark is… the heat. 😀 😀 Didn’t see that coming, did you? Yuck, it is so gross outside, and I have such a low heat tolerance as is. So of course I decided to work on a small, portable project on my first knitting walk, socks for Miss Paula.

The socks didn’t cling to me as a sweater would, and there was no awkward turning of the project as I walked; really, the perfect solution. I found that I needed a modicum of light (a street lamp will do) for the first stitch on every needle, and no light or looking down for all the other stitches. On my walk today I only had to tink once, about 10-15 stitches, and for that I had to stand still. I nearly fell only once, but considering my usual clumsiness while walking, this is not statistically significant :).

The sock exchange Paula and I are having is secret. We specified preferences and sizes, but the rest is entirely hush-hush until we actually exchange the socks. So it’s a huge deal for me to share this picture with you:

Hey, it’s the socks’ first appearance on my blog!

Actually, I’ve been thinking about ways to share more sock pictures with you. I’m concerned about Paula seeing the pictures, though. Even if I use some of Nona’s html tricks, I’m afraid Paula won’t be able to resist clicking. I’m not sure I’d be able to resist! But the urge to share is strong because… the socks are quite charming, and I’m having a grand time knitting them, and even though the pattern is simple enough to knit in the dark while walking, I came up with it myself (surprised?).

I’ll have to think about it. In the meantime, I won’t dread walking back and forth to lab from now on, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

Other news:

Adrienne Vittadini sweater: as evident from my last post, the sleeves are blocking. More pictures soon, although I probably won’t get to the steeking until next week/weekend.

Filati orange sweater: I bought KnitPicks Shine in Apricot today. I’m excited about the color, but not so excited about having to knit on US 4 when others get the appropriate gauge on honkin’ US 6s. By the way, for those who placed their KnitPicks orders recently, any trouble with the website? Gosh, I was having such a hellish time. From my Mac, it was a bust no matter what I tried. Basically, the yarn wouldn’t add to the cart. From my PC, I could not log in, even though I perfectly well know my user name and password, and even when I created a new account from scratch in case I forgot. I can’t remember the last time before this that I had to phone in an order! Anyway, that yarn won’t be coming in for a week or two, which should be enough time to work a bit more on Paula’s socks and perhaps finish the AV sweater.

Bloglines: no news. I mean, there have been some more nonsensical e-mails telling me that, “we believe the issue has been resolved,” when it clearly hasn’t. So, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Bloglines “service” is more like, “big-ass headache.”


17 thoughts on “I’ve been walking after midnight

  1. Kim

    What I find amusing about bloglines is that you posted this entry at 2AM.. and my bloglines told me about it at 2:30AM… but I wrote an entry at 12:46AM and bloglines hasn’t told me about that.. (Yes.. I subscribe to myself just to check on this.. lol.)

    I am impressed by your coordination to keep knitting while walking.. I know I could never do it.. lol. and I wish I could squint to make that picture look like a sock.. but.. I can’t. Sadness : (

  2. naomi

    I like knitting while walking sometimes. I envy you your security, though–I wouldn’t feel safe doing anything while walking to work after midnight. Really, after 10 or 11. Penn just isn’t in a very good neighborhood. (Although it’s neither Temple nor Columbia, so I should probably stop complaining.)

  3. Rita

    Do you have a security guard walking with you? Kathy, knitting can’t be that important that you will forgoe your physical safety for a few more rows. Think about it. All the gruesome tales we are “spoonfed “daily from the media, what happens to young woman. Are you in your right mind, or has the lab, or knitting complications, done bad thing to it? I am worried, add that to worrying about my 4 kids, now, how can I knit in peace?


  4. Carolyn

    I can’t wait to see your progress with the shine…great colour! Be very careful walking and knitting at night…you are crazy! Make sure the needles you are working with can be used as weapons if necessary! I only wish I can walk and knit…maybe I should give it a try.

  5. Katie

    Yes, I’ve had trouble withthe Knitpicks site from a Mac. I had to leave it for a few hours and try again. Seems like their server gets overloaded or something. Stay cool!

  6. Lauren

    I usually knit while walking around campus but it’s way too hot for me to now (which sucks because I have to walk two miles today). I think knitting with dpns in the middle of the night is great to ward off the crazies.

  7. Stephanie

    Now, I know everyone’s worried about you walking in the dark and knitting (and I’m not sure if they’re more worried about the walking in the dark or the knitting while you’re doing that), but knowing you, you are very careful. However, in case you ever need a bit of self-defense, a knitting needle into the base of the throat (that little soft triangle spot) will seriously incapacitate anyone attacking you (ok, it’d probably kill them), it’d be better than a Bic pen 🙂 Just saying.

  8. lori

    I ordered from KnitPicks about a month ago (using a Mac) with no problems.

    I’m using US 3’s to get the correct gauge for the Tivoli with the Shine.

  9. Liz

    Bloglines is driving me nuts. It’s not updating when it should be, so what’s thr point? Knitting while walking, haven’t tried it yet… Nice picture too 😉

  10. freecia

    If Buffy were still on, I’d think it highly entertaining for her to be patrolling and knitting, then cussing when she lost a dpn to a big ugly by jamming it into big ugly.

    Agree with the suggestion that perhaps walking and knitting isn’t the best idea… Especially at night when you might trip and then the blog would be “Grumperina used to go to local yarn shops and Home Depot before she was impaled with a sock dpn”. Or a nutso driver might be headed towards you while you are cabling/tinking… Uhm, maybe you could bike instead then take the time saved to knit a few rows.

  11. Agnes

    I would never be able to do that … I need high concentration for self-defense! Just be very very careful … both for the knitting and for youself! LOL! There is no problem with your blog in Bloglines … I read your post from there.

  12. Anne-Caroline

    This is hysterical – my hubby did a PhD in Cambridge – and often made the trek to and from lab at odd hours…it would have been great if only he knew how to knit! (Are you at Harvard?)

    If he knew how to knit, he would have also been able to do that instead of playing computer games all the time… 🙂

    Great blog!

  13. christine

    hi, i am also “one of those” who gets by on 6 needles for the shine yarn. heehee. it may be a blessing and a curse — i always have to go up one or so needle sizes since i’m tight like that.

    what kind of bag do you use for your knitting? i always thought it’d be great to knit and walk, though the straps and size of my shoulder satchel always seems to make it awkward for me. how inefficient to have to sit and knit! 🙂 maybe a good design (for this and only this) would be like a bag hung straight down from the neck or something. horsefeed!

  14. Emily

    I’ve only ordered from Knitpicks by phone. They are very nice, and I’ve never had a problem.

    I have to agree with everyone who is worried about your safety. I try not to walk anywhere after 9pm by myself, even without knitting to distract me. Be careful!

    I’ve had no problems with your feed on Bloglines.

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