Bite me!

Whenever Bloglines fails to notice an update on my blog, I get very reluctant to post a new one until the issue is resolved. My reluctance is not assuaged by e-mails like this one:

Bite me, Bloglines, bite me! And I’m glad that they include a copy of my original e-mail – who’s the Grumperina? 😉

I cross my fingers that they get their act together because I know most of you use them. In the meantime, I’ve started to keep on top of your knitting with NewsGator, which, although not perfect, especially when it comes to their interface, notices a lot more updates in significantly less time.

I leave you with this knitting picture:

More details when Bloglines gets their act together.


20 thoughts on “Bite me!

  1. CatBookMom

    Ah, Ha!! Methinks that is the AV sweater. I’ll stay tuned for more developments.

  2. Laura

    I don’t trust Bloglines either. But I never miss an update on your blog because I’m stalking you. I have to click on your blog at least once I day. The problems with Bloglines reinforces this behavior. 🙂

  3. jenifleur

    Bloglines and Haloscan both seem to be eternally “updating their hardware” which I think is a euphemism for “someone didn’t stay awake long enough to push the button every 5 hours”. That said, bloglines has been showing ME your updates.

    I’d check even if they didn’t.

  4. Kim

    I notice bloglines to be slow in general.. Usually a day slow.. which is pretty darn sad.. but I (like the others who have already commented) tend to check your blog the regular way atleast once a day..

    Too bad.. they seem to be a really neat site/concept..

  5. Wanda

    Hmm, usually Bloglines only takes about 1-2 hours for my posts to show up. Today was slower and then I refreshed it it showed a database had crashed. I did see Aunt Purl’s site didn’t publish to Bloglines for days on end and then all of sudden today it showed 4 new entries. I know how to find your blog no matter what, as do most I’m sure.

  6. Agnes

    Did you subscribe to your own blog? I’ve always wanted to ask this question … I did because that’s the only way I know when Bloglines is going to pick up my posts! Sometimes it can take 5 hours! 🙁

  7. jody

    As a programmer-type, I’m torn about bloglines. On one hand, their service can be less than spectacular. On the other hand, they manage tons of data and offer the service for free — that combo is bound to have problems.

    Given that, I’ve been waiting for bloglines to go fee-based (or at least value-added for a charge). I don’t know how they could stay in business otherwise (I haven’t noticed any ads on their site).

    Anyway, I see a little AV action in the above photo. Looking forward to seeing the progress tomorrow (bloglines or not!)

  8. claudia

    Bloglines regularly does this to me too.

    So THAT is what you were working on at my house. If anyone can beat a project into submission, I’d put my money on the Grumperina.

  9. sandy

    You go girl! Show bloglines who’s boss! 🙂

    I must mention how wonderful it was to meet you Saturday. I miss everyone already!


  10. Dani

    It seems as though lots of people are having issues with Bloglines lately.. They are being stinky right now… Sorry you got mixed up in it all. You really should save that email 🙂

  11. Stephanie

    Sorry for the inconvenience? Excuse me, but do they realize that we are an obsessive bunch? I’ve taken to clicking on each blog individually because bloglines has been notoriously slow or unreliable. I guess it’s just a way to justify stalking my favorite bloggers! That edge all pinned out makes me smile. I can’t wait to see more.

  12. Lynette

    I click on each blog separately, like Steph. The blogs are only partially loaded in the frame and they load so slowly. Even worse is that the photos don’t usually show up in the frame. It depends on where the photo is…Flickr seems to be the best. Hello/Blogger were bad. Bloglines needs some, ahem, system performance testing. I will volunteer!

  13. freecia

    I use newsgator, too, since I’m a computer hopper. Having problems is not an issue with a free service (hey, it is free) but much customer service on the ‘net these days, I swear, I might as well just not bother.

    Have you considered enabling the e-mail notification section of MT? This might be a way for readers to get notifications “direct from the source”.

    RSS is great but people wiser than I (lockergnome dudes) say that RSS doesn’t replace e-mail notification. On the other hand, managing the list is also a bit of a pain.

  14. Purly Whites

    Okay, I sent an email to bloglines when I wasn’t updating, and they got back to me in 24 hours saying they’d reset my blog and it should work, and it did. And, it was from that same M.M. guy. How weird is that?

  15. parikha

    LOL–i was just thinking about posting about how mad i am at bloglines, too. each time i post it takes days to update, so i email them and tell them there’s a problem, and they write back saying they’ve reset the feed and everything should be fine, but of course it’s NOT. then they say “please let us know if this doesn’t resolve the issue.” so i email back, and it carries on like that, in a circle… bloglines can bite me, too!!

  16. Carolyn B.

    Hi, Kathy,

    You might consider using Ping-o-matic. Their website lets you “ping” the major aggregators to let them know your site has been updated (use it only if you’ve posted a new file within the past five minutes). I use it and haven’t had a problem yet. You can go to and select things just once, then save your settings. I’ve got a button at the bottom right of my knitting blog that I just click to ping. (FYI: I unchecked my settings to notify Weblogs of my updates, since I use Pingomatic to notify them.)

    Hope that helps you somewhat — it just takes a second or two.

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