“Good luck,” said ouchie

After my fanta-freaking-abulous time at ArtBeat, I had a more down to earth weekend. Saturday night I received some sad news, and then more bad news came my way Sunday morning. I was not in the mood to do anything, which should have been a clear sign to stay away from work, a place chock full of chemicals and surgical instruments and sharp things. But, nooooo, I decided to go in, thinking it would take my mind off the sad news.

Then sort of on a whim I decided to replace the tubing on one of our vacuums. Result: slashed my left index finger with a razor blade. Deeply. Not enough to warrant stitches (I think), but enough to totally disable my knitting. Wanna see?

You didn’t think I was going to show you the actual ouchie, did you?!? Of course not! That is totally IBM for KB, IMO!

I’m starting to sounds like a cell signaling textbook. My ouchie is inappropriate blog material for knitting blog, in my opinion.

Every blogger and blog reader draws his or her own boundaries on what’s appropriate and inappropriate for a knitting blog. I chose to omit any gruesome pictures of injuries, descriptions of other health issues, details of deaths in my family, comments on world tragedies and politics, recounts of drunken adventures, too much pet talk and pictures, bashing of ex-boyfriends (or details of my love life, in general) from my knitting blog. I tend to keep my knitting blog more or less about knitting, crafts, and home improvement adventures. Also, I tend to gravitate towards similarly minded knitting blogs, although I must admit, Ms. Surly’s hurty eye and hurty footie are exceptions.

And so, I’m making the executive decision that pictures of my ouchie are IBM for my KB.

Knitting is entirely out of the question for now because the cut is exactly where I pass the yarn over my finger to maintain tension. It hurts to have yarn press against it, and the yarn gets caught in the bandage. I could knit English, but obviously I have no idea how to do that because even after consulting my books it looks like you wrap the yarn clockwise, but two people told me it’s counter-clockwise. I’m completely clueless.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m totally in between projects right now, and I need a few days to decide what I want to do next. I think I might take the knitting vacation graciously granted to me by the ouchie to do some sketching and scheming for a new project.


But, the ouchie said it was okay to do some Home Depot related activities.

After I slashed my finger, I decided to go to Target and get some curtains to hang over my boring closet doors. And even with the ouchie and the improper state of being I decided it would be perfectly acceptable to take out my power tools and mount the curtain rod last night. Bad idea.

(I almost got a big ouchie on my ass when I took these pictures. Definitely IBM.)

Here is the left bracket. The drill bit I used to make the holes is too big and the screws are barely hanging on.

Here is the right bracket. You’d think I would have learned my lesson and used a thinner drill bit when I installed the second bracket, but I did no such thing.

My goal was to have the curtain hit squarely the bottom of my floor. “Good luck,” said ouchie.

Curtain rod reinstallation tonight. Ouchie isn’t holding his breath.


23 thoughts on ““Good luck,” said ouchie

  1. Kate

    Hee hee! I was about to say “Well, I’d show you *my* ouchie” and then you said I’d say it. 🙂 I hope Ouchie heals fast! *hug*

  2. Martha

    I have that “Titen” stuff for fixing too-big screw holes if you need it!

    Good luck with your curtains, and hope the boo-boo heals soon.

  3. Agnes

    Due to the poor conditions of my skin, I constantly have a slight ouchie on my left index finger … sometimes it’s okay, but sometimes I need to put bandaid on it. And knitting with cotton certainly makes it worse, I think.

    Take care … and wish you all the best.

  4. Cyndi

    Sorry to hear about the ouchie. It totally stinks to lose the use of a critical knitting finger… hope it heals soon!

  5. jody

    not fit to knit — ugh. on the bright side though, i love the fabric you picked for your curtains. target never lets me down.

    regarding the ouchie, have you put anything on it? something like neosporin might make it mend a bit quicker. anything to get you up and knitting again!

  6. Ann

    Oh man, I hate finger injuries! For some reason they feel more disabling than something where you can just sit and knit. Here’s hoping for a quick recovery…

    (love the color of your curtains, btw.)

  7. Stephanie

    Oh ouch. Keep a close eye on ouchie, you don’t want to get an infection. I really like the curtains, but what a bummer that you have to reinstall them. That sounds just like something I’d do, that’s why Travis gets to do those projects for me (under protest of course). He’s super anal about holes in the walls. It’s scary, really!

  8. Kim

    Seems like you need some anchors..

    I hope your finger gets better soon.. not knitting must be pretty hard : /

    You’d be proud of me.. I’ve been to Home Depot TWICE in the past two days.. (AND Sears Hardware! lol!)

    I too like the fabric though.. It’s a nice color : ) I’d wear it… I mean.. um.. hang it? Hee : )

  9. grace

    Get thee to a pharmacy and buy yourself some of the Liquid Bandage. It’s like $10 which seems expensive.. but well worth it. It’s right in the band-aid section. It’s basically like glue and is great for cuts on the hands and cuts that one perhaps should have had stitches in etc etc. In a deep cut it will sting slightly but no more… peroxide would be way worse so the ouchie factor on that is neglegent.


  10. christine

    sorry about your finger — perhaps you will learn english-style more than ever when the itch to knit gets too strong to handle! survival tactic, like language immersion, language being english. 🙂 but i understand, to me continental style has always felt like knitting with seven fingers. i like the fabric for your curtain. is that crimson taffeta or silk?

  11. Tara

    Man, that stinks about your finger! And the sad news….. 🙁 Hope you and your finger are feeilng better soon!

  12. natasha fialkov

    if you read my blog, you know that i have had badly cut, slashed and punctured fingers all month, which stopped me from spinning, but not knitting….and here is the band-aid that saved my life…they are breathable, not sure how, but it doesn’t make your finger all white when you take it off, and it is really flexible, it feels like rubber once it is on for an hour or so and warms up, it is waterproof, doesn’t get gunk stuck to it, it has no pad inside, it sticks right to the wound which makes it heal like it’s been stitched, and you can leave it on for a long time. i cut my finger with scissors at the inside crease and really screwed myself up. in a bit more than a week, with one of these bandaids, it totally healed up, like i had had stitches. also, if it comes loose, like in the shower and you squeeze it with your other hand and warm it back up, it sticks back together…what kind of band-aid is this? drumroll please….curad hydroheal…email me and let me know what you think? i will never use any other kind.

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