Waschmaschinenfest 40° heiß waschbar weich und saugfähig strapazierfähig nicht filzend nicht einlaufend äußerst ergiebig hautsympatisch.


No, I haven’t taken up German, but I’ve taken up German yarn!


I got my Sockapal-2-za Sock Pal info from Alison this afternoon. My Sock Pal’s identity will remain secret from all of you throughout this event, but not his/her socks!

This is the yarn for the socks – Opal Handpainted – bouncy, springy, soft! Not exactly my colors (I’m not a fan of brown), but my Sock Pal will like it, I think. There’s no gauge and recommended needle size listed, but it looks like it wants a US 1 or 2. It wants it, it wants it good! I have no idea what the label says, other than, “Opal Handpainted Sock & Sweateryarn, 100 g skein, ca. 425 m, 75% Schurwolle, 25% Polyamid.” Oh, and of course it also says, “Happy Knitting.” Those Opal folk, gotta love them, first they confuse me with their German, but then they wish me Happy Knitting in perfect English :).

The pattern? I’m still thinking. A part of me wants to knit a simple stockinette stitch sock (alliteration, anyone?) in order to preserve the lovely colors and any striping that may develop. Another part of me, the part you know so well, wants to add just a little glam, a little patterning or something. Not cables or lace – that would be useless with this pretty yarn – something simpler. I’ll keep you updated.


19 thoughts on “Waschmaschinenfest

  1. Carolyn

    Very nice yarn! Yes, I would agree with something simple to showcase the gorgeous yarn…but I know what you mean about a little glam…I’ll be watching!

  2. Laura Neal

    I love opal sock yarns. I have the self striping stuff. What about some bobbles? That might leave the sock integrity alone and give some nice texture. Or how about a nice box stitch? That might be kinda neat and funky. Have fun with your new yarn.

  3. Eva (EvaLux)


    absolutely love that yarn. I speak german so here’s a translation if you want:

    Waschmaschinenfest 40° heiß waschbar weich und saugfähig strapazierfähig nicht filzend nicht einlaufend äußerst ergiebig hautsympatisch.

    Machinewashable at 40 degrees (I think this is medium heat…), soft and absorbs humidity, resistant to a lot of (ab)use, doesn’t felt and doesn’t run (the colors of course), very good yardage and skin friendly.

    cheers Eva (Luxembourg, Europe)

    Love reading about your knitting adventures 🙂

  4. Diana

    wow, you are way ahead of the game – already have the yarn and everything! Its really pretty too. I am up to googling my non-blogging sock pal and trying to figure out what color she’d like based on very little info…

  5. Stephanie

    Beautiful – where do you find this stuff? Do you have a magic yarn fairy hiding out in your apartment? I think you must because you always seem to have the perfect yarn. Oh well, at least you show pictures so I can live vicariously through you. I can’t wait to see what lovely pattern you come up with that is worthy of such beautiful yarn. 🙂

  6. AmyP

    [insert Homer Simpson-like dooling noises]

    I think a nice, simple pattern would work really well with that yarn. Something to really showcase it to its full potential. Or you could give it to me? VBG!

  7. Shetha

    I think you should do a rib for the leg part and stockinette for the rest. I’ve been meaning to try out a wide rib that still has spring… I have a shirt made with it. Goes a little something like this: *K5, P1, K1, P5, K1, P1* Lather, Rinse, Repeat. I guess that means your # should be a multiple of 14. Ack. Anyway — just an idea. I think the “wide” ribs would show off the color both in stockinette and reverse stockinette — which can be vastly different with the striping.

    PS — I just cast on for my tivoli with the cashmere and I Can’t. Put. It. DOWN! Lovin the pattern (although I did have to go up 2 needle sizes to get gauge).

  8. Christie

    I like my translation [courtesy of my Sherlock application]:

    Washing machine celebration 40° hot washable softly and absorbent

    strainable not felting not incoming extremely productively


    Washing machine celebration? Should clean clothes always be a celebration?

    BTW: I love the colors! So pretty!

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