The heat is messing with my head

In case you haven’t heard, it’s hot. How hot? HOT. My brain is liquefying. Everyone has the air-conditioning on, and as a result, we had a citywide power outage today, just lovely. No A/C, no traffic lights, no blenders at Starbucks to make Frappuccinos, you get the idea.

I’ve been thinking crazy thoughts. I blame it on the heat.

1. The sweat is making my eyes sting, and my blurred vision has magnified grandma’s feet to ginormous proportions. How ginormous? Ginormous enough to fill these socks:

Yes, I finished the first of my grandma’s Best Foot Forward socks. It is pretty and soft, that’s for sure, but it is also way too long. My finger is indicating where my toes end. Yes, grandma’s feet are longer than mine, but not THAT much longer. I’m currently working on the second sock, which I plan to make a good 2-3 repeats shorter. If that length seems right, I’m going to frog the toe of the first-born, longer twin and make him grandma size.

2. The humidity is messing with my yarn. Okay, maybe it’s not the humidity per se, it’s just wetting the yarn using whichever means. I decided to wash my swatch for the Fibo, just to make sure the gauge remained the same before and after blocking. You guessed it, the gauge changed. Now, you saw me struggle with the beading, and of course I was basing all my calculations on the gauge of the unwashed yarn. I figured, it’s Rowan, it’s the precise yarn called for in the pattern, and I got the precise gauge when I swatched with the precise needle size recommended. But life is never easy like that, is it? The idea of figuring out the beading again makes me just a tad nauseous.

3. Through an exchange with a friend, I now have enough yarn to finish the Adrienne Vittadini nightmare. And for some reason, I’m really itching to do so. Even though it causes blood and pain and tears and back pain and the sleeves need to be taken in big time.

The weather. It’s the weather.

P.S. Please, please, please, go to Beth’s blog and look at this bunny. Why am I such a sucker for a cute angora bunny?


12 thoughts on “The heat is messing with my head

  1. Carolyn

    Yes the sock looks a little big…but it is fabulous! I love the pattern. I am sure you will work out the sizing no problem. So sorry about fibo problems…but again, you will work it out, you always seem to resolve your knitting problems! Love the bunny…so cute…

  2. Danielle

    The sock is looking great. I feel your heat-wave pain — we also had a power outage this weekend. And, that’s one cute fuzzy bunny — did you see the alpaca (llama?) right underneath him?

  3. Stephanie

    What to trade some heat for some cold? It got down to the low thirties last night here. Maybe we could combine the two and come up with something we could both be happy with?? Well crap, that sucks about Fibo. I think the knitting gods are testing your patience. Or maybe they have a bet amongst themselves on how many times you can stand to recalculate the math for this project. Grandma’s sock is great – I love the pattern, and at least that is an easy fix. I’m a sucker for an angora bunny too. I think it has something to do with their inherent snuggliness. You just want to cuddle them, or at least I do.

  4. Leanne

    Lovely sock. I’m sure you’ll fix the sizing problems on the next one. As for the heat (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I hope it breaks soon. I’m supposed to be in Boston at the end of the month and if its still this hot and sticky, blech. Try to stay cool, or at least find working A/C (I hear grocery stores are good for that *grin*).

  5. Tara

    Um, that bunny kinda freaks me out. The sock looks great though….even if it’s kinda big. And Fibo? Man, I’m nervous for you to have to take on the Maths again!

  6. nona

    It sounds like you’re having a bit of “swamp ass” weather. The kind of weather where you get up after sitting outside and the sweat just makes you feel “swampy”. Look on the bright side, hot weather slows everyone down and gives us a chance to wear our tank tops and drink a cold beer!

  7. Rebekah

    Yes that’s a very long sock. I think this may be why I’ve never knit socks for anyone but me and my husband, we can try them on as we go.

    It sure looks nice though.

  8. Agnes

    It’s getting really hot here too. I am having second thoughts of starting the mohair shell! It seems to be a better idea to play with your tivoli pattern instead!

    I did go to Beth’s blog and yes, the bunny is really cute! But I had a big time laughing looking at the picture of the “Party on dude” animal … he looks like a camel to me!

  9. Andrea

    That bunny is adorable! I missed the bead vote, but I thought of the following when I read about your enthusiasm for Beadworks: George Whitesides has a communication in Angewandte Chemie entitled “Self-Healing Systems Having a Design Stimulated by the Vertebrate Spine” in which materials for the experiment were purchased from Beadworks. The shop is referenced in the paper (2003, vol 42, p. 2644). Whow knew Whitesides was crafty?

  10. Laurie

    That bunny is getting around so much that we should all have little ones running around our houses by now!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if it was that simple?

    He’s so squishable looking.

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