Standardization, shmandardization

Two words to describe my knitting in the past two weeks: slow and painful. I’ve been spending pretty much all of my knitting time working on the Sockapal-2-za socks. “I thought you’d be done by now,” you say. Good point. And they would be done… if I hadn’t decided to change the pattern probably six times since Sunday. There’s been frogging and measuring and re-knitting, and I didn’t even bother photographing the pain. Speaking of, my left arm is killing me. Like a very low, dull, but entirely persistent pain. It hurts when I’m knitting, and when I’m not. Should I get a brace? A Tylenol? Some common sense to take a break?

Eventually I’ll catch you up on the Sock Pal Socks. I have not lost hope, and I think they are better than ever! Laugh… come on, I know you want to! At least shake your head! I’m laughing! Because I say that about every version of this project, and then find yet another way to make it “better.”

In happier news, Stephanie finished her Tivoli! Another test-knitter goddess comes through for me!

Every day, more and more Tivolis are being completed, I couldn’t be happier with how they’re turning out. Did you notice that I started a gallery? My goodness, who would have thought playing with stinky yarn would lead to this? By the way, if you are knitting a Tivoli, or have completed a Tivoli, and would like to be included in the gallery, send me an e-mail, I’d love to have pictures of all of you, and links to all your blogs (if you have them)!

Now that Steph is done, and another Tivoli test-knitter is done (but not yet photographed, stay tuned), I finally feel ready to standardize the pattern and write it in a uniform fashion, for many different sizes. For this reason, the three Tivoli patterns remain available as they are, but no new ones will be added until I’m done with this standardization. Cool? We’ll all be happier as a result – most likely your size will be available, and I can stop explaining how to work around the varying gauges of all the patterns. If you really want Steph’s pattern or any of the other patterns I custom-wrote, but which aren’t on the website, send me an e-mail, we’ll discuss it :).

Now, it’s time to exercise that knitter’s elbow. Ahhh! Ouch! Ahhh!


13 thoughts on “Standardization, shmandardization

  1. CatBookMom

    The Tivoli gallery is wonderful! This is such a flattering pattern!!

    As an enabler, I feel it necessary to point out that Elann currently has two yarns available on cones that I think would work very well for this pattern. The yarns are Silk City Bounce and Silk City Gauze; there are lots of colors right now, and enough on a cone to make the Tivoli and something else. This is an unpaid fiber announcement. *grin*

  2. Colleen

    Such a beautiful project! Stephanie looks great in her Tivoli!

    That CatBookMom *is* an enabler. Only thing: I gotta touch the stuff first.

  3. paula

    STOP KNITTING. Seriously! Once you feel pain due to a repetitive stress injury, you need to take a break, otherwise the injury could be long-lasting and possibly permanent.

    Have I freaked you out enough yet?


  4. Kim

    I’m already eyeing your Tivoli pattern, but I’m trying to be a good girl and wait for you to finish the standardizations. I will be REALLY darned impressed if my size is included.. but if it isn’t I might have to come back and talk to you about helping me size it down.. (Yes, down. Lol. I have a tiny 28.5″ “Bust”).. I hope it will be possible as your shirt is so cute and I want one! I finnally saw a picture of the darts and they’re so good, I love that you included them as a design element.

    Just thought I’d pass along a compliment or two.. : )

  5. June

    Stop stop Stop STOP knitting! Pain is your body’s best way to TELL YOU SOMETHING. Take a break and do something different. You could, for example, learn spinning, which is altogether a different set of hand and arm motions. 😀

  6. Stephanie

    I so hate that picture, but really I hate them all. Now, as for this knitting “injury”, I’m thinking you should treat yourself to a massge where they work on your elbow, take 2 ibuprofen, and move on. I know, I’m an avoider, but what can I say? Although taking up spinning has some benefits (or at least I’m telling myself that to beat back the guilt I’m feeling for wanting more fiber stuff). I’m sure the improved sock pattern is fabulous because you’re a genius (that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!). Have a great weekend.

  7. Shannon

    Love the new tivolis. Seeing them might just inspire me to finish mine.

    As for the injury, I’ve found that a 24 hour break works wonders.

  8. KnittingNutter

    Having started to read your blog only recently I was amazed when you announced that you have been knitting a year only! Its very inspiring that you are designing your own patterns that everyone is knitting!

    I have your Tivoli on my next up project list, with Knitpicks’ Shine all ready to go. I am very excited to see how everyone else’s versions turn out.

    My advice for the sore arm is to give it a rest, no matter how hard that may be!

  9. Laura

    ahh!! What to do? I am just about to cast on for my Tivoli. Should I wait until the standardized pattern is out? Should I forge ahead? Will it look as nice with lumpy yarn? Should I wait until Mom visits and get her to buy me nonlumpy yarn? Too many decisions to make.

  10. else

    I am so excited about this pattern!!! I am starting your Tivoli this weekend and hoing to finish it by the end of said weekend. If all of these things come together, I will send a picture your way.

  11. Mayfair

    I just stumbled upon your site thru the numerous knitting blogs. I realized after looking at your pattern that there was another Teva Durham pattern (other than the ones you mentioned) in Vogue Knitting on the Go: Chunky Knits which basically is another flavor of her ballet shirt without the shaping in the center of the shirt below the bust. I’m glad you made the Tivoli with lighter weight yarn, though. It’s way too hot where I am to knit a top with a bulky yarn, even if it is cotton.

  12. Purly Whites

    I get wrist pain pretty frequently if I’m not careful. I’m pretty good at finding a balance of knowing when too much is too much, so I don’t tip myself over the edge into pain. But when I do, find that Aleve and a brace works wonders. And allows me to keep knitting.

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