Pooling? I don’t think so!

First, dear Secret Sock Pal, I washed my feet. When you find out who I am and (possibly) read through the archives of my blog, you will be happy to find this picture, taken at the risk of getting my camera wet:

preceding this picture:

One sock done! With respect to length, I decided to make the socks the same length as my Sock Pal’s foot. I came to terms with the fact that the way his/her socks fit on my feet is… an estimation, at best, and really quite irrelevant.

I am working on standardizing the pattern and it will be available, but please, give me some time :). In writing the pattern I thought about all the different sock yarns out there, and decided that it would be quite useful to test another sock yarn, a striping one, perhaps.

In my stash I have some remnants of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock from a pair of socks I knit for my grandma.

The colorway is called Baltic Sea, a lovely, complex mix of deep purple, brown, green, and gray. It looks terribly pooled in the photo, forming wide spirals around the foot. In real life, the intensities of the different colors are quite similar and the pooling is not nearly as noticeable. In fact, I didn’t even focus on the pooling until someone else pointed it out.

Anyway, what would this yarn look like in the stitch pattern I’ve been using for my Secret Sock Pal socks? Would it pool? Would it stripe? Only one way to find out!

I LOVE it! Confirmation that this stitch pattern will look perfectly reasonable with a striping yarn like Lorna’s Laces.

Speaking of Lorna’s…

I visited A Good Yarn this weekend for the first time. Lovely shop! I chatted with Alison, who works there, and just couldn’t resist buying three hanks of this drool-worthy periwinkle Lorna’s:

Who is this for? Well, I don’t wear wool on my feet, and my Sock Pal is all set up… you guessed it! Grandma! Hi, grandmama, you’re the best, I love you and your cold feet! The plan is to double this yarn (hence, three skeins) and knit it on size US 3 for a thicker sock, more suitable for grandma’s footsies. When? Not until the fall. Pattern? I have ideas ;).

Paula, my partner in crime for the day, couldn’t resist the Lorna’s either. I’m telling you, the solid-colored Lorna’s is like… spectacularness in a hank: lovely hand, durable (according to grandma), and a clean palette for stitch imagination. As for Miss Paula, I can’t get enough of her! We spend hours, more like large chunks of a day, together and I don’t even notice the time fly by! Hi, Paula! Synapse says “hi”, too!

(I had to bait him with something chewable – keys – so he would be still for a long enough time)

Perhaps this is a good time to mention that Paula and I have decided to do a “Not a Secret Sock Pal” sock exchange. Before you go thinking that we’re copying Purly and Nona, I’ll clarify that we came up with the idea independently: Paula and I decided a while ago, but didn’t mention it anywhere, and then I saw Purly and Nona doing that, too! Excellent!

The best part of this exchange is making something for Paula; the worst part of this exchange is biting my tongue about the details to Paula via private communications, and to you publicly. To sort of catch you up, I have selected and purchased the yarn. It will be a simple pattern. That is all I’ll reveal at this time :). Paula was over my place yesterday, and it’s a good thing the yarn for her socks was all the way at the bottom of my projects basket. She did use my computer, however, I wonder if she noticed anything on the desktop or in my internet browser history? Hmmm… So difficult to be so secretive!


17 thoughts on “Pooling? I don’t think so!

  1. blossom

    secret sock pal sock looks awesome! i’m sure whoever receives this would love it! i’m going to make that “friday harbor” pattern for my sock pal. is this a straight forward pattern, you think?

  2. Carolyn

    I am loving the sock pattern with the stripey yarn too! Waiting for the pattern! I’ve got to find a store that sells that lorna…looks great…love the colour!

  3. Judy

    Lorna’s is one of my favorites, too. Love the sock pattern you made, and looking forward to seeing it published!

  4. paula

    Oh my god! You mean, I could’ve gotten clues from your browser history?!



    I’d rather be surprised anyway…

    Can that sweet little Synapse BE any cuter? I don’t think so!

  5. Laurie

    Regarding foot size – you just have to go with the flow.

    I made socks for a friend whose foot was – get this – 5 1/2″ long! I kid you not!

    I thought, that can’t be right…and had to frog them. 6″ leg, teensy little foot. That was a strange looking pair of socks.

    Synapse would have loved them!

  6. Stephanie

    I really need to get some solid LL – it looks yummy and I’ve been wanting to try out a lace pattern for socks – just seems to need solid yarn. The LL in your sock pattern looks great and so does the sock for your secret pal. Synapse is really cute, but keys??

  7. Tara

    Congrats on finishing the first sock! I really dig that stitch pattern….but you’ll have to try harder to convert me to a sock knitter! hee hee

  8. freecia

    What a cute little mouse! It makes me want to fluff behind his ears.

    The lorna’s laces looks lovely. I’m thinking of progressing to that point. Still getting geared up for the practice socks.

  9. tania

    OMG I was totally cracking up at the picture of you washing your feet…love it. I also love that Baltic Sea. I’m now off to read more of your blog…

  10. Becky

    Your preamble to this entry is a RIOT! I wonder if everyone is thoughtful enough to wash their tootsies before trying on socks they plan to give away?

  11. nona

    Have fun for your “Not a Secret Sock” exchange — but as for the secrecy, I’m way to curious to see what you’re knitting.

  12. Cyndi

    That stitch pattern looks great with Lorna’s Laces! Synapse is super cute… and I *love* his name!

    I started working on my very own Tivoli last weekend – Love the pattern so far! Do you have any tips for preventing rolling of the neckline? Will it go away with blocking?

  13. rona

    Synapse is adorable!! He would have been fast friends with my little Photon!

    this hamster mommie happens to be a physics nerd 🙂

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