Hello, Sock Pal. I’ve got it under control.

I got it! This time I really got it! (until the next time I frog, hehe)

Six. No funny-lookin’ paired decreases on this sock!

Seven. And the fit ain’t bad either!

Eight. Once I completed the heel, I visually separated the pattern stitches of the instep from the stockinette stitches of the sole by columns of slipped stitches.

Little details make all the difference :). Hope that makes up for the fact that I’m trying on your socks.


18 thoughts on “Hello, Sock Pal. I’ve got it under control.

  1. Carolyn

    Love it! You are so cleaver. I love the look of the slipped stitch…very nice…I will wear them everyday…if they are mine!

  2. Laura

    I suppose you could always tell your sock pal that you washed the socks before you sent them. Whether or not you actually do wash them is up to you 😉

  3. Stephanie

    Simply fabulous. A beautifully simple design that just goes to show us all the extent of your brilliance. Wow. I personally can’t imagine why your sock pal would have any problem with you trying his/her socks on because I’d bet you have the cleanest feet on the planet (ditto on the hands). 🙂

  4. nona

    You did get it and so quickly too! Your sock pal is very lucky to be getting such cool socks. The slip stitch idea is ingenious, giving you a very nice demarcation line.

  5. Kate


    It looks EVEN cuter with the little raised stitched. love ’em love ’em love ’em. *twiddling thumbs until you post the pattern*


  6. Purly Whites

    So, you going to wash those before you send them out?

    Looks great! Your sock pal is lucky to get such lovely socks. I can’t wait for you to post this pattern.

  7. Leslie

    Mission Accomplished — Yahoo. The beautiful of the yarn is enhanced by your choice of stitches.

  8. laurie

    Oh, little grumperina, YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!!! Your sock photojournalism has made me realize why I avoid socks … not because they aren’t beautiful, or rewarding, or challenging… but because I do not have enough memory on my camera for all the frogged sock pics I would have to take LOL. You are so funny! I love your sock travails!!

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