Finally, a post where things work out

You are in for a pleasant change. I know my last few post were all, “garrrrrrr!” and that you’re all thinking my hair is completely gray by now. Well, all your advice was not wasted: I have paused and caught my breath (mainly because my little hamster Axon is not doing so well and I spent a lot of time home today focusing on him and his obnoxious brother instead of knitting). No need to move from one complicated nightmare sweater to another one. The AV sweater is in its GAP jail bag, the Fibo charts are paper-clipped to the pattern and in the bookcase, so it’s time to a nice, pleasant post. This one is like where the Tivoli works out and looks good :).

Today is my grandma’s birthday! Grandma didn’t teach me to knit, but I inherited my obsessive-compulsive tendencies from her (and my dad), which can be both a blessing and a curse, right? There’s no better way to celebrate grandma’s birthday than to start a pair of socks for her!

A little while back I picked up some KFI Cashmereno (unfortunately, no website) on sale at Woolcott with the very intention of knitting socks for grandma! It is made in Italy, 55% merino wool, 33% microfiber, 12% cashmere, which adds up to 100% buttery goodness.

Each 50 g skein has 135 meters (148 yards), just in case you’re curious. It’s generally knit on US 5-6 to a tension of 22 sts/4 inches. However, for a sock you can imagine knitting this yarn on smaller needles for a denser, more durable fabric. Alison did it and so can I.

This morning after dealing with my little fuzzball and the disaster that is the Fibo, I read your comments and started flipping through my sock books with the intention of finding a pattern for the KFI. And look at this beauty called Best Foot Forward from Knit Socks! by Betsy McCarthy:

Coincidence #1: the pattern is written for women’s large/men’s medium size, which is my grandma-ma’s size. Her street shoe size is around 9 or 10, and her footsies are wide. (This, apparently, did not get passed down to my mom or me.) No modifications will be necessary.

Coincidence #2, the big one: the pattern is written for KFI Cashmerino. Are you floored?!? Come on, play along, go sit on the floor! No modifications will be necessary.

Coincidence #3, another big one: they say to use US 1.5 needles, which I know exist, but are nonexistent in my needle case. Eh, I knit fairly tightly, I decided I would go with some US 2s. But wait! I took out my needles and started to put them through the gauge check to see if any 2s were smaller than the others. Here are my Bryspun 2s:

And here are my INOX aluminum 2s:

Wow, that INOX is sure small for a 2! Will it fit into the US 1 slot?

Just barely, with a bit of force. If this isn’t the perfect candidate to be a US 1.5, I don’t know what is! No modifications will be necessary.

As nifty as a protractor is, what I really want right now is some calipers… Alert: dorkus enormousous on the loose! Hehe πŸ™‚

The only thing that I will do differently about this sock is try the tubular cast-on. I’ve tried it in the past and it hasn’t worked out for me, but I admit I didn’t push the issue. That’s it, that’s the only challenge in this project. I feel like I can breathe, I can sing, I can dance!!! Did someone slip a happy pill into my diet Coke?

I’ve joined! You know I’m not a joiner: I will never knit a Crapotee, I will never be a Secret Chachka Collector, but one thing I joined is the Sockapal-2-za hosted by Blue Blog Alison. This will be a good one because it’s an even exchange! I give you socks, and someone will give me socks!

So, it looks like June will be filled with sock knitting (for grandma-ma and sock pal) and finishing up lace scarves, and I’m thrilled about it. It’s time to enjoy my knitting :).


22 thoughts on “Finally, a post where things work out

  1. CatBookMom

    Glad you found a project that speaks to you in a GOOD way! I’m just starting the reincarnation of Mom’s shawl, to replace the laundry disaster (see Forum).

    I’m starting to gather items for my trip to Salt Spring Island – only 12 days to go!!! Worry! Fret! Anticipate! Dither! All these great things that come from an upcoming journey.

    Happy socking!

  2. Karma

    Whew, that was a close one. I started to worry that the Knitting Gods were frowning down upon us all. Glad to know that they’re only frowning on me. Ha! I jest.

    I love that sock pattern and I’m glad you found something that you can work on without angst. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

  3. LouVFS

    I joined sockapal2za too! I gave it serious thought before I did it though. I’ll be watching your blog closely for all the sock knitting that’s goin’ on.

    I’m glad your knitting is settling down for you. It sucks when our HOBBY causes so much stress.

  4. Johanna

    Are your Inox 2s six inches? If so, the six inch Inox DPNs go on a .5mm incrament system. That means that your “2s” would actually be 2.5mm or a US 1.5!

    The Inox needle gauge gives you all of the inbetween sizes and European sizes. Wonderful in instances like this.

    Happy Knitting!

  5. paula

    Wow! See? The knitting Universe is pointing you in the direction of some good ‘ol fashioned sock knitting. Obviously, you need a break. πŸ˜‰

    I joined Sockapal2zer too! I love the idea of someone else knitting me some socks. πŸ˜‰

    And, I’ve actually stopped going by US sizes altogether. I now only pay attention to the mms. Skacel DPNs are all wacky when it comes to matching up to US sizes. Usually they’re a 1/2 over. So, after I realized that, I don’t go by that any more. And I also realized that because I have duplicate US sizes in different brands, I actually have a wider range of needle sizes than I’d originally thought!

    Anyway, gorgeous pattern.

    Happy Birthday Kathy’s Grandma!

  6. jody

    Gotta love it when everything comes together like that! I think those socks will be great! So soft and easy care — perfect for a gift.

    As for the tubular cast on, I found a really easy one in Montse Stanley’s book. It’s a bit fiddly on the first row after the cast on row, but there’s none of that provisional cast on, increase, knit 3 rows below stuff. Meaning, you just cast on and go! Super stretchy. I’ve used it anywhere 1×1 ribbing is called for at the cast on edge.

  7. Judy

    YOur grandma has the same birthday as my daughter! Happy birthday to her…and the socks look like they’re going to be great. Happy (for a change) knitting,


  8. Tara

    Oh, it’s so nice to have the old not-so-“grump”erina back! I’m so glad that some little socks can put a smile on your face. πŸ™‚ Hope Axon is doing better!!!

  9. Diana

    I joined the sockapal-2-za too! Somehow it just seemed more do-able than the secret pal.

    Yea for matching sock pattern, needles and yarn! Since when does that ever happen?!

  10. Jenn

    Best Foot Forward is one of my FAVE sock patterns. Ignore the fact that I’ve yet to knit a pair. And, like you, I get giddy when I have the yarn called for in the pattern. It just makes things seem so cosmicly “right”!

  11. nona

    Destiny is calling you — I’m glad you’re listening! Now I must say, the calipers is a bit obsessive/compulsive, but you did worn us…

  12. LisaB

    That is so great that the pattern is written for the yarn! What a coinky-dink! Yay for projects that work out. Plus that yarn looks absolutely yummy.

  13. Rebekah

    I just love coincidences especially when it works out so perfectly. Those socks are on my do list as well, they are very nice looking.

  14. Sara

    Hurrah for the universe! It was about time things worked out – it had been a tough week. That’s a great pattern.

  15. Carolyn

    Don’t you love when things work out! You are just so scientifically, mathimatically….a perfectionist! I love it!

    I missed sockapal2ze…closed…better luck next time!

  16. cheryl

    I use a caliper all the time! I thought I was the only knitter who thought like that. It’s great for sizing needles, checking gauge… You name it. One of the benefits of working at a company that has a machine shop!

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