I’m floored!

It’s one thing to appear in the Somerville News with someone else’s name below my picture, and it’s a completely different level of knitter-ness to be mentioned on a real knit designer’s blogwho concludes her entry with GREAT JOB KATHY!

Holy smokes, can someone assure me that this is for real?

Wow. So Annie Modesitt is my hero, my inspiration, the reason I still knit, and now she refers dozens, hundreds of knitters who read her blog to my Combination Knitting page and to my knitting videos! Thank you, Annie! If not for you, my purl rows would still be 50% bigger than my knit rows! I love to purl because of you! Those fan letters I write you, where I gush about your patterns and your awesome knitting mentality and how I want to take all your classes are 100% genuine, I admire you so much! I hope you make it out to Boston very soon :). I’m thinking of knitting that cabled bag in your book, too cute for words :).

Since I have my own domain, I get to be the ultimate stalker and view all my web stats. Annie’s post earlier in the day generated 106 hits to my website (okay, some of those might have been me, just making sure that this whole thing is real), and 163 downloads of my knitting videos! It’s eating up my monthly bandwidth, but not an ounce of complaining from me – you’re welcome to it, download all you want!

Readers, do you forgive me for this very self-centered post? I just had to share my two seconds of fame :).


14 thoughts on “I’m floored!

  1. Carolyn

    That is just CRAZY! You are a knitting celebrity! Please remember us little knitting bloggers when you write your own book and make it big time in the knitting world. You go girl!

  2. myra wood

    Another heretic!!! I knit and purl EXACTLY the same way you do and, can’t for the life of me, understand how anyone would want to do it differently.

    Kudos on the videos!!

  3. Athelas

    I LOVE your videos–I knit pretty much the same way and it’s the only place I have seen this kind of knitting documented!

    Thanks for giving people a CHOICE!

    (And congrats on your new life)

    (And 2 projects at once? I’m working on socks, the VPC, and a baby sweater right now and feel that’s just enought )

  4. Annie

    You deserve it!

    We MUST make the Modeknit Boston Trip happen!

    I love Boston SO MUCH – and I even have buds up there – and it’s so close!!

    Listen, want to try to hook up when I’m teaching in CA in June? Maybe I could come on up overnight and we could scope out some shops?

    And – honestly – I’m a knitter who likes to design and got really lucky. And I’m stubborn so that’s why I wrote and published my book when no one else would. There are a LOT of knitters like us out there, and a little legitimization goes a long way. We are ALL stars, n’est ce pas?

    Thank Priscilla Gibson Roberts – SHE’S the one who legitimized ME in 2000 and set me free!

  5. Agnes

    Hey I read that post on Annie’s blog too. At first I was not aware she was referring to you, but when I followed the link to your combination knitting page, I was like, “I’ve been here before … oh, it’s that Kathy I know!”

  6. Tara

    Don’t be humble – you deserve to gloat! Kick back and bask in your glory…

    I’ve just started going through your knitting page and it is excellent! I’m dying to tryout some of your techniques….with all that free time I have laying around…

  7. Michelle

    I think that in celebration of the shout-out on Annie’s site, you should OPEN THE MOLLUSK!

    I used to think I was knitting combinationally, but now I realize I am not, Maybe you could show me one sunday?

  8. Michelle

    Oh, wait I see the videos – ok what I am doing is the continental hold, western style wrap for the purl stitches – in other words, I wrap the yarn over the stitch in a counter clokcwise manner, which on the next row means the knit stitch is leading leg front. If I were to (correct me if I am wrong) purl by wrapping the yarn under and clockwise on the purl stitch, the next row would present the knit stitch to me leading leg in back (which I would then knit into)?

  9. Peggy O'Neill

    Congratulations! I am looking forward to the next video using combined method on ribbing. I am exceedingly grateful to Annie, and now to you, for at long last promoting – actually legitimizing – our method.

  10. sara

    Cool – this helped me rediscover your info pages, which I had forgotten about. Did you learn to knit Combined, or is it something you’ve consciously switched to? I tend to knit stockinette in the round Continental-style, and I like Combined purling, but if there’s any kind of pattern, I tend to go back to my good ole Amurkin’ style throw. But I never had Grumperina’s nifty translation page, making it all so easy…

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