Idiot. Alternatively, savant.

First things first. I’m in so much pain from working on the Adrienne Vittadini sweater’s sleeve. More pain than I have ever experienced from knitting. In particular, my shoulders are killing me. The hours and hours I will spend crouched over a microscope at work this week will not help the situation. Also hurting: my left palm and my left middle finger, which I use to control where the stitches sit in relation to the tip of the needle.

Working on my friend’s scarf and my Pretty Comfy socks is a welcome relief. Today while at work, I turned the heel of the second Pretty Comfy sock. And let me tell you, I’m an idiot.

Remember when I discovered and noted that I had been wrapping my short rows differently all this time? Well, before turning the short-row heel of the second Pretty Comfy sock, I actually took the time to read up on short rows and figure out the “correct” way. How much difference could it possibly make? Well, let me show you. Here’s my first SRH, done incorrectly:

Notice the stitches hanging perpendicular to the direction of knitting. Compare this to the second SRH, done correctly:

None of that funny perpendicular business.

Why am I an idiot? Well, I’m such a technique-oriented knitter, and a perfectionist. When I mattress stitch the front and back of a sweater, believe you me, and do it and redo it until all the V’s line up perfectly. My gauge on the AV sweater is 26.6 sts/4 inches. That’s right, I keep track of fractions. So how could I possibly miss that I’ve been doing my short rows incorrectly? Even when I worked the shoulders of the VPC, I did the wraps incorrectly. And that’s a sweater, not a silly little sock. Shame on me.

On the other hand, did you see my second short-row heel? Didja? (this is called palatalization in linguistic terms) Now that I know what’s going on, I feel like I’ve taken the perfectionism of SRHs to a new level! Grumperina perfectionism! And this makes me feel like a savant!


9 thoughts on “Idiot. Alternatively, savant.

  1. Karma

    Your short rows are beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful that we can continue to learn every time we pick up a new project? And who said knitting is just knit and purl?? 🙂

  2. Agnes

    Actually, I found the instructions of the PCS rather confusing on the SRH … and honestly, I don’t really know how I managed to do it. But of course, you can see that mine have all those “decorative” holes that “enhance the lace pattern” … as Amie kindly put it … hahaha …

  3. Tara

    Even the sock you say is “wrong” looks good! No one will even notice…..well, you will but don’t go crazy thinking about it!

    So what is going on with AV that’s bothering your shoulder? ouchy!

  4. Carolyn

    Oh do I hear yeah…I notice that I turned my heel wrong on the first ugly sock…I’m not fixing it. I’ll just do the other the same! I love your heels…man do I love learning new techniques…now you have given me yet another to look into!

  5. Stephanie

    Always learning is what makes knitting interesting. No matter how long you do it, there’s always something new out there. Your second heel looks great, but I think the first one looks fine too – they’re just socks and no one but you will ever know. Are you a bit tense when working on the AV sweater? A break is probably a good thing.

  6. Jenifer

    ooh … I have a blog entry-yet-to-be-published about the same issue I’ve been having on a sock … so glad you posted this here!! I’ll be able to finish that drasted sock now. By the way, did you know that it’s actually good for us to have multiple wips so that we don’t get those crazy aches and pains??! (At least, that’s what I tell myself.)

  7. CatBookMom

    Learning something new is the way knitting keeps us from being bored, right? Sorry to hear about the AV causing pain. My left hand aches frequently, in the area at the base of my thumb; is that your spot? It helps me to change to knitting something in a different gauge. Or, being bi-crafty, I change to crochet.

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