Really, no comment

Am I the last person on the planet to notice that Knitty published the surprise patterns? Can I just say that the first should come with a warning, because I innocently opened it at work, and I really should’ve waited to be in the privacy of my own apartment. The second… I am not sure I have a comment.

I’m this close to taking off my links bar.


13 thoughts on “Really, no comment

  1. Laura

    Well, they are _surprise_ patterns 😉

    But seriously, I was not impressed with either of those patterns. However, Trellis is a nice gender-neutral baby sweater.

  2. Colleen

    Yeah, what Diana said. I don’t think that I got past the nursing tank.

    Just as an aside, if you’re adequately endowed to begin with AND you’re nursing, those girls could probably use a little more support than what the tank top will provide. Right?

  3. CatBookMOm

    OK, the top for nursing mothers, I can understand, esp after Michelle pointed out that this is following a trend. But what’s the deal with the big-eyed dolls? Don’t get it, don’t want to get it; time to change the channel.

    Can we now rant about the Paris Hilton XX1/2X-rated commercial for – wait, is it masturbating, soapsuds, hot cars or oh, yeah, right – hamburgers big enough for 3 servings! This does NOT belong on prime-time TV or on any TV that can be TiVo’d.

  4. Kate

    Oh, my god. I’m going to have doll-induced nightmares. Where’s my Valium?

    And I’m sorry, the idea of a knitted nursing bra makes my boobs hurt. And I don’t even have kids.

  5. jacqueline

    So many blythe dolls, so few cigarette lighters in this world to attack them with. And here i was thinking I was one of the fe people in this world that finds them bizarre.

  6. Melissa

    Totally agree w/everyone’s knitty comments. First it was the knitted womb…then the nursing top. I think any boob leakage would be 10 times worse in that top!

  7. Purly Whites

    I saw those a while ago. That first one is just wrong.

    Anyone want to take bets on how long it will be before they actually publish a pattern for little knitted pasties?

  8. Snappah

    I think Knitty does a great thing, which is to get a younger bunch of women interested in knitting. The dolls, okay, that’s just weird. But the nursing top was great! And the womb was hilarious. If a nursing top and a knitted uterus make you uncomfortable, maybe you should go back to knitting with Grandma.

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