Welcome to my new home!

Wow, here we are, at grumperina.com. Take a look around. What do you think? Bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of MovableType, but hopefully there will be a lot less bearing than dealing with Blogger’s nonsense.

Mandatory knitting content: While at grandma’s house I did a lot more blogging, web surfing, and web programming than I expected. Knitting suffered as a result… however, despite all the time I spent staring into a computer, I am happy to say that I’m almost (almost!) done with the body of the VPC. The back is all completely done. The right front (with the fancy edging) just has the short-row shoulder shaping left, and the left front (which is super small because the cardigan isn’t symmetric) just needs to be worked from the armhole up. Despite a busy week, I hope to work on it a little bit and post pictures when I’m done with those three pieces.

Have you had a good knitting weekend?


10 thoughts on “Welcome to my new home!

  1. Agnes

    Hi there, you’re the first one to know … I finished New England. I haven’t taken pictures yet … maybe tomorrow, then I’ll post.

    About your new home … it’s awesome! I am interested in knowing the cost. If it is reasonable, I’ll consider moving too. Don’t really like Typepad and really want to have my own domain.

  2. Athelas

    I’ve finished the back of my VPC and am up to the armhole on the (teeny) left side. This is the first time I’ve altered a pattern so much (waist shaping, lengthening, & a short-row bust dart) so I’m kind of considering this a practice, but it’s fun! Am looking forward to watching your progress.

    And I’m very happy to see your new site–looks GREAT!

  3. Carolyn

    This is an awesome website! Congratulations. I haven’t been blogging long enough to really know about the pros and cons of the different hosts…but I have had a couple problems with blogger…maybe I too will venture away from blogger one day!

    p.s. love the photo gallery layout with the thumbnails…a must for knitting!

  4. Tara

    My, you’ve been a busy girls since I’ve been gone!!!

    The new site looks great and I can leave comments when I want to – YAY!!!

    Okay, I’m starting to get all jealous of the VPC again. Maybe I’ll have to break down and make one with the blue Louet… Yours is so cute! And I loooove all the pictures of the Young Grumperina. What is up with that? Do you not like getting your picture taken or what? 🙂

  5. LouVFS

    Congratulations on your move. Is a house warming gift in order here? Your new site looks beautiful and now you’re the proud owner of your own domain name!

  6. sara

    Love your new digs. It also a lot faster to comment than it was on Blogger. I’m glad it was such a smooth transition.

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