VPC gets VBs

Geez, I’m starting to sounds like a cell-signalling textbook with all the abbreviations!

Ladies and gentlemen, I spy with my little eye two sleeves which are blocking:

And when sleeves are blocking, the end is so near, I can smell it… and it smells like wet wool! I trip to Windsor Button was in order, where I picked up some genuine vintage buttons (VBs)!

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted as far as VPC buttons: domed, with a shank (looks like a mushroom, can’t see the thread on the public side), slightly translucent, with a pearly glow, any color between white, cream, and very light pink. The owner suggested these authentic mother-of-pearl vintage buttons – the store bought them from some lady who had kept them in her attic for at least 20 years! Aren’t they gorgeous?!? I only compromised on the domed aspect, but I got a piece of art in the process. Each one is slightly different, and I bought two extra because these will be impossible to replicate. Although the exact buttons, but slightly bigger were also available and fit through the buttonholes, I decided to buy the tiny baby ones. I don’t want to distract too much from the cabled buttonband. I may have to tighten my buttonholes with sewing thread, but when I’ve put so many hours into making a sweater, the extra effort is totally worthwhile if it helps me achieve my overall “vision.” Here’s what it will look like:

And when one sweater is being completed, another one must be started. I am going to swatch for my long-awaited Adrienne Vittadini sweater tonight. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Fibo, I’m just being very picky about the yarn I’m going to use. Here are two candidates I picked up tonight:

The deep teal is a gorgeous color, and the yarn is called Lang Jawoll superwash. It’s a sock yarn, how do you like that? I’ve noticed it at the LYS before: it’s soft, and the colors are saturated and not too bright at the same time. The colors on this website seem to match what I have in front of my eyes the best (monitors vary, thought). Of course I also like color 0084 (burgundy), but I need someone (yes, you) to slap my wrist before I get weak in the knees and buy more bungundy yarn. Good thing that particular color wasn’t at the LYS!

The ball on the right is Jaeger Matchmaker 4 ply. I love this color (633, strawberry). It is not burgundy, it is not red, it is not pink, it is the exact subdued and mature and dark rose I envisioned as a possibility for this sweater. This website has the colors in decent agreement with what I have here. Jaeger colors are SO me, by the way. I also liked color 744, cloud, which is a very pale blue, but I think a dark color will be better for this sweater.

I also received my order from Spin Blessing.

I got “fake” Addis! Although I like the slippery-ness and the cord flexibility of Addi Turbos, I hate their blunt tips. Hate them! It’s like knitting with dowels, as far as I’m concerned. There are many nickel-plated circular needle alternatives out there, and INOX Express have a great flexible cord as an additional advantage. Oh, did I mention they are about a third of the price of Addis? I also got some stitch markers, a set of metal dpns (because knitting socks with slippery needles is the only way to really live!), and two different “knitting thimbles” for learning how to strand with two colors. I tried out the metal spring one, and first, the damned thing goes all the way up my finger and I need to wear three band-aids to keep it at the tip. Second, it will take a lot of practice to use it comfortably. I haven’t even tried two colors yet, these are my observations while using just one yarn!

However, you’d think I was a stranded-knitting genius considering all this stuff I picked up at the LYS:

Woolcott & Co., one of my LYSs, is having a great sale on old (anywhere from 1980s to a few years ago) patternbooks – huge bins of them, all $1 each! They have Jaeger, Colinette, Berroco, Katia, Manos, Knitting Pure & Simple, Ann Norling booklets and individual patterns. Wow! I looked through tons of stuff, but the only pattern books which appealed to me were Dale. And many of them use stranded knitting. Apparently I don’t care :). (Nor do I care that I picked up three baby knits books while I don’t have a lot of babies to knit for). Yay for cheap pattern books!


7 thoughts on “VPC gets VBs

  1. CatBookMom

    What a great shopping haul! The buttons look terrific, and it’s so nice to have ‘real’ mother-of-pearl buttons. That strawberry Jaeger color is, at least on my monitor, close to the raspberry Baby Silk (which of course is sold out, sorry.)

    I was reading somewhere (Nat’l Geo??) recently that much of the mother-of-pearl that goes into buttons comes from the Mississippi. There is some kind of mollusc that actually produces freshwater pearls, though not of very much quality, and the shells are used for MOP.

  2. Judy

    OK, I am a confirmed pink-rose-and-burgundy person, but I really love that Lang Jawoll in teal. Besides, teal goes really well with rose and pink. 😉 And it’s sock yarn, how much thinner can you get??

  3. Diana

    lovely lovely buttons! Its so perfect that they are vintage. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed sweater 🙂

  4. Michelle

    Your living dot site looks great! As does your gorgeous pink cardi. Your button choice was perfect.

    I grew up on a beef farm, I had the beef tongue in lieu of the chicken butts ;P

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