Let’s talk about KnitPicks

Do I like KnitPicks yarns? Yeah! I even wrote a review of some of their basic yarns a while back (and so did Clara from Knitter’s Review). Despite an increase in popularity, KnitPicks still offers free shipping on orders over $30, and continues to carry a nice selection of knitting books at reasonable prices.

But KnitPicks has also undergone some changes – first, they now sell only their own line of yarns. In order to familiarize the buyer with these yarns, KnitPicks showcases their yarns in projects from books and patterns they also carry. To this I give two thumbs up, because even if I’m not going to buy the yarn and pattern combo they feature, the info is useful to get the creative juices flowing.

Another change is that KnitPicks has introduced some new yarns: Palisade (bulky alpaca/wool), Crayon (DK cotton), Radiance Wave (worsted alpaca/silk), and Shine & Shine Twist (sportweight cotton/modal). Which brings us to Diana, the same Diana responsible for the beads (June, you were right, I should listen to everything she says). Did you know I’m sensitive to wool? I wouldn’t say allergic, but I itch when I wear it. Alpaca is the next offender, which I find slightly more itchy than wool. The worst offenders are mohair and angora – the former feels like fiberglass to me, and the latter makes me sneeze uncontrollably. Diana said I should banish “all of that” out of my house and try non-animal fibers. Hmm… okay, before I dispose of my wool stash, maybe I should try some cotton. And that takes us back to KnitPicks.

What’s wrong with these pictures?


This is the same yarn photographed in a skein and close-up! Why is the cotton so silky and smooth in the skein, but so fuzzy in the close-up pic? Has anyone ordered this stuff? What’s going on?

A small aside. Speaking of knitting books, are you still doing most of your knitting book shopping on Amazon? I have to tell you, I know of some places where you can get a better deal. First, Overstock.com has great prices and an unexpected selection of knitting books. Their shipping charges are not bad at all, and even when you add the $1.40 to the book cost, often it’s still cheaper to shop there than Amazon. Second, my favorite online store buy.com always has great prices for books, and an impressive selection of knitting books in particular. They used to have free shipping on orders over $25, just like Amazon, but they did away with that recently. Now certain titles are shipped for free, no matter how cheap they are! As a bonus, if you live around Boston and if your buy.com book is shipped from the Massachusetts warehouse, you’ll get it in about 2 days. No kidding!


13 thoughts on “Let’s talk about KnitPicks

  1. Carolyn

    I always wonder about the knitpicks pictures of the colour selections…the colours seem to match up but they do look really hairy??? Dont ask me!? For the price, I had to buy as soon as I received their notice email. I want to know what this yarn is about at $2.29 a ball! So I am waiting on some of the shine cotton. I ordered the raspberry looking colour and the cream…we will see.

  2. Carolyn

    oh, and I shop with Chapters/Indigo for books…canadian equivilant of amazon I believe. But overstock will not take canadian credit cards. This I don’t understand.

  3. jillz

    I ordered some of the shine to make up some test swatches. I should have it by the end of the week and I’ll let everyone know what I think !

  4. Michelle

    thanks for the heads up on book dealers! I will definitely check those out. I am making a knitpicks order this week, and I am going to try each of the new yarns (shine, palisade, radiance and crayon). I’ll let you know what is up with that closeup picture! maybe the yarn comes pre-pilled?

  5. Tipper

    My guess is that the picture is of a different yarn, like the Andean Wool. The colors, at least, seem to be the same across all the different yarn, so if they didn’t have a close-up picture, they probably used whatever was handy.

  6. Tara

    I thought the same thing…. cotton just shouldn’t be fuzzy. How are you dealing with the Merino Style? I’m pretty sensitive to wools myself, but that stuff is pretty comfy.

  7. Colleen

    Thanks for those money-saving tips. I never, ever think to check Overstock.com and I probably should. Of course, good doobie that I try to be, I like to buy my knitting books at a locally owned bookstore or LYS.

  8. Stephanie

    Thanks for the tips on the books. The last couple I ordered from Knit Picks because I needed a couple other things, but since I’m addicted to books, I’ll check overstock and buy before I buy any more. The only Knit Picks yarn I’ve used is the merino style, which is destined to be a sweater for my husband. I like it and you can’t beat the price.

  9. Diana

    My plot to take over the world begins. Thou shalt only knit with plant fibers and beads….

    I agree with you about the Knit Picks Cotton. It looks awfully fuzzy. I’m curious to hear the reviews.

  10. Agnes

    I had the same question in mind when I first browse the cotton catalogue. But I haven’t bought from them yet.

    Usually, I check the books I want to boy using http://www.fetchbook.info/ … they can compare prices of various online shops for you. But I agree with you on overstock.com. Besides, I had some very pleasant experiences in my dealing with them … so yes, go for overstock!

  11. Karma

    Me too! Me too! Me too! I saw those vibrant lovely colors and wondered, wow, why are they fuzzy? I can’t wait to hear what knitters think of the cotton twist.

  12. Amy

    Hey there. I received my Shine from Knit Picks yesterday. I have not swatched it yet, but I’m happy to report that it is nice and smooth. No fuzz to be seen.

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