How much goodness can I squeeze in?

Look at this new scarf I started, I’m very excited about it:

This will be a gift for my friend Beth, her birthday is sometime in June. I would tell you the exact date, but it would involve finding my Palm Pilot :). She wears a lot of neutral colors – khaki, olive, light brown and cream – and I think the calm rose will go well with her wardrobe. The yarn is the Jaeger Matchmaker I rejected for my Fibo. I think this might be a one-skein scarf… perhaps a two-skein scarf at most. And even if it’s a four-skein scarf, I don’t really care, it’s for my friend :).

Once I tell you about the pattern, I hope you’ll agree how perfect it is for me right now. It’s a very simple 2-stitch, 4-row repeat, with rows 3 and 4 being just like 1 and 2, offset by one stitch. So, we might as well call it a 2-stitch, 2-row pattern. BUT, this measly repeat, which I committed to memory almost instantaneously, uses all of the following stitches: knit, purl, yarn over, slip stitch, drop stitch, pass slipped stitch over. Wow, how is all that goodness squeezed in? It’s like a nice challenge for the fingers, but not for the brain, just what I need!

I love the texture of the scarf just as it is, but this is actually a lace motif from Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury which will look significantly different if/when blocked:

I say if because I’m not sure if I want to block it anymore – I love this texture! Can you believe the potential metamorphosis?!? I’m not sure what to do… I picked the pattern because I love the triangular look the fabric will (supposedly) acquire once blocked, but it means the texture will be flattened. Any thoughts?

AV status: I dreamed about it last night. I had completed the stockinette portion of the front (so, yes, I was knitting it in two pieces) and had just started the cabling. My sweater was knit from fingering weight medium-blue textured cotton. The cables were really tiny and you could only see them if you stretched the fabric out. I was showing this to my mom who thought it was pretty cool. She was working on (my mom doesn’t knit in awake life) an orange hand-painted worsted-weight wool sweater, and apparently having some difficulty with it because this was the sweater’s fourth reincarnation. She was getting help at my nearest LYS for free because that’s where she apparently purchased the yarn.

Oh wait, we’re talking about the AV in awake life!

I frogged the offending 10 rows, then correctly re-knit them, all 2000 stitches, placing myself squarely where I previously stopped. Then I put the sweater and the pattern in a bag, and the bag into the closet. I’ll let you know if/when the AV sweater will appear in my awake life again.

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  1. Carolyn

    Hmmmm…I like the scarf both ways…they are two very different pre-blocked and blocked. I lean towards the blocked…I don’t know why.

    Excellent choice for AV. Give it time…st st can drive you crazy!

  2. Agnes

    What about the receiver of the gift? Which way do you think she would like it? If you block it, I assume the scarf would be thinner, right? What suits her best?

  3. andrea

    though the flattened version looks lovely, i’d vote for leaving the scarf as it is — that texture looks gorgeous, and lately i’m all about texture.

    is this supposed to be a summer or winter scarf, though? if summer, than *maybe* the flattened version, just because it’ll be less bulky — i agree with agnes about the questions, too.

  4. Laura Y

    Hi, just found your blog through Agnes. How is the AV pattern now? Is it very very hard going there? I hear that the pattern wasn’t very well written? I’m interested to hear your opinion cause I’m considering this as a project but I’m more of an advance beginner..:)

  5. Colleen

    I love the stitch pattern. I think that if you don’t block it, the scaft will have more volume (?) and insulate its wearer’s neck better than a flattened-out version.

  6. Stephanie

    Good call on AV – it’s always good to take a break from a project that frustrates you. I love the texture of the scarf, but think that for summer it would be more practical in its blocked form, but I’ve been wanting to try a lace scarf so maybe I’m living vicariously through you!

  7. natasha

    i have just gotten into doing lace, not too crazy, well, lelah is a bit crazy, but witches ladders, stuff like that. sounds neat too. anyway, i love your blog and your organizer is genius, i made the one from snb and it is giant and not great. i collect vintage linens, so have tons of stuff i could use to make a cute on like yours that seems like it would work much better. thanks!! i will add you to my links! yay!!

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