can I just say it?

Well, the new Knitty is out. As someone who’s had her pattern rejected from the aforementioned publication, I think I’m entitled to an opinion. Actually, I’m entitled to an opinion no matter what.


First, there are a lot of items with holes (some of them oddly-placed) which my iPod cozy also has. Second, there are a lot of small accessories which take a bit of time and fuss to make (like the steering wheel cover, the lamp shade, and the knit flowers), just like my iPod cozy. So, yeah, blah.

What I like from this issue: Soleil (but it’s not for my body shape), Branching out (which I’ll never make), Via diagonale (this one is a possibility). That’s it!

The real question, and I pose this to all of you, which of the new Knitty patterns will be the next Clapotis, or the next Tempting, or the next Crumpets, Rebecca mohair wrap, etc.? I just want to know from what I should stay away :).


14 thoughts on “can I just say it?

  1. Rachel

    Couldn’t agree with you more. The new Knitty is blah. Kind of disappointing, but not terribly surprising either.

    I am going to venture a guess that the new “clapotis” will probably be “I Do” the lacey wedding-y shrug thing.

  2. Tara

    Well, if there’s something you like, maybe you should make it first and then everyone would be copying YOU!!!

    I thought the same thing when I saw it. At least your pattern is cute and practical. The steering wheel cover and lampshade? What a waste of knitting time!

  3. Kate

    What a downer! There’s not a single thing in the new issue that I could even remotely wear. (Maybe the Spring Fling in the larger, longer size.) The Via diagonale is pretty cute, I agree. But the thing on the cover! OY!

  4. Colleen

    Okay, I’m going to get a little snarky here:

    Cleaves: um, by the way, you forgot to finish knitting the sweater.

    Soleil: sweetie, it’s called a bra. Other than that, it’s about the only thing in this issue that I would consider knitting.

    Jordana Paige: that girl is like 10 years old and she’s already got a line of knitting bags. She reminds me of someone I went to high school with, and not in a good way.

    Hot Tamale: Yeah, right.

    Asana: Interesting, except for the holes in the back; although Julia can pull off the look.

    Ribbon x-Back: Not bad, but not very good for bra wearers (hey, Soleil chick, this one’s for you).

    Via Diagonale: Actually almost cool, but it would drive my eyes batty.

    Wow, I am simply underwhelmed by this edition! Everything seems so unpractical, and targeted toward the 18-23 age bracket. Is it the R2 of 2005? Kathy, your iPod cozy is cute, and practical and should be in this issue!

    Maybe Knitty is trying to publish too often and should stick with MagKnits’s biannual schedule. MagKnits, by the way, seems to get better with every issue.

  5. Colleen

    Oh, yeah, a steering wheel cover?! C’mon. that would either wear out in a month or get so nasty and dirty. Wouldn’t yarn be a little bit slippery on your steering wheel? I can’t drive in wool mittens.

  6. jillz

    Yeah, I was a bitunderwhelmed by the new issue. I was hoping for more things that I could knit in my size too. Although I do hear that there is going to be a plus size knitty issue eventually.

    I think Branching Out is going to be the new Clapotis, btw. It’s one of the only patterns I like.

  7. Athelas

    Thanks for pointing out Branching Out–I have 95% of a ball of mohair that I have been trying to find something for, and this may be it!

  8. Carolyn

    I agree with all…a little crazy for myself (32ish)…nothing I would wear to the grocery store with my toddlers, unless I would like eveyone looking at my lovely stretch marks. The diagonal bag is a maybe…maybe.

    Kathy, if I owned an ipod, I would do your ipod cosy in a second!

  9. beth

    I kinda liked the skirt with the flames on it! I liked 5 things. I definately think your I Pod cozy should have been selected. How many different knitted/crochet flowers do we need to see?

  10. alexandria

    “cleaves” is hideous.

    i, too, was disappointed– too many capelet-esque things and too many knitted tanks. i can see making “i do” with longer sleeves in black, but that’s probably precisely something i shouldn’t do. i have the yarn for “branching out,” and so will probably make that instead. but overall… blah.

    and did i mention that “cleaves” is *hideous*?

  11. Agnes

    Did you have problem with the internet earlier this evening? Nothing was working … Husband said there was some international problem over some servers … don’t really know what he was talking about.

    Ok … I only like one pattern in this issue and yes … I AM GOING TO MAKE IT FAST! It’s the Kidsilk Haze wrap … it is practical to me. All the others I can just forget about them.

  12. CatBookMom

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the Knitty cover pic. Looked just like the bizarre stuff that the LA Times magazine has for fashion – they get into bright pink or blue hair, $10,000 dresses that would fit in a pocket… can we just saw “EWWW”?

    Since you’re a seasoned sock knitter, you probably didn’t need the Socks 101; I’ve printed it out for reference. Now if I could just find my notes from last fall’s sock class….*sigh*

    Love your new website, but today the homepage links are not working. Happy Saturday!

  13. Erica

    There are three things I like out of this issue (that I would actually make): Ribbon Xback, Soleil and via diagonale. Cleaves is just dumb and that fire skirt is hideous, especially next to the tattoos.

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