Anything but

Some of you may have noticed lack of Adrienne Vittadini content. There could be two explanations: I’m either almost done, and therefore saving all pictures for the final reveal, or my progress is so miniscule that I’m avoiding all talk of the sweater.


Clearly (clearly!) it’s explanation number two: embarrassingly miniscule progress. Here’s what I’ve got:

The reason for this is the unpredictable nature of the pattern. You see I’m knitting the sweater in the round until the armholes. The first round, I knit 206 stitches. And then for the second round, I knit 206 stitches. The third round was a tricky one because I was expecting a yarn over, but nooooo, I had to knit 206 stitches. Then I knit a few more rounds, and I really started to expect something exciting, like a PSSO, but you know it, I had to knit 206 stitches. It’s just so hard because I keep expecting, you know, at least a purl or something, but the pattern is just “knit till the cows come home.”

In the meantime, I’ve been finding excuses to work on anything but the AV sweater. For starters, I reorganized my yarn stash along with other contents of my closet. Previously, I was using these big bins from my former apartment, and they were totally not working for me to the point where I kept them completely empty. So, I took a trip to Target and bought 9 drawer-style bins, which are already working out so much better. Here’s what my yarn “stash” looks like now:

There’s no “before” picture because it was very sad and pathetic and unorganized.

The conclusion is that I have just a ton of sock yarn, I think probably ten pairs’ worth. And it’s all for grandma, don’t you know, because I can’t wear wool socks. Otherwise, I have very little yarn. This is a very dangerous thing to think, and a very dangerous thing to write down. Next thing you know, I’ll be like Jenifer, avoiding SABLE status only because I’m in my 20s and probably have another 50-60 years to knit. Kids, let this be a lesson to you: don’t reorganize your yarn stash, the outcome is bad no matter what: you either realize you have way too much yarn and feel overwhelmed at all the knitting that you must do to exhaust your supply, or you realize that you have way too little and start thinking of where you can obtain more.

I’ve also been working on my homemade needle cases. It’s a project I haven’t mentioned here, but one I’ve been working on for months now. So far I’ve had a series of setbacks because I was buying the wrong type of placemats. That’s right, I’m making my needle cases out of placemats: I don’t have a lot of money for cases like this or this, but plenty of “$5 off a $15 purchase” coupons at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Until now I was buying the really pretty placemats, the ones which shed when you cut them, and ruin your iron, and have sequins which get stuck in the sewing machine. Speaking of, needle case progress has also been slowed by my incompetence when it comes to the sewing machine. I especially have a hard time with the thing that holds the little spool of thread at the bottom, and the things which keep the fabric moving, especially if I forget that I have the backwards sewing thing pressed and can’t figure out why the fabric is going in the wrong direction, and the foot thing when I want to round the corner and turn the fabric, and the manual I keep misplacing which tells me how to thread the damned thing. I’m clueless, and the machine hates me for it.

However, despite all these setbacks, I’m at a point where I just need to buy some tangerine ribbon and some snaps or grommets or whatever they’re called to be officially “finished”. Stay tuned for pictures!


7 thoughts on “Anything but

  1. CatBookMom

    Love the organizer drawers! Just a hint: if you rip off the labels now, while they’re fairly new, they usually come right off (we have a LOT of containers of that brand!). If you leave them, they become part of the petrified plastic. BTW, I started out with just 6 drawers, too, a little over a year ago, but now I’m well into SABLE status, and I’m NOT 20-something any more!! *sigh*

  2. Judy

    I see you have your priorities straight…six bins for knitting, three for all that other stuff. I organized my yarn a while back, and I have so much I shouldn’t ever buy any again. Not that that stops me!

  3. Tara

    I love how organized you are! I have some ziploc bags sitting by my stash that have been there for, um, months? Yeah, organization isn’t one of my strong points. Keep plugging away on that AV sweater, girl. When I finish the PLS, I think some mindless knitting in the round is just what I need!

  4. Diana

    I’m with Tara, mindless knitting in the round looks REALLY good right now. Enjoy it for me, please!

    SABLE = stash above and beyond life expectancy?

  5. Stephanie

    I think we could be dear friends. I am an organized soul and your bins make me giddy. I know, truly disturbing, but what can I say. I’ve been contemplating the needle holder in Stitch n Bitch, but haven’ gotten around to buying fabric yet. Maybe one of these days. Good luck w/ AV, you’ll eventually get to some increases or decreases and then your world will be exciting! 🙂

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