Ready to go!

Well, the second of my Backyard Leaves scarves is done! Just in time, too, since the recipient’s birthday get-together is tomorrow.

The two scarves, in perfect harmony 🙂

This means that I have no other distractions, and that I’m ready to dive head first into completing the pink cardigan from IK. I’m excited, a little nervous, but mainly excited!

Ever wonder how much you spend on knitting supplies? I do! Anyway, I’ve been keeping very, very careful track of my knitting expenses in an Excel spreadsheet. The first entry is dated 6/7/04, when I bought Knitting for Dummies, and the second entry is dated 7/17/04, when I bought a blanket pattern to use for my first project. And now, 8 months later, I have reached a milestone:

Ladies and gentleman, I have broken the one thousand dollar threshold. Clearly, this knitting thing is slightly more than a hobby.

So, anyone else keep track, or have an idea of how much they’ve spent in a year or half a year or as long as they’ve been knitting? 🙂