News from grandma’s house

Internet business: As I’ve mentioned to some of you, the great thing about Blogger is that there’s practically no thinking; the bad thing about Blogger is that thousands of blogs all reside on the same server, so if things go screwy (as they often do), everyone suffers. I am pretty paralyzed right with respect to internet stuff because I’m incredibly busy at work, but come July, I hope to get my act together and move to my own domain. I’ve admired Diana’s site in the past, and her webhost sounds like the kind of folks I want to deal with, even though I’d have to once have to deal with MT. I definitely need to be able to shove regular .html pages on there, and I’d like at least two separate blogs (not just two categories), and I’m just so picky! I hate myself for that. For now, even though many of you send me regular e-mails about how much Blogger sucks, I can’t do much about it, sorry, because school really does come first.

Strickfingerhut: Some angel named Sue (thank you, Sue!) left me a comment about using an INOX Strickfingerhut for stranded knitting, and I’ve been pretty much obsessed with finding one since then. Anyone know where I can buy one online? I have had zero luck finding an online retailer. The only LYS in the Boston area that I know carries INOX accessories is Newbury yarns, but my instincts tell me that a shop that small won’t have an obscure little whatchamacallit… Strickfingerhut.

Warning: very self-centered talk follows:

From today, a picture of me and my grandma; she’s wearing the socks I knit for her in October, my very first pair ever

As I mentioned, I dug through my baby albums and found some classic grumpy pictures to share with you:

Grumpiness can be acquired later on in life, but some of us are just born that way

Grandma is trying to reason with me, but it’s just not happening

Eh, eh, get me out of here! I want mommy!

I could have used this one for my banner, I think

Not happy, even though I was just given some candies by this better-than-average-looking Mrs. Claus. I think it’s all the tinsel everywhere.

I guess celebrating Soviet holidays didn’t alleviate my grumpy mood

This is what I look like in school pictures (too bad the photo is b/w and bad quality because I’m wearing a gorgeous dress that my mom sewed and embroidered herself)


Grumpy toddlers grow into grumpy school children (I’m on the left in both), grow into grumpy teenagers, grow into grumpy adults…

VPC progress: this is pretty much solely for Tara’s sake.

I finished knitting all three pieces to the armhole. I very roughly basted them together, and used safety pins instead of buttons. I put the whole thing on, and here’s what I’ve got:

I think everything is going according to plan. The sweater seems to have the amount of ease I like (very little), it seems to be long enough (I added an inch to what the pattern specifies), and there is some hope that it will close over my bust without… busting open. I started the armhole shaping tonight, and if I get a significant amount of knitting done in the next few days, I might post an update; currently, I do more blogging than knitting :).