Help me find that blog!

I don’t like posts without pictures, so I’ll make this a quick one. I’m making steady progress on the Vintage Pink Cardigan: I have finished the right front, and half of the left front. I hope to re-write the pattern and work up a sample of my Knitty reject over the weekend. As many of you might have guessed from the comments, it’s an iPod cosy. And not one of those that’s just a big envelope for the iPod: my version has an opening for the click wheel and a clear plastic cover for the screen. Oooo!

But I seriously need your help. I was surfing knitting blogs last night, and I came across a fabulous pair of Pretty Comfy Socks. That pair totally convinced me that I have to make myself a pair. Now I can’t find the blog! What I remember: The pair was white or cream, and the photograph pictured the socks being worn by the knitter… just enough leg to show the socks and nothing else. In her post the knitter commented that she was very happy with how they turned out and that they would be perfect for warmer weather that’s coming soon. I think the knitter made them from Cascade Fixation. There was a picture of another FO in the post, too, but I forget what it was.

So, white/cream Pretty Comfy Socks modeled by the knitter. Anyone?